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Double digits! Hadley girl is ten months old.

I know I say this every month (just like every other parent out there...), but time is flying by. I CANNOT believe that we are starting to plan her first birthday party. It's insane. But things have been oh so much fun this month. Dare I say my most favorite month yet?

The biggest - and best - change these past few weeks is her almost constant babbling! I love it. Her most favorite thing to do is point at anything and everything and call it "dada!" with a huge smile on her face (of course). Makes me laugh every time. The crazy thing is that we never even taught her to point. She just picked it up all her own, smart little lady. We did teach her (kind of) how to wave and how to give high fives and I'm working on giving kisses, but so far with that all I get is a big open mouth coming straight for my nose!

Other 'words' include mama and some baba and nana occasionally. She also growls which might be the funniest thing ever.

Girlfriend is still army crawling, I don't think she's ever going to get on her hands and knees and crawl, she'll probably just go straight to walking. Pulling up on EVERYTHING. We had a few rough naps when she realized that she could pull up and stand in her crib, but that only lasted a few days. Everything is a phase. Speaking of crib, she is 100% officially sleeping through the night. A day that felt like it would never come. She goes down about 7pm each night and wakes up promptly at 6:30am each morning. 

She is also 100% teething. She actually chewed the paint right off of her crib railing during a nap last week and I found her chewing on the corner of the coffee table a couple days ago! We've been using lots of these RINGS in the freezer to help with the pain and these are my favorite BIBS to help with all.the.drool.

As for food, she's eating with a vengence now. Favorites by far seem to be peas and Cheerios. She'll eat those by the mouthful. She also goes crazy over these BROCCOLI CAKES that we have for lunch a lot (love them because they only have like 5 real food ingredients) and will really throw back any fruits and veggies we give her. Starting to be less into bottles - I mean I get it once you've had a taste for the good stuff, how can you go back? 

Hadley loves loves loves dogs. Of any sort. (Just like me.) She's finally starting to get into stuffed animals -  the JELLYCAT in these pictures that we got in California on our babymoon is her favorite which makes me so happy.

Other loves include her best skill of all, her ability to completely trash a room in .5 seconds. We joke that she doesn't play with toys, she just flings things around. She l-o-v-e-s to unload bookshelves and any drawers that she can get into. It sort of stresses my neat freak self out out, my house being a complete disaster zone while she's awake, but I swear she's happiest in the middle of a mess, so I'm getting there with it ;) She's starting to play more independently at times which can be nice when I need to do things like pick up the 500 diapers she unloaded onto her bedroom floor or refold the laundry piles that she crawled into.

Happy ten months, little girlfriend! Let's try and make these last two of your first year go super slow and savor every moment. We love love love you.

Other ten month favorites: silicone bibs // remote control // chewing beads // music table // high chair wheel toy // tall and short book (any books really) // baby gates // nail file // Brady's toys ;)

How about we make this Monday a little more fun with a few confessions?

Let's start with these pictures. (Sorry for the Instagram repeats). I pretty much only put this CREW & LU ROMPER on Hadley yesterday to do a little photo shoot. It arrived in the mail during nap time and I seriously could not wait for her to wake up just to try it on. So freaking cute.

Sometimes, after I work out at the gym and I feel like prolonging my alone time a little bit, I'll grab lunch and sit in the cafe and read before I pick Hads up from the daycare there. I feel terrible even typing that out, but I think it's good for both of us! She loves the gym and I'm a much happier mom when I'm fed ;)

I pretty much only use baby wipes to clean my house these days.

I am freakishly obsessed with grocery shopping at Aldi. I have saved SO MUCH MONEY since discovering it a few weeks ago, not to mention they have so many awesome organic, non-gmo options. I'm constantly stalking blogs to check out their Aldi hauls and find out what others favorite products are, if you have any I must try, let me know!

Now that Hadley is on the move, girlfriend doesn't sit still. Ever. Sometimes I just wanna cuddle though ya know (aka stop moving for 5 minutes), so I realized that if I turn on the TV, she'll contently sit in my lap for a little bit to watch and it's the sweetest. Half of me seriously enjoys it, half of me feels guilty for it - which might basically sum up motherhood.

As many amazing fashion blogs as I follow, Un-Fancy is my new favorite. I love her minimalism style and her outfits are actually ones that I could recreate at this stage of life.

I ordered these SLIPPERS because stripes... I don't know why because as much as I'm going to love them, my dog is going to love them eight hundred times more.

Nothing like writing a weekend recap on the eve of the next one!

We had a pretty great Easter weekend. Michigan delivered with the weather and it was just plain beautiful. Except for one thunderstorm on Sunday that coincided with nap time for the entire household - pretty perfect timing if you ask me. And I remembered to take some pictures, so wins all around!

Let's talk about one of the major highlights of the weekend. Girlfriend tried ICE CREAM for the first time! Now this is a big milestone in our house. I worked at an ice cream shoppe near the beach for like eight years growing up, so I really really love my ice cream. 

At first there was a little uncertainty (probably from trying to decide between flavors, I feel ya)...

...oh wait, I might like this...

...oh no, I definitely like this, stop taking my picture lady.

The only unfortunate thing was that this aaaa-dorable ROMPER hasn't arrived yet for the occasion. But it's okay, we'll save that for her first taste of my hometown ice cream shoppe.

The next morning, the Easter bunny visited us! Thankfully, no sightings of him in the house. He did leave a pretty fabulous basket that Hadley was obsessed with. Her favorite thing - no surprise - is this little REMOTE CONTROL. And the FIVE BUNNIES book is super cute! During her morning nap, Nick whipped up his families traditional polish breakfast of eggs, homemade hash browns and polish sausage. 

We planned to hit up the 11am church service, however, the church nursery was insane, so we figured we'd just bring Hadley into the service with us. I'm happy to report we lasted an entire forty minutes before we booked it out of there with our wild, screeching baby. On our way out, I figured we'd at least take advantage of the empty church lawn for a little photoshoot, but Hadley is not a grass girl... yet. I'd give the whole morning an A for effort, for sure. And honestly seeing her dance and getting into the music at the beginning of the service made the entire ordeal worth it.

Afterwards, we headed downtown for lunch and that was super nice. We usually cook a big meal on Easter Sunday, but with it just being the three of us this year and having so many other things going on, it was just plain easier to go out. I didn't hate it, but I think we'll go back to the homemade route next year.

Once we got home, it was naps for all and then a nice little run to work off a few calories. I literally ate awful the entire weekend, but hey what are holidays for. We are really loving our new JOGGING STROLLER. I signed up to run my first 5K next Friday (omg) so we've been putting it to very good use lately.

Hope you guys had great weekends, too!
Happy almost Friday!

I can't believe Easter weekend is here. We have visiting family, a Junior League hosted egg hunt for foster families in our area, Sunday church and brunch, and more on the agenda. Now hopefully I'll remember to take some pictures to document all of the fun - for some reason when we get busy, I totally forget about pictures?!

Speaking of pictures... parent fail - we never took Hadley to visit the Easter bunny. Mostly because it completely slipped my mind until right now, and maybe also because I was TERRIFIED of the guy when I was little and don't feel like traumatizing her (yet anyway). My parents said that on my second Easter, I was crying hysterically and wouldn't go to sleep because I was so freaked out by the idea of a giant seven foot bunny hopping through my house in the middle of the night - ha! 

Anyways. Hadley's first Easter! And since she's still too little to be terrified of that scary bunny guy, it's going to be a good one. I've said it for every holiday so far - and I'm sure I'll keep saying it - but holidays are so much fun with kids. I've spent the last couple weeks putting together the sweetest little Easter basket for her... and you know what her favorite part will probably be? Moving the handle on the basket back and forth. 

Here's a little peak at the goodies...

These CANDY KIRBY LONG SLEEVE TEES are a staple in Hadley's wardrobe. I picked up the orchid and mint for spring! This BALLERINA DOLL. I love it. And I love the price. In the back, it's hard to see, but it's an ADEN & ANAIS BUNNY BLANKET. It is theee sweetest. It has little pink bunnies on one side and pink stripes on the other. You can never have too many books, so we're adding FIVE BUNNIES and MY FIRST COLORS to the collection. Also adding to my other favorite collection, with a couple new ZELLIE BOWS (ps. they're having a $5 bow sale through midnight tonight - get on it!). This HAPE WOODEN ELEPHANT and a REMOTE CONTROL because girlfriend is straight up obsessed with our TV one. And last but not least, these ZOZU BABY KNEE HIGH BOW SOCKS. You can bet you'll be seeing those in all the pictures this summer.

Have the best weekends!!
I have been putting my Kindle TO WORK lately. 

My goal was 15 books this year... we're four months in and I've read nine. So I say things are looking pretty good to accomplish that bad boy. I always love hearing what others are reading and finding some new good reads (along with which ones to stay away from...), so here are mine!

IT ENDS WITH US: a powerful story of love loss, definitely not just another romance novel.

A HUNDRED SUMMERS: go back in time to 1938 as a hurricane and other 'social' storms brew on the east coast.

CANCEL THE WEDDING: Olivia goes to Georgia to scatter her mothers ashes and uncover her secret past life. Ehh.

THE NIGHTINGALE: probably the best book I've ever read. A heartbreaking tale of two French sisters during WWII. 

THE MAGNOLIA STORY: because it's Chip and Joanna - duh. Read this. It's beyond good.

THE SECRETS OF MIDWIVES: three generations of midwives tales all run together. 

TRULY MADLY GUILTY: Trying to figure out what happens at the BBQ will keep you on your toes.

THE THINGS WE KEEP: Imagine being diagnosed with Alzheimers at age 38 and your family decides to commit you...

WHERE'D YOU GO BERNADETTE: Such a random story. I could never get totally into it.

Next up -- I've got THIS ONE on deck. Anyone read it?

When I found out I was having a girl, I was beyond excited for all the little clothes and shoes and BOWS and surprise, surprise - it has not disappointed! I seriously love shopping and dressing Hadley. She is often found rocking a much cuter outfit than me these days and lets just say her spring wardrobe is ON POINT, meanwhile I have yet to put any new spring pieces for myself. Womp, womp.

The first couple months of her little life, she strictly lived in onesies or these side snap shirts (the best) with a diaper since it was super warm out. And there were so many diaper changes back then, I couldn't bring myself to put her in complicated outfits. If she was wearing an outfit those first few months, it was 99% of the time a gift from my baby shower. We were spoiled rotten with clothes at my shower.

Around the four/five month mark, she was getting bigger and getting more fun to dress. She was moving around much more and we were getting out of the house more, so I determined it was time for a real wardrobe. I bought a bunch of stuff, some hits and some misses, but after a few months, I feel like I've really narrowed in on her style and what she likes to wear, or ya know, what I like to dress her in.

Our favorite big brand stores are Old Navy, Zara, Nordstrom, Carters and Target. Before Hadley was born, I bought a ton of stuff from Baby Gap, but most of their clothes have never really fit her right. They run very wide and baggy almost, and she's on the skinnier side. So just make sure when you're shopping for your unborn babe to save those receipts!

Old Navy has a wide range of stuff - from classics to more on trend pieces - at a great price. They're always running great sales, I usually only buy things when they're running their 30 or 40% sales which is often. I'd say everything runs pretty true to size. Some of my favorite pieces for spring are this bubble bodysuit, this floral dress, these fringe sandals, this romper and this ruffle top.

Zara. Omg I could die. Everything is SO flipping cute. They had the best selection of cute, non-babyish sweaters I could find over the winter and the SS stuff is even better. Shipping is free when you spend over $50 (that's easy) and they have free returns which I always appreciate. I always size down one because I find things run on the bigger side. A few pieces I've picked up for Hadley recently are this jean jacket, this floral top, these bow sandals, this romper and this dress for 4th of July!

Nordstrom is a favorite for the entire family, no doubt for the baby. They have lots of adorable brands that we love like Tea Collection, Tucker & Tate, Aden & Anais, and Freshly Picked (the BEST shoes). I'm loving these PJ's (and these), these moccasins, this dress set, this bunny romper (so cute for Easter!), and this peplum hoodie.

Carters and Target (specifically the Cat & Jack line) are my go-to for leggings. I love the Tea Collection leggings as well, but I've realized that bottoms are the most easily trashed clothes with all the crawling, so I'm allll about those $5 ones now. Cat & Jack and Carters are my favorites for the price, they hold up really well, and they have more of a tailored fit on the leg. No baggy baby pants around here. Ps. diapers.com has the widest selection of Carters leggings around - a lot of them are $4.99 right now!

I have also REALLY gotten into shopping small for Hads. One night I fell into an Instagram black hole of small shops for babes and have not looked back. Talk about seriously gorgeous, well made clothing. I loved the idea of supporting these hardworking moms and I appreciate that five other kids won't be wearing the same outfit when we go to music class.

A few of my favorites are...
June Park: their sweatshirts are so soft and comfy, we have a similar one to this
Childhoods Clothing: literally the most well made pieces she has, we just got a tank romper and shorties for summer
June & January: fun and colorful clothes, ps. they're releasing their summer line on Friday at 9pm EST!
Candy Kirby: love these basic long sleeve tees
Vivie & Ash: the crop peplums for summer, yes please
Mon Petit: for the cutest little leather t-strap shoes

Now bows.... wait, bows are a whole other story for another day ;)
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