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Thankful Thursday 12/26

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!  We spent 5 days in Michigan with our families and it was so nice!  This was Nick and I's first married Christmas, but also our first Christmas Eve and Day ever spent together so it was a special year.  We ate lots of good food, visited with friends and family, listened to Michael Buble's Christmas CD nonstop and to top it all off, got lots of amazing presents!

As I mentioned last week Thursday,  I'm joining with 3 of my favorite blogger friends - Carly at Sunday's Grace, Mia at Make Me Up Mia and Kristal at The Strong Family - to bring you Thankful Thursdays, a new lin kup starting Thursday, January 2nd!  

One of my goals for 2014 is to really focus more on the wonderful things in my life. Everything from the big stuff like my husband and our home to the daily little things like getting something on an awesome sale or my favorite movie happening to be on TV that night.  The first official link up won't be until Thursday, January 2nd but we wanted to introduce the idea to everyone and get you excited about what is to come!

Thursday, December 19

Thankful to be completely done with Christmas shopping and have all the presents wrapped and ready to go!

Friday, December 20

Beyond thankful for a day of baking that included my favorite, chocolate pie!

Saturday, December 21

One of my favorite parts of going home is hanging out with this guy!

Sunday, December 22

Thank you Dad for the best Christmas CD - we played it the entire 3 hours from West Michigan to the Detroit area!

Monday, December 23

Thankful we had time to visit with a couple of our good friends while in Michigan.  We had sushi and game night!

Tuesday, December 24

SO thankful for this guy and to be together on Christmas Eve!  We went to church and then met up with his family to go to his aunt and uncle's for their annual family party.

Wednesday, December 25

We celebrated our first Christmas as husband and wife!

Thursday, December 26

Thankful for my new watch!  Nick did good!

I hope you'll join us next week for the FIRST official link up!  We are so excited!


  1. Ooohh your new MK watch is gorgeous, love it! And my little brother bought me the Michael Buble Christmas cd last year, I love it :) So excited to officially start new week!

  2. So glad you guys had a great first Christmas together!! Love this idea.


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