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Five on Friday 10/31

Happy Halloween!!!  We've got a pretty low key night ahead of us.  Passing out candy to the trick-or-treaters that brave the rain/snow we're currently experiencing and a scary movie is on the agenda.  Oh, and lots of candy eating, too.

I still can't believe that today is the last day of October.  I'm dreading the winter, more so than usual... thinking about being cooped up inside for 5+ months just makes me sad.  But, I guess I have to get through winter to get back to summer again soooo I'm going to try and focus on the positives (the HOLIDAYS) instead.

Here's 5 things I'm looking forward to in November!

You guys, we have been without a Costco for two months now and that is two months too long!  The brand new one opens up on November 12th and I'll probably be first in line.  We heart Costco.

Well this is a given.  Turkey, green bean casserole, pumpkin pie, chocolate pie, all the pies.  We're spending Thanksgiving this year with Nick's family and it will be my first time with them so I can't wait to see how they do it.

I love me some Black Friday shopping.  It's been my dad and I's tradition for years to shop all night long and it's so much fun.  Since we'll be at Nick's this year, he's going to have to sub in for my dad.  Hopefully he can keep up and we find a bunch of house stuff that day!

Our bedroom needs major help.  They always say it's one of the last rooms in a new house to be 'finished' and I can see how that is the case... but I don't want to that to happen.  Our new headboard arrived last night... now I just need to decide on a paint color, bedding, night stands, dresser, etc.  Basically everything.  Suggestions welcome :)

We're going back to Chicago, finally!  Nick has a work dinner there on a Saturday night later this month so we're making a little night trip out of it.  I can't wait to be back in the city.

So all in all, it's going to be a pretty good month.  And I'm obviously way too excited already about decorating for Christmas.  Have you seen all the cute holiday stuff at Target?  I'm going to go broke.  Happy Friday!

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Blog Tour

Good morning!

Diana from Wonderfully Made and Meghan from Champagne and Suburbs both nominated me to participate in the blog tour - thank you ladies!  If you haven't checked out either of their blogs, go do that first.  Diana shares the best home posts and I've had so much fun reading about Meghan's wedding this fall!  They have both become great blogging friends of mine and are always one of my daily reads.

But back to the blog tour; today it's my turn...

What are you working on?
To be honest, just my house.  Haha no surprise there!  I don't do many projects for the blog, I just kind of write about whatever is going on at the moment.  I do have a bunch of ideas for specific posts but since my blog is mostly a lifestyle one, it doesn't require too much planning ahead.

How does your work differ from others of its type/genre?
I think mainly that I'm all over the place!  Literally.  All over the place.  I have posts about recipes, makeup, trip recaps, home decor, personal stories, wishlists.  I definitely don't stick to one specific genre but I love that.  You never know what you're going to get when you show up here each day which I think is kind of fun!

Why do you write what you do?
Because it's what I'm interested in/liking at the moment and these are the things I want to remember about my life right now.  I definitely want this blog to appeal to other people (and thank you for reading!) but at the end of the day, it's mostly for me.  Is that bad?  I just know that in 10, 20, 50 years from now - if the internet is still around, ha - that I'm going to be so thankful that I have so many great stories and little details of my everyday life saved here.  It's already fun to go back and re-read posts like my honeymoon ones, it takes me right back to that time!

How does your writing process work?
I have a notebook that I jot down ideas for posts as they come to me.  I always plan my posts out about a week ahead so I'm not scrambling at the last minute.  Well technically I am still scrambling because lately I've gotten into this habit of not writing the post until the day before... but I guess at least I know what I'm going to be writing about. Ideally, I'd like to have my posts scheduled a few days in advance in case anything comes up (like last week) but oh well!

And now for a couple nominations of my favorite bloggers...

Jessica from The Newly is someone I just know I would be good friends with in 'real life'.  We have so many of the same OCD tendencies, like the need to make our beds every single morning ;)  She also has theeee cutest family and I love that her blog is really down to earth/real life/everyday stuff we all go through.

Zelle from A Southern Style may be the best dressed girl on the planet.  Seriously, she has the best fashion posts (those booties!!) and I just want to live in her closet.  It's a good thing we don't live near each other or I'd be that friend asking if I could borrow something every weekend ;)

Lindsay from Lovely Life Styling is my fellow Midwesterner. She's only 6 weeks away from the birth of her first baby and I don't think I've ever seen anyone look better pregnant (I'm serious!).  She just shared Camden's nursery this week -- it's perfect of course. :)

Now go say hi!
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Kitchen + Fireplace Room Progress

Last week I was on a whirlwind mission to complete as many home projects as I could before our friends arrived. We put up wainscoting in the dining room (still not done, FML seriously), painted the beams in the fireplace room, touched up the kitchen and actually organized/decorated the house the best we could with what we have.

The kitchen and the fireplace room are probably the most 'put together' rooms in the house right now and so far I'm really happy with the progress in there!  While we still have a ways to go, I don't just want to buy furniture to have it, I want to make sure I'm picking the right pieces for the space and that is going to take some time.  Here's where we are at right now...

The paint color is Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter and it has made all the difference in the world.  Quite a far cry from this, remember?!

In the long run, we'll do a whole kitchen overhaul but for now painting has done the trick.

A few housewarming gifts from friends and looking into the fireplace room...

The only new purchases in the fireplace room have been the couch, TV, bar cart, lamp on the floor and some small accessories.  Everything else we previously owned and is just a temporary solution until we find the right pieces.

And how great do the white beams look?  We wanted to stain them to match the floor so badly but since they were already painted by the previous owners (yellow), we just couldn't get them back to their original wood finish.  Kind of a bummer but I think the white does a good job of opening up the room.

I just bought this Threshold Tufted Bench and Gold Sunburst Mirror (thanks to Shelby!) yesterday for hopefully this room and can't wait to get them.  We're also still on the hunt for the perfect chair... and a million other little things.

One day at a time!
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Four Things We All Need

Okay... maybe not need.  And maybe not all of us.  But here are four things that I've really been wanting!

Black Boots
I've been on the hunt for a pair of black boots for two winters now.  I think I've finally narrowed it down to two different Jessica Simpson pairs.  The Beagan (on the right) is more of a wedge boot and the Radforde (left) is more of a riding boot... which kind of reminds me of my Frye Melissa Button boots (20% off right now and they rarely go on sale!).  Which pair do you like more?

Reversible Tote
Thanks to Kasey for introducing me to the Street Level Reversible Tote.  I like how simple it is and LOVE the fact that it's reversible.  Two bags for the price of one... and a really great price at that!

Wrap Jacket
I want all of the wrap jackets right now.  They seem so comfortable and pretty much make an outfit. This BB Dakota Henrietta jacket is very Olivia Pope-ish, maybe minus the leather sleeves (my favorite part).

Leather Leggings
I found the perfect pair of leather leggings at Forever 21 last month and am still kicking myself for not buying them. Of course they've disappeared from the website/stores now so I started looking for another alternative.  I live in my regular Hue leggings (if you don't own these, get them right this second!!) so I'm sure I'd love their leather ones, too!

I think I'm sensing a trend here... I'm very into black right now.  What do you have your eye on at the moment?

Homecoming Weekend

What.  A.  Weekend.

Let's just say... Homecoming 1, us 0.  It's going to take a good week to recover from all the fun we had but it was totally worth it.  We had seriously THE best time and I'm so sad it's over!

The shenanigans started on Friday night with most of our friends arriving around 9pm.  Our last friend, Shannon, was supposed to get in about midnight and when she showed up, she brought a surprise with her... our friend Alex who lives in Oklahoma!  We obviously don't get to see her often and had NO idea she was coming so you can imagine our shock and excitement.  Most amazing surprise ever!  We ordered in pizza and spent the night just catching up and taking a few too many shots of Fireball before calling it at 4am.  I know, who am I?  I usually go to bed at 10pm!

Saturday morning came pretty early since we wanted to head out to tailgate on time.  Drinks and pictures in the front yard were a must before heading out for the day.

We love each other

Our first stop was a friends apartment right near campus.  It was the perfect warm up to our marathon day.

After a couple of hours, we decided to take a trip down memory lane... AKA Fraternity Village Drive.  We visited our sorority house that we lived in for two years and also Nick's frat house -- where him and I met for the first time! It's always so bittersweet to go back there... it just makes me thankful that I had such a great college experience.

So many good times getting ready in those bathrooms!

Since the football game had already long started, we figured we should make our way over to the field.  It was a bit of a walk through campus but the weather could not have been more perfect.  It was 65 degrees and sunny and we were actually hot.

We made it over to the football field but surprise surprise, never actually made it to the game.  I do know that we won though ;)  We stopped at the bar right across the street, University Roadhouse, and spent the next few hours eating and drinking.  They fence in the parking lot outside and let everyone go at it out there.  I seriously can't say enough how awesome the weather was for the end of October!  We got soooo lucky.

That's where my pictures end for the weekend but the rest of the night was spent downtown at the bars.  We never even took a break on Saturday -- we went from 10am to 1am.  The longest day but the best day!

Sunday = recovery mode.  I definitely can't party like I used to!  We had pizza for breakfast (Domino's will deliver as early as 10:30am, love them) and our friends hung around until the early afternoon.  I hate saying goodbye to them because we almost all live in different cities now so seeing each other is becoming less frequent.  I guess that makes these weekends all the more special now though.  Can't wait for the next one! :)

Hope you all had a great weekend, too!

Happy Friday!

Just stopping in real quick to let everyone know I didn't fall off the face of the Earth, though it probably seemed like it this week!  Our big Homecoming/housewarming weekend is here and our friends are arriving tonight.  We've been working our butts off trying to get the house ready and it looks great!  I already shared this on Instagram, but the most important part of the house is finished for the weekend: the bar cart.

Find here

Anyways, no five on Friday today but I hope you all have a fun weekend ahead of you! I'm ready for some tailgating, drinks, being reunited with friends, pizza rolls, football, taking a million pictures and the sunshine.  Yep, even the weather is cooperating with us.  64 and mostly sunny is the forecast for Saturday -- thank you Michigan!

See you on Monday!

Holiday Link-Up: Halloween Desserts

Honestly, Halloween is not really my thing.  It used to be the best night of the year when we were growing up -- all that free candy, why yes please.  But since then, I would be good with just skipping right over it.

You know what is my thing though?  Dessert.  Alllll the desserts.

I was going to make a Halloween themed dessert to share today and per usual, I was scrolling through Pinterest first looking for ideas.  I realized that there are already SO many dessert options out there that are a million time more creative than anything I could have come up with.  I put together a list of the top five that I found... make one of these for Halloween next week so you don't eat all the candy that's meant for your trick-or-treaters!

This is my very favorite option because they remind me of "dirt cups"!  Did anyone else eat those?  Seriously still one of my favorite desserts.

Recipe here

Could this "dessert" be any easier?  Stick a pretzel in a peanut butter up and call it a day.

Recipe here

These are too cute and white chocolate + strawberries are one of my favorite combos.

Recipe here

These are ridiculous and I'm not sure how great cookies and marshmallows would taste together but I still love them.

Recipe here

Since these require baking cupcakes, they are more work -- but when aren't cupcakes worth the extra effort?

Recipe here

So those are my favorite Halloween desserts!  Which one would you make to snack on while passing out that candy?!



Good morning!

I kind of liked the format I used for last weeks 'weekending' post so I think I'm going to stick with that again!
This weekend I...

Had a pizza + movie date night with Nick.  We tried out Blaze Pizza which was really cool, kind of like a Subway but for pizza.  They had a few signature pies (I tried the Art Lovers) while Nick went the make your own route.  I'll definitely be doing that next time because I couldn't believe the amount of toppings they had!  It was also really reasonably priced.. two pizzas and drinks for under $20.

Saw Gone Girl after dinner!  It definitely lived up to the book although I still wish the ending would have been different. Of course seeing a movie requires sneaking in candy.

This one is a huge we, not I.  Nick and I put up wainscoting in our dining room!  And it is looking SO.GOOD.  We followed this tutorial by Jenna Sue literally to a T.  It was a process but overall pretty easy.  I think the step that took the longest was the math, calculating how far apart the boards would be ha.  Next up is primer today and paint tomorrow!

Didn't wear any makeup.  For two days straight.  It was really quite nice but I will say thank goodness for sunglasses and Instagram filters ;)

Ate a whole bunch of Spicy Tomato Soup.

Visited the cider mill!  Check that one off the fall to do list.  It was just a quick Sunday evening trip and we were beat from working all weekend so we grabbed the goods (donuts + cider) and were out of there.

Overall a good and VERY productive weekend!  What were you up to?
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Ps. don't forget to link up for the first edition of our Holiday series tomorrow!
Holiday Linkup
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Five on Friday 10/17

Friday, already?!?  I have been running around like a crazy person this week trying to get ready for our big Homecoming/housewarming party next weekend.  So much to do, so little time!

Before we moved in and we planned this weekend with our friends a few months back, I honestly thought I would have everything practically done in the house.  HA!  I'm probably 5% done so yeah, not even close.  It's been hard for me to accept that the house isn't going to look straight out of Pinterest when everyone comes to visit but there's just no way.  Not to say that's going to stop me from doing everything I possibly can in the next seven days before they arrive ;)

Here are some goodies from this week...

Soup Weather
Monday was a rainy, chilly day so soup and grilled cheese were on the menu for lunch!  I picked up a couple of these Panera soups for the first time and they did not disappoint.  We had lobster bisque and creamy tomato and they were both really good -- and half the price of having lunch AT Panera.

Uplifting Your Husband
Maegan from The Modern Tulip wrote an awesome post yesterday talking about how we treat our husbands.  It really got me thinking and I'm most definitely guilty of so many of these same things (especially nagging him to clean up, ugh) but at the end of the day, that's not the wife I want to be.  Check it out here -- such a great read!

Bar Cart
Introducing the newest addition to our fireplace room, this bar cart from Target.  When I first brought it home, I wasn't sure if the wood paneling would match with our floors... and it doesn't really but I'm going to do something like this with fabric and that should take care of the problem.

Halloween Link Up
This coming Tuesday, October 21st, is our Halloween link up and we would LOVE for you to join!!  Share anything you want... a recipe, a costume idea, a fun Halloween memory, literally whatever:)  We can't wait to see what you guys come up with!

Holiday Linkup
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Weekend Fun
Nick and I will be crossing a couple things off of my fall "to do" list this weekend -- fingers crossed the weather holds out.  Make sure to follow along on Instagram @ka5ohare :)

Have a great one!
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