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Weekend Warriors

We did ALL THE THINGS this weekend. I am so tired. Hadley is napping as I write this and I actually debated taking one myself... but instead decided to make myself a cup of coffee and show up here. Because it's birthday week for my girl (omg) and I have a million and one things to do before getting ready for her big day and party on Sunday, so Chicago weekend recap, it's now or never!

Friday was my birthday -- hello, 29! -- and it was an awesome day. I had a pretty crappy birthday last year that basically consisted of it being my due date and massively pregnant, a sick dog that resulted in spending the entire day at the vet and hundreds of dollars, and pouring cold rain that cancelled our cookout. So no matter what happened this year, I knew it would be better than the last one ;)

I spent the day with friends downtown, they do food truck Friday's which is basically my favorite thing ever. Tons of good food in the park where the babies can crawl around. It's awesome. After that, Nick got out of work early and we loaded up the car and headed to the city! Chicago is only a little over two hours from us and we timed it perfectly with Hadley's nap, so the drive was not bad at all. When we got into town, we went straight to the West Loop (where we used to live) to let Hads burn off some energy at a little park before heading to dinner at Little Goat, one of my favorite restaurants.

The pouch life.

I told Nick all I wanted for my birthday was a trip to Chicago and a few cute pictures, so that's what was on the agenda after dinner. We found a little parking lot right under the L tracks and Hadley loved watching the trains fly past and 'dancing' with dad while I went to town with my camera. These might be some of my favorite picture of my little family EVER.

And then it was time to head to the hotel. This was the part I was SO NERVOUS for. We haven't stayed in a hotel with her yet and I just had no idea what to expect. She goes to bed earlier than us obviously, so we decided to stay at a Homewood Suites right off of Michigan Avenue and that was the best decision I could have made. We had a little kitchen, a living room (where she slept in the pack n play), and then a separate bedroom and bathroom, giving Nick and I our own space to hang out in after she went to sleep.

And thankfully, sleep she did! We tried to keep her bedtime routine the same as at home, so after bath, pajamas, a bottle, her sound machine and pacifiers, we put her down and within five minutes she was OUT. Girlfriend was beat from the day and slept 12 hours straight that night. I literally could not believe it. She didn't get up until 7:45 (which is 8:45 am Michigan time!), I was shocked. And am totally planning on ordering blackout curtains for her bedroom at home now.

After complimentary breakfast at the hotel, another perk, and Hadley making all the friends (the front desk lady even gave her a free bag of Oreo's lol) we headed out into the city. First stop: Millenium Park.

A selfie is always necessary at the bean. As you can tell, Hads was super impressed. And I would like to note that I brought about fifteen outfits for her to wear and then forgot a shirt for myself. I had to wear my pajama sweatshirt out and about while we waited for all of the stores to open at 10 am! Mom life.

But you know what store does open way earlier than all the rest? The Disney Store. Because they know that parents have lived half a lifetime before 10 am, so that was our first stop to get Hadley a Mickey (and to get into the AC - it was hot). She is recently obsessed with Mickey, every once in a while we'll turn on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for a couple of minutes and she freaks. A couple weeks ago I got her these Disney Little People and she has carried around the little Mickey nonstop, so it was time for her to get a big guy!

Hadley girl hung in there for an entire morning of shopping and then we headed back to the hotel so she could nap and we could pack up. Again, SO awesome having a suite so she could have her own space. We woke her up at 12:30 to check out and head over to lunch. We went to Big Bowl - which has always been a fave of ours - but it was a little disappointing this time.

Also, at Nordstrom earlier that morning, we had picked up an EZPZ mini mat and this lunch was our first time using it, so amazing. So so nice to have a mat to put her food on instead of the nasty table and while she did try, she couldn't lift the suction off. AND since it's silicone you can just throw it in the dishwasher when you're done!

After lunch, next up was the zoo. Lincoln Park Zoo is one of the coolest things I think Chicago has to offer. It's FREE (craziness for the expensive city), there are tons of animals, and it's super clean and family friendly. We were so excited to take Hadley and she loved it, too - once we got her out of the stroller. I don't think she could really tell what was going on when she was in there, but for the last little bit we took her out and showed her all the animals. Everything was a 'dog!', no surprise there!

Are you guys seeing this stuff?!

I wish we would have gotten a family picture, but it was SO hot and so crowded. We headed out about 4:30 and made our way back to Michigan. We crammed a lot into our 24 hours, but it was well worth it and Hadley did really surprisingly great! I'm already planning our next adventure...

And on Sunday, we celebrated our favorite guy for his first Fathers Day. We surprised him with a morning of golf with his friends - which actually turned into an entire DAY of golf, totally taking advantage of our kindness ;) - a bottle of scotch and this D A D picture that I'm totally obsessed with. Thank you Pinterest. But we couldn't have gotten luckier with Nick. He's the best, he always always always puts us first, always wants to know how he can help, and is such a great listener when we've had one of those days. We hit the jackpot with him and couldn't love him more if we tried.

Heat Wave

The weather here has been crazy hot lately! Temps in the 90's and high humidity. And we are freaking loving it. It helps that one of my best friends -- that so conveniently happens to live in my neighborhood -- has THE most amazing pool. We've been spending all our time there or on our back porch with the water table. We've only been going inside for naps or grocery store runs, mostly to stock up on fresh fruit. Pretty sure Hadley could eat a watermelon a day, that must explain why I loved it SO MUCH while pregnant. Watermelon was literally like my crack this time last year.

Last Friday night we had a BBQ over at our friends house. We did steak tacos (this marinade is so so good) on the grill along with fresh guac and salsa. And margs. Always margs. After we stuffed ourselves silly, we made our way out of the heat and into the pool. Well, the heated pool. They keep the temp up around 80 degrees! This was Hadley girl's first time in ANY pool, so the fancy camera had to come out.

Nick had her put her feet in during dinner and she was already so excited. We couldn't get in the water fast enough. I'm just going to apologize now for the overload of pictures coming your way...

Don't mind that last picture with the gray hair, I spent the afternoon getting that fixed up, ha!

We headed back to the pool on Monday for a girls afternoon with more guac and more margs. We are on a Skinnygirl kick right now - we just add a bit more tequila, a splash of soda water and a squeeze of lime and it is SO good. I bought this float on Amazon so Hadley could have her own space in the pool, she loved that so more than me with my death grip on her. Sunscreen makes her slippery! The float is pretty good quality for the price. I threw some extra bath toys in there that we had and that gave her something to hold on to and play with.

Her little smiles just say it all. She is most definitely a water baby! And thank goodness, because that will make our swim lessons that start next Friday much more enjoyable ;) With all of the time I'll be spending in the water this summer, I've started a new swimsuit collection. Bring on the one pieces! Partly because my body isn't quite where I thought it would be one year post baby (oh well, life and I love ice cream) and mostly because they are so in style right now, there are SO many cute options out there! I've rounded up a few of my faves below (just ordered this and this, each under $35).

Tomorrow is my birthday (!!!) and we're headed to Chicago for the next couple of days. And then we get to celebrate Nick's first Fathers Day on Sunday! Going to be a pretty dang good weekend. Hope yours is, too!


Happy Friday!

There have been so many great things going on around here and so many things I want to blog about, but so little time! We had such a good week, the weather has been BEAUTIFUL so we've spent lots of time outside. I also had book club with friends (we read Love Warrior), went to Target like fifteen times as I'm working on decorating our outside spaces, Hadley ate at Chipotle for the first time (one of life's important firsts), and we worked on a little Fathers Day project with friends!

Which I cannot believe is next weekend already - along with my birthday! I've been having fun going back and reading my posts from this time last year, as we were (im)patiently waiting Hadley's arrival. Precisely why I love blogging. If only I had known Hads was going to come nine days late... womp womp.

+ I made this fruit salad for book club on Wednesday night -- the berries at Costco right now are unreal -- and it is SO GOOD added to this bubbly sangria (and how cute are those bottles?).

+ Ordered this outdoor rug for our back porch and can't wait for it to get here. On sale, too!

+ A great round-up of easy popsicle recipes to make at home.

+ This adorable peplum top (under $40!) is a need.

+ I was that crazy mom that researched sunscreens for FOREVER and ended up going with Thinkbaby. So far I'm loving it: it rubs in easily, has a nice light scent, and she hasn't gotten burnt at all.

+ Candy Kirby released theeeee cutest sunsuits yesterday, it took all my willpower to not buy one in every fabric.

We have a busy weekend ahead which I'm hoping will maybe finally include starting the new seasons of House of Cards and Bloodline, I've heard they're good. Have a happy weekend!

MDW 2017

Memorial Day weekend. Maybe one of our best weekends as a family of three yet, so I couldn't not recap it on the blog. Even if I am like a week and a half behind. Better late than never? Maybe?!

The fun started on Friday afternoon with a quick Target run for weekend supplies and then playing in the yard while waiting for dad to get home. Summer hours for Nick have begun - he gets out at 3 pm on Fridays and I swear it makes the weekends feel five thousand times longer. Love it. I can't even remember what we did on Friday night because it was so low key (and like forever ago).

The next morning, we were up at 'em. We did the farmers market, took Brady for a walk, made a big breakfast, and put Hadley down for her first nap by 9 am. And then we prepared to get ready to head to our friends cottage for the day. This was our first time taking Hadley to the 'beach' (other than last summer which didn't count because she was 8 weeks old and hated hated hated it) and packing for that is no joke. Thank goodness she took a nice long nap so I could pack up half of our house to bring with.

As soon as she woke up, we were on the road! It was such a beautiful day on the lake and girlfriend was so curious about the water. She loves the bath, so I figured she'd be a fan. The water was still freezing so she couldn't really play in it, but she loved putting her feet in and I know she'll be splashing around in there come the rest of the summer. She also loved hanging out on the boat (docked, we need to find a little life jacket for her!) and soaking up all of the attention of about 10 adults. Water to play in and adults to entertain? Pretty much her happy place.

That baby belly! Her little outfit just about killed me. I couldn't help myself with all of the red white & blue -- summer clothes are the best. Find peplum HERE, bloomers HERE, and bow HERE.

Sunday morning, we packed up and were off again! We headed to the east side of Michigan for Nick's cousins babies first birthday party. It was supposed to rain all day, but it turned out to be a gorgeous (and hot!) day. The party was right on the water with a giant park for the kids to plan at, Hadley girl is now obsessed with swings. She had the biggest grin on her face the entire time Nick was pushing her, and as you can see, not such a fan of him stopping.

Monday was the big day! Nick and his friends headed off to golf first thing in the morning, so we had the girls over for brunch, where I completely forgot to take pictures. The highlight of the morning was me putting Brady outside since a newborn was here and he can get a little crazy, and he somehow BROKE into the house. We were all in the living room with the baby on the floor and literally flying in he comes. I have no idea how he somehow must have gotten the slider door open?!

After all that excitement and everyone left (no babies were harmed thankfully), I attempted a little photo shoot with Hads. Let's just say girlfriend was not so into it and that is why her head is cut off in this picture, ha!

So I gave up and took this crew on a walk instead. Afterwards we got out the new water table for the first time and HOLY ENTERTAINMENT. She played totally alone in her own little world for like 35 minutes. 35 minutes! I also gave her her first slice of watermelon which she thought was hilarious to dunk in the water and take bites of. Such a mess and such a good time.

Not long after, Nick got home and it was SMOKER time! To this day, still the best gift I've ever given the guy (if you're in need of something for Fathers Day, this is the one we have -- other ideas here). Ribs went on and we just had to practice serious patience for six hours because the smell was unreal. 

We were just going to dinner as a family, but we decided to invite a bunch of friends over instead. Everything is more fun with friends! And it turned into a complete feast. We had ribs, cornbread, baked beans, watermelon slices, potato salad. So freaking good. And such a good weekend. Thankful for all of the men, women and their families that sacrifice their lives to allow us these freedoms.

Bring on the summer!
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