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Fun little fact: this picture was taken the night before I went into labor with Hadley - she was born almost 24 hours later to the minute!

So I know summer doesn't technically start till the end of June, but I've always considered Memorial Day weekend to be the unofficial-official kick off to my favorite season. And this year with my best girl (we're just not counting last summer because newborn life), could it be the most amazing summer EVER?! I think so.

Here's what we've got on the agenda for the best three months of the year...

1. All the water play. Visiting the beach, getting a baby pool and sprinkler for the yard, and this weekend we'll be busting out our brand new water table. I think she's gonna love it.
2. Make homemade popsicles.
3. Celebrate our fourth wedding anniversary on Mackinaw Island as a family.
4. Go the zoo. Whether that be here or on a trip to Chicago, it will happen!
5. Find a favorite park to play at and visit it once a week.
6. Make it to at least one outdoor church service in July!
7. Pizza on the grill, mmmm.
8. Have a family campfire. That will probably last seven minutes as that's as long as Hads can sit still.
9. Food Truck Fridays. Need I say more.
10. Go to a baseball game!

We'll also be doing swim lessons and music class again, and I'm hoping to start doing kids gym once Hadley turns 12 months/can walk. Plus summer is just our season of celebrating. In a span of two months, we have Mothers Day, my birthday, Fathers Day, Hadley's birthday, Nick's birthday and our anniversary. Also my dad, brother and Nick's dads birthdays. And then throw in Memorial Day and 4th of July. So much celebrating.

HAPPY FRIDAY! Hope you all have an amazing weekend! xo

Oh my gosh, long time no blog.

I didn't mean to fall off the face of the Earth for a couple weeks, but life. And I've been sick. AGAIN. Another brutal sinus infection took me down (5th one since January if you're counting...) that landed me at urgent care and then my family doctor, just to get a referral to an Ear Nose & Throat doc and an allergist (apparently it's super common to develop bad allergies after having a baby?). Good times. But I'm on the upswing and hopefully these specialists can help me get to the bottom of it. Because it flat out SUCKS to keep dealing with these sinus issues every single month.

Anyway, on to the much more fun and exciting things we've been up to... my first Mother's Day, our big Junior League Touch a Truck event, first birthday party planning, new camera playing, a day date for Nick and I (in which we went to Home Depot... twice lol), baby playdates and girls lunches and more. We've been busy, even when you're sick there's no such thing as downtime and R&R with a baby ;)

A couple of my favorite things: my new camera and these two, my favorite subjects. Sorry, guys. I upgraded to a Canon T6i with a 50mm lens and I couldn't be happier. It is super easy to use, the perfect size to take along in my diaper bag (this lightweight case has been perfect), and takes amazing pictures. Now I just need to master that manual mode...

No bow when dad dresses you for the day ;)

Our annual Touch A Truck event went off without a hitch a couple of weeks ago! Ha, bad joke. We had over 50 trucks for the community to explore, food trucks for lunch, plenty of fun activities - like a music tent perfect for the littlest kids and Hadley's personal fave - and to top it all off, we were lucky enough to get some gorgeous weather. You just never know what you're going to get with the weather in Michigan. Last Friday it was 80 degrees and sunny, and on Saturday it was literally 40 degrees and rainy.

The next day was Mother's Day and all I wanted was a sweet picture of Hadley and I... and she totally delivered.

I was also surprised with McDonalds for breakfast (a total guilty pleasure), a spa gift certificate and sushi for lunch, yessss please. We had another day of beautiful weather and I was able to spend all of Hadley's two and a half hour afternoon nap - a gift in itself, right?! - outside, soaking up the sun. And then I went to the grocery store, picked up the house and threw in some laundry because that is exactly what sums up a true moms day, ha!

Don't mind the bad lighting in this pic, but I quickly snapped this to send to a friend and think it's worthy of sharing here! Two super cute dresses for under $60. We have five weddings this summer (and a few showers), so I've been on the hunt for some budget friendly dresses and Target is delivering lately. See the PINK ONE HERE for $27 - it wears off the shoulder and is just adorable. And the GREEN MAXI HERE for $29 - it's gorgeous in person, my picture is not doing either one of them justice.

So that's what we've been up to. And to wrap up this oh so exciting post, one of my very favorite recent pictures that really needs to find its way into a frame... I laugh out loud every time I look at Brady's face. He literally is that emoji with the bent eyes and the smile. So so funny and so my Brady boy.

There are good days, and there are bad days.

Hadley girl woke up at 5am on Tuesday morning screaming and I could tell she didn't feel well. All she wanted was to cuddle and while I rocked her and watched the sun come up, I hoped that she'd wake back up her happy self. She still seemed a little off after her morning nap, but we had music class and I figured that would take her mind off things. Sometimes a change of scenery can be just what the doctor ordered, you know? We headed out and while she was a bit more cheerful at class, she clung to me the entire time which is definitely not like her. We had lunch plans afterwards and when we got there, I could tell that she was just so out of it. I felt awful for dragging her out and about when she clearly needed to be at home. We wrapped lunch up early and headed home to get her down for a nap. She took THE longest nap, and I finally woke her up at 4pm because I was starting to get a little worried. And as soon as I picked her up, I could tell that she was on fire. Her temp was 101.5 and poor girl would just so upset. 

I called the doctor because this was her first real fever and #firsttimemompanic, and they had me give her Tylenol and a cool bath. Those both helped, but she was so sad. There were a lot of tears, from both of us. It's beyond hard to watch your baby not feel well. Especially when they're still this little and can't tell you exactly what it is that's wrong. I felt so helpless. Was it her teeth hurting? Her stomach? Her ears? I had no idea. All I could do was snuggle and read her books (and lets be honest, let her play with my phone because she loves the dang thing so much). Whatever I could do to make her feel better. 

I put her to bed, but she was back up a little while later with lots of tears. We rocked and rocked and rocked, and finally she was down for the night. And then I couldn't stop staring at the monitor, I was so worried about her and hated seeing her like that. It was a long, hard, emotional day for both of us.

BUT! There is a happy ending to this rambling story. Wednesday morning, I couldn't have been more thankful to wake up to her playing in her crib babbling to herself. I could already tell she was feeling better and sure enough, goodbye temp and goodbye sadness. We went downstairs, put on some Eric Church radio, made breakfast, and I decided it was going to be a great day. And you know what, it really was. A complete 360 from the day before. We played outside, walked the dog, did the laundry, cleaned the house, went to the gym, made dinner. It's amazing what you can accomplish in a day when your baby is in a good mood.

For every bad day, there is a good day. Motherhood is a wild ride and sometimes just when I think I'm getting things figured out, we get a curve ball day thrown at us like Tuesday. But either way, I'm so thankful for EVERY day that we get to spend together, both the bad and the good. I wouldn't trade these days for the world. And on top of it all, I'm so excited to be celebrating my first Mother's Day with this girl this weekend. I thank God every single day for the blessing that she is. 

To all the moms out there- you rock. I never understood the amount of sacrifice, compassion, and strength that moms are made up of until I became one myself. You're all basically superheroes and please never doubt that you're doing an amazing job. And I know Mothers Day can cause pain, too- for many different reasons. I lost my mom almost 13 years ago and seeing all those posts on social media each year can straight up hurt.  Just know that I'm sending you lots of love and you aren't alone.

Have a beautiful weekend! I'll probably be busy blowing up social media with pics from my new camera ;)
Happy Friday and Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Literally the only two pictures I took (other than a couple Insta snaps) the entire week. It was just cold and rainy and gross. Even Hadley is like GET ME OUT OF THIS HOUSE. But that's okay, because it's Friday now and margs are in the forecast. Tonights post bedtime fun brought to you by tacos, mexican rice, refried beans, guac and blackberry lime margaritas. How many hours till 7:30pm?

First off, let's talk about this ADORABLE card pictured above that Jordan from Brave Bow Co. sent me. Seriously, how sweet and thoughtful is that? As if I didn't already love her (and her bows!) enough! I can't believe I'm about to celebrate my first Mothers Day... 10 months in and I still feel like I have no idea what I'm doing most days ;)

I'm super excited for Hadley to wake up this morning because this Melissa & Doug Crawl Through Tunnel arrived last night (why must I always be my UPS mans last stop of the day? How do I get to be the first stop of the morning?) and she is going to go nuts, I just know it. Poor thing has been so cooped up with all the rain lately, so a couple of fun new toys were in order.

Also in order, a couple of new bows. Ellia May Designs released their summer collection and there is a BOMB POP POPSICLE BOW. I couldn't get that one in my cart fast enough. Perfect to pair with all of the festive red, white and blue!

We're getting our Mexican fix in at home tonight, but if I were going somewhere, this cute little thing would be my outfit of choice. I'm kind of obsessed with the chambray and the embroidering (and the price).

Bring on the chips and guac... thank goodness I've got a day in between my feasting and my 5k ;)

It's MAY! So crazy. I'm getting ridiculously excited for summer. I feel like we totally missed it last year, with having a newborn. I remember crying my eyes out on 4th of July - Hadley was a week old and I just felt so in over my head and everyones fun holiday pictures on social media just about did me in. I thought we were never going to have a life again, dramatic much?!

If only I had known that life was going to get SO MUCH BETTER with her in our world. I cannot even wait for her to experience all of the best things about summer... parades, fireworks, s'mores, swimming, dressing up in everything red, white, and blue - I. Can't. Wait. 

I've been collecting some fun pieces here and there for the upcoming patriotic holidays and thought I'd share a few baby finds today. Hurry up Memorial Day weekend (anyone else consider that the unofficial start to summer?), we are so ready for you!

Oh, how I wish this stuff came in my size!
I was pretty happy to see the end of this weekend, for once in my life. Nick has been gone for what feels like 18 and a half years. Last weekend he had a hockey tournament, then it was a few days of working late, and then he headed off to Charleston for his best friends bachelor party this weekend. Very jealous.

That left me flying solo over here. Things have been going well for the most part, but I am just a tad tired. I sleep so badly when Nicks not home (I'm convinced every sound is someone breaking into my house) and Hadley girl certainly keeps me busy all day! Now you know why I've been all about those cold brew coffees lately ;) We've had some super fun girl adventures over the last couple of weeks though and and lots of good memories were made, but we are so glad DADA is home!

The hood, you guys! It kills me! With the rainy and chilly weather we've been having lately, we spent a lot of time getting out and about. Grocery shopping, Target runs, the mall, a craft show with friends, the gym, you name it. I swear Hadley is happiest when she's out of the house. One day started off really rough with a lot of whining and bad naps, so I loaded the car up and we went off to Target and the mall and girlfriend was like a whole new person. Smiling at everyone, squealing with delight.. I think she was in her happy place. Me too.

On Friday night I got a babysitter (I sound like such a real adult saying that) because I ran my very first 5k! I have always sucked at running so this was huge for me. Although, it wasn't technically a 5k because the front of the pack took a wrong turn at the beginning (we were running through neighborhoods) and that made the course only 2.5 miles instead of 3.2. How does that happen?! I was so bummed because we were doing so well and could have totally ran the entire thing! Our pace was 9:29 which I was quite happy with for my first time, and it was just overall a lot of fun. The energy and excitement is contagious... so much so that my friend and I signed up for ANOTHER one on Sunday! Hopefully next week I can say I finally ran a 5k... and to buy myself the Lululemon leggings that I have sitting in my shopping cart as motivation since January ;)

As if I wasn't jealous enough of Nick being in Charleston (one of my very favorite cities since we visited for our anniversary a couple of years ago), he ran into THOMAS RAVENEL from Southern Charm. I told him to keep an eye out for any cast members just jokingly, but I love that he actually remembered who they were. Such a good Bravo watching husband. Although a great one would have gone back for the selfie...

Hope your week is off to a great start!
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