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Hawaiian Honeymoon - Part 4

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Thursday, August 1
Our alarm clock went off bright and early at 5 am on our second full day of our Hawaiian honeymoon.  Funny how much easier it is to get up to an alarm clock on a vacation compared to everyday life!  We had big plans for the day to see Pearl Harbor and visit Oahu's North Shore.  We were supposed to do these on two separate days but with Tropical Storm Flossie forcing us out a day on Oahu, we had to cram them both into one day.

I had read a lot of reviews online about visiting the Pearl Harbor memorial and how fast the tickets sell out each day.  We knew we had to be there before they opened in hopes of even getting a ticket.  Pearl Harbor was one of the few things Nick was really set on doing and I was also looking forward to it.  We left our hotel around 5:45 am and headed straight to the memorial.  A line had already begun to form when we arrived at 6:15 am but it wasn't too bad.  Within the next twenty minutes, the line proceeded to grow by a couple hundred people to the point where we couldn't see the end anymore!

The gates opened at 7 am and they usher you through to the ticket booth where you get your tickets to see the free USS Arizona memorial and can purchase tickets to see the USS Bowfin submarine, Battleship Missouri, and the Pacific Aviation Museum.  We decided to just get the free ticket to start and then later decide if we wanted to see anything else.  When we got up to the ticket booth, we received tickets for the 8:30 am tour.  Each tour includes a 20 minutes movie about Pearl Harbor, a ferry ride out to the USS Arizona memorial, and visiting the actual memorial itself.

Healthy eating on vacation!

Since we had 90 minutes to kill before our tour, we decided to grab breakfast at the convenience shop.  It wasn't much of a breakfast but it was enough to get us by.. I had a blueberry muffin and Nick had beef jerky! Afterwards we walked around the campus and read all of the signs and took lots of pictures.  It was a beautiful morning and the campus is so quiet and peaceful.  It's hard to believe how much tragedy happened there.

 USS Battleship Missouri on the left and USS Arizona memorial on the right

Didn't even realize that we are basically wearing red, white and blue :)

At 8:30, we entered the theater and watched the short movie recounting the events of Pearl Harbor.  Somber is the best word to describe it.  Many people in the theater were quietly crying.  After the movie ended, everyone was pretty silent as we exited the doors and boarded the ferry.  It was maybe a 5 minute ferry ride over to the site where the USS Arizona is sunken.  The memorial is built directly on top of the Arizona. You could still see parts of the ship sticking out of the water and oil rising to the surface. It's hard to describe in words what being at the memorial was like, but I think it's something every American needs to see if they are in Hawaii.  I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

After boarding the ferry back to the campus, we decided we wanted to tour the USS Missouri battleship.  We headed back to the ticket booth, purchased our tickets, and boarded a bus heading over to the ship.  The battleship was awesome!  I highly recommend spending the money for a ticket - it includes a guided tour that was very informative and afterwards you can spend an endless amount of time exploring the ship. 

 Target practice!

 On the deck where WWII officially ended

 Exploring life inside the ship

 Canons that can shoot 20 miles!

 Mapping out his plan of attack :)

We had so much fun checking it all out and taking pictures that time flew by.  Around noon, we started to get hungry so we decided to leave Pearl Harbor and make our way to the North Shore.  It was about an hours drive up there and by that time we were starving!  We searched for a lunch spot through Yelp on the drive and settled on Kua'Aina and OMG was it delicious!  It was in the cutest little area and the sandwiches were so huge and amazing that we split one.

We had one specific mission while we were on the North Shore and that was to visit Pipeline.  Pipeline is a beach that hosts a world famous surfing competition everywhere.  They have some of the biggest waves in the world, sometimes up to 20+ feet and considered the "deadliest waves in the world".  We were so excited to check it out.  The biggest waves are in the winter but we figured we could still see some medium sized ones in July.  We headed straight to Pipeline after lunch.

Our GPS took us to a beautiful beach with zero waves.  We were confused as we thought we must have the wrong beach.  People were actually swimming here.  We checked on our phones but didn't have much cell service so we walked over to the nearest lifeguard station to ask where we could find Pipeline.

"You're looking at it" was the response we received from the lifeguard.  We were shocked!  Apparently, Pipeline is dead in the summer but comes alive in the winter.  The lifeguard told us around October the tides change and the waves start moving in and there isn't even a beach there, it's just water.  We had to laugh because of course we would drive all this way to find the calmest beach yet!  He told us some crazy stories about the winter waves and that we'll have to make the trip back to see them.  Gladly!  We said goodbye and decided to head back into the little town of Ala Moana where we had lunch and spent the afternoon doing some shopping.

The North Shore's version of traffic :)

We arrived back to our resort on Waikiki Beach around dinner time.  We decided to not make dinner reservations and just have a relaxing evening doing our own thing as this was our last night on Oahu.  We enjoyed some complimentary champagne on our balcony...

...did some swimming...

...shopped on the Waikiki strip...

...had dinner at the beach bar in our resort courtyard, complete with a gorgeous sunset and live hula dancers...

...and ended the night on the front porch in our rocking chairs of course!

It was the perfect last day on Oahu and we were so sad to be leaving in the morning.  At least we weren't going home though, we were headed to Maui for a week! 

Next Wednesday, will our traveling "luck" continue or will we make it to Maui without any problems?


  1. love these pics!!! my hubs wants to travel to hawaii so badly. and he would absolutely LOVE the historical part of the trip like in these pics!!! love!

  2. Love the pictures, you guys are adorable! I hope to visit Hawaii one day soon. I just saw your comment on my hair probs, glad I'm not alone! You must share what hair dryer you splurged on and loved though! I need it in my life :)

    1. Thank you!!! My new hair dryer is the T3 Featherweight Journey from Sephora and I am in love! I'll be posting all about it on Friday!

    2. Oh awesome, I'll be watching for that!

  3. So jealous of your trip! I want to go to Hawaii! Congratulations on your marriage!

  4. Wow - what an amazing trip! Hawaii is my DREAM! Beautiful pictures.

  5. This looks like so much fun! Enjoy!


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