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Hawaiian Honeymoon - Part 6

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Saturday, August 3
After our busy Friday of traveling to Maui and the luau, we had big plans for Saturday: to do NOTHING!  We slept in finally - and by sleeping in, I mean we slept until about 7 am, the time change really threw us off the whole trip!  Nick ran down to get us some breakfast from the little cafe in our resort and we enjoyed it on our balcony.  This was honestly one of my favorite parts of our honeymoon, the time we spent just the two of us sitting on our balcony, laughing and talking about how awesome the wedding was, Hawaii was, etc. 

We decided to head to the grocery store and stock up on some sandwich stuff and snacks for our hotel room.  While at the grocery store, we came across the Spam aisle.  Apparently, Hawaiians love them some Spam!  I thought this was so random because the stuff is disgusting!  We had even seen a "white rice and spam sandwich" at an ABC store on Oahu and they had tooons of different flavors of it at the grocery store.  We were all about getting the Hawaiian experience but we decided to pass on the Spam!

Nick let me drive the Mustang on our way back to the resort and we did some cruising around our area.  Ka'anapli Beach is so beautiful.  You can look west and see the Pacific Ocean and you can look east and see mountain ranges.  The views from everywhere were amazing and there are a multitude of beautiful resorts to choose from. I would highly recommend the area if you are planning a honeymoon, family trip, anything really!

We got back to our resort and had another serious order of business to take care of: buying boogie boards!  After checking out the beach the day before, we knew these were a must have for us.  We both love swimming and Ka'anapali Beach did not disappoint with its waves!  The Westin Maui is literally right next to an outdoor mall that had an ABC store in, so we headed over and made our best purchase of the vacation!

After changing into our swimsuits, we decided to walk down the beach to explore.  From our balcony in our room, we could see Black Rock in the distance.  It looked like people were jumping off Black Rock into the ocean and this was right up Nick's alley.  We headed down the beach and sure enough, people were jumping off and sure enough, Nick had to try it, too!  I watched from the shore and promised him I would try it later in the week. 

Mid jump!

We headed back down to our beach and enjoyed the day in the sun.  We did lots of swimming and the waves were crazy!  They were different than any other waves I've experienced because they break directly at the shore.  If you go 10 feet out into the water, you don't experience the waves but if you are 5 feet out, you will experience them full force and they WILL slam you onto the shore!

Later in the afternoon, we were walking down the beach again and came across a very busy stretch that had huge waves.  We were watching for a few minutes when we noticed that an older woman was struggling.  She was falling in the waves and she couldn't get back up.  She started screaming and her adult daughter that was with her was trying to pull her up but didn't have the strength.  When we realized it was becoming an emergency, Nick and a few other men rushed in to help her.  The waves were crashing down on them but they managed to carry her to the shore.  She was screaming and crying and so scared and it was obvious that her leg was broken.  They called for an ambulance and once her entire family was there, we moved on but we felt so badly for her.  It was an important reminder for both of us that the ocean can be dangerous! 

That night, we headed down the beach to the Hyatt Regency to have dinner at Japengo.  I was craving sushi and this outdoor restaurant had great reviews on Yelp, so we decided to check it out.  The Hyatt Regency was also on Ka'anapali Beach so we walked down the Ka'anapali beach path to the resort.  The beach path was so great - it was about a mile long path down between the resorts and the ocean, lit with tiki torches.

Wishing he was still swimming

 What I would give for a plate of this right now!

Dinner was amazing!  I love sushi and this was some of the freshest and best I've ever had.  We had a beautiful table that faced the ocean so we could watch the sunset.  At dinner, we talked over our plans for the next day.  We were planning on visiting Mt. Haleakala to see the sunrise 10,000 feet up.  Sunrise was at approximately 6 am and it was about a 2.5 hour drive from our resort up the mountain so it was going to be an early morning.  We headed back to our room after dinner and set our alarms for 2:30 am!

Sunday, August 4
2:30 am came VERY early!  Luckily, we had slept in the clothes we were going to wear and had already packed our bags of things we needed to bring so we were out the door a little before 3 am.  Although we were in Hawaii, we were headed to an elevation of 10,000 feet and everything I had read said it would be freezing cold at the summit.  It was hard to imagine this as it was 78 degrees when we left our resort!

 Time to go!

Our GPS easily took us to the base of the mountain and it was funny how many other cars were on the road at 4 am, clearly doing the same thing as us.  We made it about halfway up the mountain when we came across a little coffee stand literally on the side of the road.  We pulled over and Nick got a coffee and chatted with the man that owned it.

After this stop was when the drive got downright SCARY!  The road curves about every 50 feet but think sharp 90 degree curves.  On the side of a mountain.  With no guard rails.  In pitch black darkness.  I never get car sick or motion sickness but I was starting to feel it on this drive.  I was so thankful when we finally made it to the summit and were directed into a parking lot by a state park employee.  The summit only has a small parking lot with room for maybe 50 cars so you have to get there as early as possible.  We arrived about 5:15 am and the parking lot was already half way full.

We had been watching the temperature drop steadily as we climbed the mountain and our car said it was 42 degrees when we arrived.  Since we had about 45 minutes til sunrise, we spent a few minutes with the heat cranked in the car and putting on our layers of clothes we brought.  We finally ventured out into the cold, dry, thin air at about 5:25 am and made our way up the stairs into the observation area.  It is a small room with all glass windows (unfortunately, no heat) with a wrap around balcony for the most dedicated observers.  Since we still had a while, we decided to stay inside the room and get a front row view at the windows.  The people outside looked freezing!  They were all huddled in blankets, most of them sitting and squeezing together to keep warm.

We took lots of pictures and really just stood around and waited for the sunrise.  The room and balcony filled up not soon after and we were so happy we had arrived on time.  The sun finally peaked out of the clouds about 6:10 am and we headed out onto the balcony to really experience it.  It was SO worth the early morning, terrible drive, and coldness.  It's hard to describe in words how beautiful it was.  We were looking down on all of Maui and it was just breathtaking.

 Still mostly dark at arrival

 Here comes the sun! 


We had originally been planning to hike into the crater (Mt. Haleakala is a dormant volcano) after the sunrise but we were just too darn cold so we headed back to the car and made our way down the mountain.  The trip down was much, much better and the views were crazy.  Funny thing was, we had to look out for bikers!  Lots of tour guide companies offer a Mt. Haleakala Sunrise Bike Tour where they bus you to the top of the mountain for sunrise and then you ride bikes back down the mountain.  It looked like so much fun and it's on our must-do list if we ever make it back to Maui.

We stopped at the Kula Lodge on our way down the mountain because we were starving!  It was the cutest little nook on the side of the mountain and we had a delicious breakfast.  We made it back to our hotel around 9:30-10 am and we crashed hard.  We were so tired!  We slept until about noon, had some lunch and headed out to the beach to play in the sun.

Balcony happy hour

For dinner, we tried out a restaurant at our resort that had an amazing sounding Hawaiian pizza and fresh fish tacos.  I'm a sucker for Hawaiian pizzas so I knew I had to have one while in Hawaii. 

 Hang loose!


 Married rings pic :)

It was a relaxing dinner with another gorgeous sunset.  We spent the evening listening to live music at our resort and relaxing.  We headed to bed early as we had another BIG day ahead of us!

Next Wednesday, we take on the famous Road to Hana!


  1. Love the pics, beautiful! And a beautiful couple :)

  2. How incredible to be on that mountain watching the sunrise!! That would make the whole trip worth it!

  3. Wow, amazing sunrise - but I love the signed, too, lol...and am pretty jealous of all the food!

    jess | Quaintrelle

  4. Once again I can't get over how gorgeous all of the pictures are! I looked at the sunrise pictures like four times because they were so cool!

  5. Love all your pics - as usual looks like fun!

  6. I feel like I have so much to say, but I'll keep it short. :) Let's just get the Spam thing out of the way...who in the world knew there were so many Spam options?! And better yet...why?!?! Gross!!! That experience with the lady is so scary! Glad y'all were there and able to help. Can you believe I've never gotten up early to really watch the sunrise?! So sad...definitely want/need to do that!

  7. SO glad that you went up the mountain and watched the sunrise. It truly is an amazing experience! And you definitely have to ride the bikes down the mountain the next time you're in Maui. It's so much fun!!

  8. Looks amazing!! I've never been to Hawaii before but I hear soooo many amazing things. Your photos are phenomenal! And the SPAM! Wow, that's so odd they like it so much. I can't say I've ever even tried it! The sunrise photos are just beautiful! You are so lucky to have had such a wonderful honeymoon!

    1. The Spam thing totally took me by surprise too! So strange. We were so blessed to be able to go to Hawaii for our honeymoon - I'm dying to go back!

  9. oh my gosh, what gorgeous photos!! and stop being so tiny, you are making me want to not eat ever again and go running right now. jk, jk.


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