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What a weeeeek it has been! We are having the most beautiful weather here in Michigan right now. The warmth and sunshine are breaking all kinds of records for February! It's crazy and I swear it just puts everyone in the best mood. 

Also! Two of my girlfriends in town had baby girls this week. I may have been feeling a tiny bit of baby fever. But then Hadley slept through the night all week long, so I got over that real quickly ;) It's just so hard to believe that she's not the newborn anymore and will be EIGHT! months old this Saturday.

Here's what else was awesome about our week...

Okay, let's just start with one of the best: WE HAVE A CHICK-FIL-A! I've waited so long for this. My love for CFA runs deep. We used to go down to Florida every.year to visit my grandparents growing up, and if we drove, we would always, always stop at CFA when we got into Georgia. It was like the sign that we were almost there. We would throw back some chicken nuggs and then beeline it to Orlando or Naples, wherever my grandparents were at the time. Lots of good memories from those trips.

Anyway, I'm so pumped to have one right here in town. It's dangerous - for my wallet and my waistline - but now I can get my fix whenever I want.

Hadley girl had a great shopping week, ha. I spend all of my money on clothes for her now. How amazing is this Joules pullover? Be prepared to see this one on repeat in all the pictures. I also ordered her this cute military jacket and striped swimsuit for the summer (only $10!). 

We skipped the gym in favor of walks outside with friends this week. So basically it was Brady's best week ever. Mom essentials: this vest (which is on a GREAT sale!) and these leggings.

And in case you missed it, from the blog this week: a post on motherhood struggles and a new perspective, drugstore beauty finds I'm loving, and my top ten favorite phone apps.

Now Friday is here and it's rainy (but still in the 60's!) and that's okay because I love a good rainy day. We're heading to the gym and grocery store today and as for the rest of the weekend... this mom is getting her hair done, we'll be visiting our friends and new babies (these make for an awesome newborn gift, the magnets are everything), and packing and getting ready for our ski trip to Park City next week -- send me all of your best recommendations if you got 'em! 

Let the weekend begin! 
I love my phone and I hate my phone at the same time. Anyone feel me?

I'm attached to that thing like white on rice and use it to do pretty much everything from order baby wipes to reading books to editing pictures. Sometimes it's nice - and necessary - to be unplugged for a little while though. I am trying to be better about putting my phone in the other room in the evening or leaving it behind when we go on family walks.

However, the rest of the time, the obsession is real. I'm going to blame it mostly on Instagram because I always want to see what's going on in all my friends lives, but here is what else is keeping me attached...

Let's just start with the obvious. Instagram addict, party of 1. I even deleted my Snapchat because I love the Instastories so much. I don't post as much as I should to be a #goodblogger, but don't worry, I'm constantly stalking everyone else. Shameless plug, feel free to follow me here if you love pictures of babies, golden retrievers, and the random Target find.

Target Cartwheel
And speaking of Target... Cartwheel is a must have if you like to save money. So that would be everyone. Download now.

One touch click purchase is very dangerous, but oh so convenient and completely necessary. Right?

This is the couch to 5k program I've been doing and I love it. It starts off slow - which was perfect for me because I literally was coming from the couch - and slowly builds up to a 5k over 8 weeks. Or like 12 weeks if you're me and keep getting sick all winter.

This syncs right up with my actual Kindle and I love that I can read/have my books with me wherever I go.

My photo editing app of choice these days. The S1 filter is my jam, I also usually turn down the temp a bit and sharpen.

...but before I do any of that, I use Facetune to brighten my photos. Hands down the best brightening tool I've found! It lightens your photos without losing all of the contrast. I also love the smooth feature if one of us has dog fur on our clothes in pics (so all the time).

When I'm having a busy day and don't have the time to sit down on the computer, Bloglovin is the best to still be able to keep up with my faves. This is happening more than often than not, so forgive me for not commenting as much as I used to - it's a little harder on the app!

When I take pictures with my real camera, I use this SD card and Keenai to transfer them to my phone. Super easy.

Planoly is AWESOME for anyone that is as obsessive about their Instagram feed as I can be sometimes. It allows you to plan out your grid and make sure everything looks cohesive and cute. I have the free version which allows 30 uploads a month and so far that's been perfect for me, but they do have packages if you need more.

The one thing I'm lacking is a good music listening app. I have iHeart Radio, but just don't love it. What's your favorite way to stream music? Any other go-to apps I NEED to download?!

Gorgeous photo via
Let's talk beauty today.

I've been trying to get into more drugstore beauty products over the last few months and have found some really, really good stuff. I don't know where I got this idea that higher cost equals better products when it comes to makeup, because it's definitely not true at all. Plus, have you ever tried to maneuver the 'aisles' at Sephora with a stroller? It's not fun. It's practically impossible to NOT knock something over. Therefore, if I can pick up dry shampoo or foundation or a lip color when I'm already out and about, heck yes please.

So we're saving money and can easily do a restock on our weekly (twice weekly...) trip to Target. A basic moms dream.

Okay, first up we have this amazing shampoo and conditioner set. I didn't feel like shelling out the $25 for the shampoo I've been using, so I randomly picked this stuff up at Target one day. Cute packaging for the win. (Turns out it has tons of amazing reviews on the Ulta website too, so I'm not alone in my obsession.) I find that it makes my hair super, super soft and shiny. Just very healthy looking and strong feeling. I can use all of the moisture I can get during these dry winter months and this set delivers. I also love how well it lathers and the fact that it's made with more natural ingredients. Best of all, it's only $7.99 a bottle!

Another awesome hair product, this curl cream by OGX. I first read about curl creams here and picked this up via their recommendation on my next trip to Tarjay. First of all, this stuff is coconut scented and smells freaking amazing. I think that might be 75% of the reason I must use it every single day. And to back that up, it works really well to smooth my hair, specifically my ends. It helps seal up those dry, split ends without making my hair greasy. Love it.

I've already preached my love for the L'Oreal Infalliable Pro-Matte foundation before, but be ready to hear it lots more times. IT'S SO GOOD. I had to return my first bottle because the color wasn't right, and Target took it back, no questions asked. I was impressed (the girls at Sephora always seem to give me the side eye with a side of huffing and puffing). Anyway, this is my first drugstore foundation and I'm seriously impressed. I apply it with this brush and it goes on like a dream. It holds up well all day, too.

As for eyeliners, you can't get much cheaper than Rimmel Scandal Eyes at a whopping $3.99 (plus on sale right now), but it definitely gives my $20 eyeliners a run for their money. And I'm not alone, there are almost niiiine hundred reviews with five stars. Why do I and everyone else think it's so great? It's goes on smoothly, stays put (ie. no smearing) but is still easy to remove at night, and the pencil seems to last forever.

Last but not least, two of my favorite face products. Let's start with a recent find in the Garnier Micellar Water. I use it with a cotton ball before washing my face to take my makeup off. I swear my skin feels so much better when I'm washing it once it's already clean. It's not harsh at all on my sensitive skin and doesn't dry me out at all.

The Acure Brightening Facial Scrub was a rec via Kristin Cavallari and it has proved to be one of my most favorite beauty products of all time. I use it a couple of times a week for exfoliation before my regular cleansing routine (but after the micellar water ;)). I'd recommend using it in the shower because it's muddy, so it can get a little messy! I like that the exfoliating beads are gentle and my skin feels amazingly smooth after.

Tell me your favorite drugstore beauty find! Next on my list to try is this bronzing cream for summer. I'm intrigued.
Tonight was a good night.

Hadley took a long afternoon nap, so I snuggled up on the couch and read, while Nick hit up the grocery store and made dinner. He makes this delish olive oil and veggie pasta that has become kind of a Sunday night tradition when it's warm out. And oh was it warm out this weekend! We got up to 67 degrees. In Michigan. In February. Pretty much unheard of.

Anyway, while I was relaxing while my amazing husband made dinner, I finished reading The Magnolia Story. I am on a roll with the good books lately, guys. I LOVED this book. It was a light, easy read (which I needed after this one) and Chip and Joanna's story is truly inspirational. There was also a chapter near the end that totally spoke to me as a wife and a mother. It was about thriving - not just surviving - in this season of your life.

Motherhood is messy and hard and completely all consuming. I've struggled a lot since becoming a mom with how to balance everything. I feel like I'm not giving my all to anything, except Hadley, which is how it should be, but I can't help sometimes feeling like I'm half-assing everything else and I hate that.

I'm sick of feeling stressed about the cleanliness of my house, what we're going to have for dinner, how I wear leggings almost every day of my life. I don't want to be that stressed out, high strung mother and mom - especially over things that don't even actually matter in the long run. Motherhood may be crazy, but it's absolutely the best ride of my life and I want to ENJOY every single moment of it. I just haven't really figured out how to do that yet - let all of this little stuff go - in a way that works for me. But in The Magnolia Story, Jo brought up an amazing point about not looking at these little things as stressors, but instead as blessings. And that little shift in perspective has really hit home for me.

When I feel like toys and clothes and bottles are everywhere, I need to remind myself that it's because a happy and healthy baby lives here. 

When the laundry piles up and there are tumbleweeds of Brady's fur everywhere, I need to remind myself to be thankful for a roof over my head and the blessing that my family is.

When I have another Junior League meeting, I need to appreciate the fact that it has brought me some great friends and we are doing wonderful things for the community.

When blogging starts to feel like a chore, I need to remind myself of how wonderful it is to have something for just myself, a kind of creative outlet, and all of you amazing ladies that stop by here every day.

When our weekends are busy and there's no time for relaxing, I need to be reminded of how blessed we are to have family and friends that want to spend their time with us.

It really is all about perspective. In every situation, I can choose the 'surviving' response, or the 'thriving' response. It's such a simple thing, but it really spoke to me, so I had to share. Who knows who else needed to hear this tonight, right?

If you guys haven't read The Magnolia Story yet, I'd highly recommend it! Now which one I should read next...

Happy Friday!

This week brought to you by Nyquil, saline sprays, cough drops, and caffeine. Yep, sick again. I came down with whatever sinus thing Nick had going on and so did poor Hadley girl, plus she's working on some top teeth and moved up a size in diapers, so she's been a busy lady. It was just a really long week for all of us. We did learn that Hadley thinks it's the funniest thing when we blow our noses though, so at least one of us got a little enjoyment out of it! 

Also very random, but she think it's hilarious when I wear a baseball hat - she does this little chuckle thing that makes me laugh. And there was lots of baseball hat wearing this week because when I'm sick, my low standards for washing my hair become even lower if you can believe it. Dry shampoo for life.

Anyways. I'm sure you're sick of hearing about our sicknesses, because I'm sick of talking about it. Instead let's talk about the good stuff from this week! It was the week of love and despite not being able to breathe or keep my eyes open past 8pm, there was still lots of happiness to be found.

bow // sweater // tights // chair

We had a nice little Valentine's Day. Neither of us were feeling well, so we didn't do a date night, or cook up a big fancy meal, or really anything to mark the big day, but Nick did bring me home chocolates and chocolate covered strawberries, which I devoured on the couch that night. Those little boxes of chocolate are kind of my favorite, I love sitting there and taking a bite out of every single piece and then going back and eating my favorites in order.

Plus, Nick offered to do bedtime that night which, in my opinion now, is the best gift of all. Funny how things can change in a year!

His and hers amoxicillin. How romantic.

 The love between these two continues to grow and it makes my heart so happy.

I feel like Brady has gone through the five stages of depression since bringing Hadley home, ha! First he was depressed and a little angry with us, ie. acting out, and then he became indifferent and ignored her, and now he's starting to become a little interested. I'd say the fact that she has leftover food on her face after eating a couple times a day is helping moving this relationship along by quite a lot. He loves to lick her entire face and she responds by pulling fistfuls of his hair out.


New shoes!!! These guys have been sold out everywhere, so when they finally came in stock in my size, I grabbed them as quickly as I could. Can I just tell you how happy I am that athleisure is all the rage right now. It's my daily uniform and no surprise, I love these shoes. They are super comfortable and we all know how much I appreciate a good neutral, they literally match with everything in my closet. They'll be a spring staple for sure.

Get them here or here (almost all sizes stocked), both sites have free shipping. I find the shoes run true to size, if not a tiny bit big!

And this was what the rest of the week looked like. In our pj's, playing and hanging out. SO looking forward to these next few days though because the weather forecast is calling for high 50 and 60 degrees! It's the best winter ever.

Enjoy your weekends!
Master bedroom, almost complete!

I've been working hard on this room over the past couple of months and wanted to share a few of the updates we've made. I find that master bedrooms are easy to be forgotten about when you're in the process of decorating an entire house - mostly because no one sees it but you, so you put all of your time and energy (and money...) into the areas that you entertain in.

But behind our living room and Hadley's room, we spend the most time in our bedroom, and I was sick of looking at a half finished, mish-mash room full of random decor. So one day, I mapped out my game plan, did some online shopping, and started to bring my vision to life.

Nick and I had already painted the room way back when we first moved in - Benjamin Moore's Cedar Key - and thankfully I still love it. I have a bad relationship with paint colors. Don't ask me how many times I've repainted our entryway. I'm also obsessed with our headboard. It's from Target and such a great deal. What I was really struggling with though was what to put above the headboard.

This room drives me nuts in that it is not symmetrical at all. I have a window on one side of the bed and then a dark corner on the other. We needed something above the bed to bring it all together. If you saw my Insta-story a couple of weeks ago, you saw that I was considering a couple pieces of art, but neither of them just seemed right. I ended up going with a picture ledge because I cannot get enough of our newborn photos and just want to use them ALL over the house (so I am).

I used Keepsake because I am the absolute worst at getting frames for my photos and I love love love that they do it all for you - print your photos, frame 'em and deliver them right to your doorstep. And delivery was epically fast, like two days later, which I love because Amazon Prime has ruined me.

Didn't they turn out amazing? I went with the Bristol frames in the 11x14 and can't get over the quality. And ordering them took a whopping 5 minutes, if that. They even have an iPhone app that you can order from! I used their website (because I have serious storage issues on my phone) and it was just overall an awesome experience.

Moving on to beside the beds. Our nightstands are actually $70 dark brown IKEA Hemnes ones that we (Nick) painted white. We also attached new handles because that really does make a world of difference. Topped with lamps from Target, the sweetest picture that makes me smile every night when I'm getting into bed, a delicious smelling candle, a favorite hand cream, and the occasional fresh flowers.

I was also on the hunt for new sheets. I love me some Target/Homegoods/budget finds, but if there is one thing I insist on splurging on, it is sheets. (With an exception to the Costco flannel sheets, because those things are the best.) But I really love a good, crisp sheet set. We went with the Circle Cut set from Serena & Lily and they are goooood. It's part of their luxury bedding range - yes, please - and it seriously feels like you're climbing into a hotel bed every night. It's the little things, right?

It's hard to be able to see the pattern because it's so very neutral and tiny, but I love that the sheets have a little something to them. I also just realized that they have the same pattern in a crib sheet so I'm thinking Hadley girl needs one, too!

I'm really happy with how the room is coming together! I just have a couple more things to change and then it should be dunzo. I want to switch out our ceiling lighting and the wall to the left needs something on it. I'm thinking one of these big signs. Also contemplating a rug for under the bed. What do you guys think? I think it might be nice to break up the carpet a bit. 

Oh, and as a treat to you guys for getting through this monster post, if you want to try out Keepsake framing for yourself, use code KatieElizabeth15 to get 15% off of your order! I highly, highly recommend it - they're awesome!
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