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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

A Delicious Summer Meal

Summer is my favorite time to eat.  That may sound weird, but I LOVE the food this time of year.  Anything on the grill just tastes a thousand times better, I'm obsessed with fresh fruit, could live off of cold pasta salads, and don't even get me started on ice cream.  My favorite I'm telling you.  

On Sunday night, we had a dinner that encompassed pretty much all of the above and it was so good.  The only thing that was missing was ice cream, which we usually go get on Sunday nights (the best way to end a weekend!), but Nick was busy finishing up painting our deck !! which is looking awesome.  The ice cream tradition will resume again next weekend ;) 

Here is a delicious, pretty easy meal that will be on repeat at our house this summer.  Enjoy!

Cilantro Lime Chicken with Avocado Salsa
via Joyful Healthy Eats

I've been wanting to make this for a while and I'm so glad I finally did!  It couldn't have been easier.  The marinade is only 5 ingredients (that everyone already has in their pantries) and you're basically dumping guacamole on top of your grilled chicken - yummmmay.

Since the dish had so much flavor, we kept the sides relatively simple with couscous (my favorite brand, cooks in 5 minutes!) and watermelon.  By the way, have you ever grilled your watermelon?  I just stumbled across this on Pinterest and have to try it ASAP.

Strawberry Yogurt Cake
via A Spicy Perspective

I've made this cake a few times and it continues to remain a favorite.  This time I had some frozen blueberries in my freezer that I wanted to use up, so I subbed them in instead of the fresh strawberries.  Still delicious!  The greek yogurt keeps the cake super moist and flavorful, and the lemon icing is the perfect finishing touch.  

Now that our deck is finished, we'll be spending even more time outdoors and I'm so happy about it.  Can't wait to make our patio space come to life via my inspiration board and of course, continue grilling all of the things.  What are your favorite summer recipes?


Monday, May 23, 2016

Old Navy For The Win

Old Navy has been knocking it out of the park lately.  So many of their pieces are on point for this seasons trends and you can never go wrong with their classic, versatile items - even Olivia Palermo was recently spotted rocking one of their tees!  I've placed a couple of orders lately and have not been disappointed.  Here's a round up of a few of my favorites, all under $45 and they're even running an additional sale right now so check it out!

Pintuck Swing Cami: This find was thanks to April and I'm obsessed because there is a matching baby dress!  (And toddler dress, here.)  How cute is that?  I'm definitely not above matching the baby this summer ;)  The print is so fun and would look great with white jeans.

Relaxed V-Neck Tee: As spotted on Olivia Palermo!  I have a bunch of Old Navy tees and they are some of my favorites.  They've held up well throughout the years and you can't beat the prices.  I plan on stocking up on a few new ones this year, love all of these neutral colors.

Linen Blend Field Jacket: If you don't have a military jacket yet, GET ONE.  You will not regret it!  I wear mine all. the. time.  Probably way too much.  It's such a versatile piece and especially perfect for those in-between weather months in the spring and fall.

Chambray Shirt Dress: This is just super cute and has great reviews.  I'll definitely be ordering this one after baby.  And side note: I like to order my dresses from Old Navy online because they offer petite sizing.  Fits my short person frame so much better!  This is also an awesome chambray button up shirt option.

Sueded Fringe Sandals: I mentioned these a little bit ago, but they finally came in on Saturday and I'm impressed.  They are a lot nicer than I thought they would be for a pair of $20 shoes!  I wear a 6.5 and sized up to a 7 and they fit perfectly.

And of course, while browsing for this post, I came across a few more must have pieces.  These classic ballet flats look like they are great quality and I LOVE the wash on these mid-rise (yes, please) rockstar jeans.  Have you snagged anything from Old Navy lately?

Happy shopping!

Friday, May 20, 2016

Friday's Five

Image via

Happy Friday!  Thank you for all the well wishes on the bumpdate/doctors appointment yesterday.  You guys really know how to make a girl feel better about herself ;) My appointment went well!  I'm not dilated at all yet - which is good, I'd like to keep her cooking for a little longer - but am 50% effaced... which I was clueless as to what that meant.  I had to Google it when I got back in the car, haha.  

Looking forward to a fun weekend ahead - the weather is supposed to be beautiful, I've got a girls night on the books and I'll be doing lots of my newest favorite hobby: cleaning + organizing.  Seriously, I can't stop.  A few other highlights from the week!  

ONE | We made Rach's Baked Ziti recipe for dinner on Wednesday night and it was SO GOOD.  How can you go wrong with red sauce, fresh mozzarella and basil, and noodles?   Yum.  Love that it can be made into a freezer meal, too - we will definitely be making a few of those to freeze up for this summer!

TWO | Am I the only person that didn't know Stella & Dot also sold clothes??   When Lindsey shared this gorgeous blue and white tunic (want. need.) a couple of days ago, it was the first I'd heard about it.  I'll also take this black and white - with tassels! - sarong, please and thank you.

THREE | I'm counting down the days until Mondays again... The Bachelorette is back!  I'm so excited for Jojo, I think she's going to make an awesome leading lady.  I can't wait to drool over all of her clothes, she has the best style.  And hair - I need her to spill all of her hair secrets.

FOUR | Beautycounter for Target is happening: YES!  I am pumped for this.  I've already got the date marked in my planner: September 12th.  It's only going to be a limited edition line, so I'm sure the products are going to go quickly.  Especially can't wait to get my hands on the Rosewater Spray and Day Cream - what are your Beautycounter faves?

FIVE | Speaking of Target... I ordered these PJ's this week for my hospital bag (which I have a whole post on coming next week!).  They have great reviews and you can't beat the price.  I'm also considering this beach bag.  It reminds me so much of these bags, but at a fraction of the price.

Well, I'm off to make this cake - but with blueberries instead... if it turns out I'll be sure to share! - and maybe if Brady boy is lucky, take him to the dog park ;)  Enjoy your weekends!


Thursday, May 19, 2016

36 Week Bumpdate

Or in other words... NINE months pregnant!  How crazy is that?  We are officially down to the home stretch and these final weeks can't go fast enough!

How far along: 36 weeks, 0 days.  Today starts my weekly doctors appointments!

Gender: Still a girl!  I was having all of these dreams that she was going to come out a boy (which would not necessarily be bad, just everything we have is very pink!), but our 3D ultrasound put those fears to rest.

Weight Gain: Somewhere around 30 pounds and I am feeling it.  This is the first week that I'm truly feeling large and in charge and it makes me a little nervous that there are still 4 weeks of growing left to do.  Also starting to feel anxious about how my body is going to look afterwards... not going to lie, may have had a couple breakdowns over that this week. 

Stretch Marks: I hesitate to answer this because I don't want to jinx anything... but so far, so good.  I have been using this cream RELIGIOUSLY.  I know they're more of a genetic thing, but it at least makes me feel like I'm proactively doing something to prevent them.

Movement: Lots of it although it's different now - less rolling around and more jabs/punches/kicks, especially to my ribs and bladder.  She's running out of room in there.

Sleep: Ehhh.  I was doing so well with sleeping up until this week.  It's just hard to get comfortable when you've got a basketball sized belly!  And the bathroom breaks, usually two or three of those a night.  Luckily I'm able to fall back to sleep pretty quickly (once I can find a comfortable position anyway).

Workouts: No way, haha.  Even walking Brady isn't happening that often anymore.  It just wipes out my body SO much.  A 15 minute walk around the neighborhood is equatable to an entire day of skiing, that's how tired it makes me feel.  Heck, walking up the stairs is enough to make me out of breath.  I miss being active! 

Cravings/Aversions: Still loving allll of the fruits.  Can't get enough oranges/orange juice, watermelon, applesauce, you name it.  And the last couple of weeks have brought on an unquenchable thirst, especially at night time.  I'm constantly drinking water and I can't get it cold enough.  Sweets have been happening a little too often lately, too.

No real aversions, although I did make roasted asparagus for a dinner side one night this week and couldn't eat it.  I took one bite and wanted to spit it right out - no idea why?  Also, this is random, but I was watching Southern Charm this week and it was clearly fall where they were in the mountains and just thinking about fall brought back all of the nausea/exhaustion feelings of my first trimester.  It was so weird.  Fall has always been one of my favorites, so I'm hoping it'll be enjoyable again next year.

Labor Signs: Nothing that I've noticed yet, but I have a doctors appointment this morning and will see if anything is happening!

Missing Most: My body and my clothes mainly.  I'm so over wearing my five outfit rotation.  Can I just tell you that I've worn these leggings (not maternity!) pretty much every day since November?  Not the same exact pair, I have three I rotate through haha, but they have been a God send.  I wish the weather would warm up so I could switch over to maxi dresses.

Symptoms: Hip pain (so. much. pain), tiredness, random belly pains, scatter brained, just a general uncomfortable-ness.  

Nursery: SO CLOSE!!  I'm just waiting for a couple more things to come in - this lamp is taking it's sweet time and driving me nuts - and to get Nick to hang everything up on the walls and then it's done!

Belly Button/Wedding Rings: I don't even recognize my belly button anymore, haha.  Please tell me it will go back in after this all said and done?!  And rings still on!  Thankfully I have had zero swelling. 

Mood: Excited/anxious/terrified/all of the feelings!

Best Moment This Week: My prenatal massage yesterday was heavenly.  How can I get one of those every single day??  And the amount of reading I've been doing.  Any free chance I get, I'm reading.  I just finished this book and it was so informative.  Next up is this one and this one.  I plan on doing a post full of book reviews in a couple months for any future moms to be.

Looking Forward To: Finishing up and sharing the nursery, having one of Nick's friends stay with us this weekend because I'll have two handymen to put to work, ha!, a girls night on Saturday and of course, my appointment today!  Wish me luck!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Ten One Piece Swimsuits - Under $100!

Can I just say that I am so so soooo thankful that one piece swimsuits are 'in' again?!  Such perfect timing for me as I know my body won't be back to normal this summer.  Long gone are the days of red Speedos you wear for swim lessons.  Now one pieces are fashionable and trendy, and the best news is that you don't even have to spend a lot.  Target - of course - is totally on point and Nordstrom has quite a few great options, too.  I always love online shopping through them because of the free shipping + returns... we all know how much it sucks to try on swim suits in the store!  


Mossimo Mesh Inset // Merona Shirred Twist (comes in a bunch of different color patterns!) //
Shade & Shore Strappy Halter // Merona Flounce One Piece (even cuter without the straps)


The Bikini Lab Monokini (great reviews!) // Lucky Embroidered Suit // Billabong Majestic Spirit //
Zella High Neck (can never go wrong with Zella) // O'Neill Salt Water Ruffle // Topshop Maui Suit

I plan on ordering this one and this one.  Also considering one of these La Blanca swimsuits.  Not under $100, but has the most amazing reviews so it may be worth the splurge.  And I just came across these UPF tanks that I'd love to try.  Perfect for those days that you spend a-l-l day long outside, like a beach volleyball tournament.  If you're looking for a maternity suit, just go ahead and buy this one.  I wore it the entire time on our babymoon and LOVED it.  Don't forget a cover up, too!  I've had my eye on this one in white that keeps going in and out of stock, so grab it while you still can.  

What do you think of the one piece trend?  Yay or nay?  

I'm off to get a prenatal massage this morning - so excited!  Enjoy your day :)


Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Life Lately

Life lately has been good.  We've been doing a ton of productive things around the house and our yard, lots of baby shopping and reading, and eating all the delicious things.  I'll let the camera roll do the rest of the talking...

The view out my bedroom window couldn't be anymore gorgeous right now.
My favorite part about spring are all of the flowering trees!  (Least favorite: allergies.)

If you remember from this post, I fell hard for these Sugarboo prints.  The price?  Not so much.  I all but gave up on them until I was in a local store and they had them in a smaller (and much more reasonably priced) size!   Seriously can't wait to get them hung up in the nursery.

Nick makes dinner on Sunday nights and it's my favorite thing.  Recently he made these ramen bowls which were SO GOOD.  I'm not even going to tell you how many bowls I had that night (three).

We've had a ton of rainy days lately (and it even snowed on this past Sunday... I wish I was joking), but the cotton candy sunsets and rainbows at the end of the day always make up for it.

Our bassinet came in!  I'm so excited about this thing.  I made Nick set it up ASAP and then we put it in our bedroom for a couple of nights to see how Brady would react to it (since it's really Brady's bedroom, he just lets us sleep in there ;)).  He was not phased thankfully!

I found a present on my shoe courtesy of Mr. B - I think he was telling me he wanted to go out and play with his Chuck-It, which for pregnant women or just anyone that can't bend over, is the best invention ever.

Someone recommended Belly Laughs to me on my last confessions post and I'm so glad I ordered it.  It came in on Friday and I finished it on Sunday!  It was hilarious and I laughed out loud so many times - so so funny.  Definitely gifting this to all my friends that get pregnant!

We've been hard at work in the nursery and it is almost done.  I'm in love with how it's all come together and hopefully will be able to share in the next couple weeks!  Just waiting for a couple more pieces to come in.  It's Brady's favorite room in the house, too :)

Speaking of the nursery... mom friends, please help me out here!
I'm curious about how many of all things linen I should have.  How many:

*burp cloths
*crib sheets
*bassinet sheets
*pack and play sheets
*boppy covers
*changing pad covers

would you recommend having?  I know it varies for everyone, but I'd love to hear some opinions/thoughts/whatever on what worked best for you.  You guys are the best!

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