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Friday's Five 2/27

It's Friday!  Does anyone else breathe a sigh of relief on Friday's because we made it through another week of winter?  Or is that just me?  I'm feeling really cooped up these days - if any of my Southern friends would like a visitor, just say the word ;)  

Anyway, a few highlights from this week!

ONE | Earth Fare
Our brand new Earth Fare opened up on Wednesday!  I don't know if you can be in love with a grocery store but I totally am.  The place is amazing.  From the organic produce to the grass fed meats to the juice bar - pure heaven.

TWO | House of Cards
What will we be doing this weekend?  Binge watching House of Cards.  Netflix released season 3 today and we have big plans to get take out and watch as many episodes as we can before we fall asleep on the couch tonight.

THREE | Yeah, Maybe
I'm all about supporting other bloggers and Joey from Hodges Podges e-book titled Yeah, Maybe is currently on sale!  It's only $1.99 through tomorrow, the 28th so check it out HERE.

FOUR | Tote Battle
I'm in need of a new tote bag for our upcoming vacation and can't decide between the Cuyana Leather Tote, J Crew Downing Tote or Madewell Transport Tote.  I'm thinking whichever one comes out to be cheapest (right now the J Crew one) because they all look exactly alike but anyone have good/bad reviews to sway me?


FIVE | Bloglovin'
I've been having so many problems with my Bloglovin' in the past couple of weeks since their updates - anyone else?  It runs beyond slow and I've been noticing that some bloggers posts don't show up until hours later.  I'm so sorry if I've missed things lately, I blame it all on Bloglovin'!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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A Week Of Meals

Last year, I wrote a pretty detailed post (see here) on why I love meal planning and I still 100% stand behind that.  It is the biggest time and money saver and it's so nice not stressing at 4pm everyday about what we're going to be eating that night.  We've tried some really delicious meals lately (thank you Pinterest) so I thought I'd share what we ate last week in hopes that it will help some of you start meal planning too or if you're just stuck in that winter dinner rut!

MONDAY | Avocado Salmon via The Cookie Rookie
We didn't grill these since it's February and we live in Michigan but it was just as delicious cooked in the oven!  It's the seasoning and avocado topping that really make the recipe.  I served it with butternut squash and rice pilaf.

TUESDAY | Gnocchi with Meat Sauce via Taste and Tell Blog
I've always been on the fence about gnocchi but this recipe changed that.  SO GOOD!  The meat sauce was slightly spicy just an FYI but I think that's also why Nick loved it so much.  Served with a french baguette and green beans.

WEDNESDAY | Apple Juice Chicken via Oatmeal with a Fork
Thanks to Ally for this recipe!  It sounds crazy that it's only three ingredients but I promise it's amazing.  I served it with caprese salad and the leftover french baguette (to soak up the delicious juices).

THURSDAY | Breakfast Burritos via The Pioneer Woman
Another incredible recipe from The Pioneer Woman, she does no wrong!  We love these and I always make them on Thursdays because then we have leftovers going into the weekend.  I just served it with a fruit salad for a really easy dinner.

And on Fridays, we go out to eat!  My favorite night ;) Let me know if you have any questions about meal planning - I'd love to help if I can. 

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Just One Confession

I only have one confession to share on this Wednesday...

I am not a fashion blogger.  The proof is in these pictures we took after my birthday dinner last June (sorry for the terrible quality but they're too funny).

 Hold on, I need to put on some lipgloss first.  And maybe I shouldn't stand under the L tracks?

 This is somewhat a better background.  But wait, I need to put my lipgloss away!

 The train is so flippin' loud.

 How should I stand?  What am I supposed to do with my arms?

Okay, this should do.

But my real confession?  I kind of think it would be fun to be a fashion blogger.  So you may start to see a couple of those posts around here - hope you guys don't mind ;)  I'll just make sure to put my lipgloss on before Nick starts snapping next time.  

Have you done any fashion blogging or have any tips for me?  I obviously need all the help I can get!
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Beauty Wish List

With spring being on the way and our Florida vacation approaching, I've got the itch to add a few new products to my makeup drawer.  Which is overflowing and really doesn't need any more stuff crammed in it but that's besides the point.  I like to switch up my makeup with the seasons and the transition from winter to spring is probably my favorite.  Bring on the fresh faced makeup - and warmer weather, of course! 

A few things I've got my eye on...

This Bare Minerals eyeshadow palette is filled with everyday neutrals, making it perfect for spring break and summer wedding traveling.

I've been using Bare Minerals mineral veil for quite a while but I think it's making my winter skin look dull.  I want to give Laura Mercier's secret brightening powder a try instead.

How cute is this bottle of Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel toner?  I love that it's alcohol free so it won't dry out our skin and it'll look pretty on the bathroom counter.  (This is my current favorite toner)

You know I love my Bare Minerals original foundation but I'm looking for something a little lighter come the warmer months.  I've heard nothing but good things about Laura Mercier's tinted foundation!

Secret: I'm terrified of eyelash curlers.  I'm so afraid my eyelashes are going to come ripping out or I'll stab myself in the eye... but I think it's time to suck it up and try out this cult favorite Shu Uemura curler.  

I typically use bronzer to do a bit of contouring but after reading this post on Emily Maynard's wedding makeup, I want to give highlighting and contouring a real try with MAC's Select Cover Up.

I received a sample of Kate Somerville's Quench Hydrating Serum back in December and loved it.  I haven't been able to stop thinking about it since so it needs to be mine!

And of course, a new season wouldn't be complete without (a few) new lip products and nail polishes.  I love Bobbi Brown's lipgloss selection and Essie always has such fun colors. 

Have you tried any of these products or have any recommendations for me?  24 days until spring!  We can do it!


Weekend Snaps

I'm tired, my body is sore and I'm still stuffed from the weekend... so I guess you can call it a successful one!

Our friends, Dane and Tiffany, came to visit us and we had such a good time.  They got in late Friday night but before, Nick and I grabbed dinner and hit up Lowe's (so romantic), where we picked up two of these for our upstairs hallway.  Once Dane and Tiff arrived, we just hung out at home since we had to be up bright and early to hit the ski slopes.

We've had almost ten days straight of single digit and negative temps but we got lucky with 30 degrees on Saturday and it made for perfect skiing weather.  We spent the day alternating between the slopes and enjoying a few adult beverages in the lodge - so much fun.  My only favorite thing about winter ;)

Once we got back later that evening, some well deserved naps were taken before going out for dinner.  We didn't stay out long though - we headed back home to have a fire and finally put our new Cards Against Humanity set to use.  Everyone was totally wiped out from skiing so it was a short night and we were all asleep on the couch by 11pm.  A bunch of party animals, we are.

On Sunday, we grabbed pizza before Dane and Tiff left and then spent the rest of the day relaxing our sore, stiff bodies.  Lots of couch time was had - reading, blogging and Oscar watching.  Oh, and eating these.  Way, way too many of them.  No surprise but they were AMAZING.  Hope your weekend was just as fun! 

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Friday's Five 2/20

Happy Friday and happy wedding day to one very special blogger, right?!  I hope you've all had a good week.  Ours has been pretty dull and slow (and cold) but tis the season.  We have a fun weekend ahead of us though - our friends are coming to visit and we're going skiing tomorrow!  Fingers crossed I don't break anything.  

ONE | Dining Table
I think I've officially decided on a dining table - woo woo!  I'm going with the Carroll Farm table from West Elm (of course).  Now just waiting for it to go on sale.

TWO | Lent
Lent has begun and I've officially given up my phone/computer after dinner.  So far so good - I've been a lot more present at night with Nick and have been reading more (loving this book) in place of scrolling Instagram or checking blog emails.  It's been nice... hard, but nice.

THREE | Brownie Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Bars
I'm making these this afternoon and am very excited.  Brownies + cookie dough + peanut butter = all my favorite things.

FOUR | The Bachelor
What are you guys thinking about this season of The Bachelor?!  I'm really liking it and my vote for Chris is Whitney.  I can't believe we're down to only three girls left.  Oh, and if you don't read Pinterest Told Me To's Bachelor recaps - you have to start.  They are hilarious and maybe even better than the show itself.

FIVE | White Pants
I want these.  But where would I wear them and could I really pull them off?  I don't know but that doesn't stop my lusting.

Enjoy your weekends and I'll see you on Monday!
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10 Best: IKEA Hacks

Before Pinterest, I was never a huge fan of IKEA.  I owned a few of their products in college and while they did the job, they weren't always the "prettiest" in my opinion.  IKEA is more about minimalism and clean lines... which I have learned now, makes for a great starting point in DIY projects!  IKEA hacks are all over the place right now and I've got my eye on quite a few of them. 

Here's a round up of a few of my favorites that I can't wait to try...

Transforming a Vittsjo shelving unit by House of Hawkes

A gilded campaign nightstand from the Rast dresser by Style Me Pretty Living

Creating a farmhouse table from the Ingo table by East Coast Creative

Taking a sharpie to a Harry chair by Little Green Notebook

A coat of gold spray paint to the Vittsjo nesting tables by The Hunted Interiors

Transforming the Noren sideboard into a colorful entry table by The Sweet Beast Blog

A Malm dresser goes greek key glam by Amanda Carol Interiors

Turning multiple Billy bookcases into a built in library wall by Bliss at Home

Easy and cheap PS 2012 side tables by Oh My Dear Blog

The Vittsjo TV unit becomes an end of the bed bench by Dwellings By DeVore

I consider myself pretty 'DIY challenged' but I think I could handle these, especially with the clear directions provided in the tutorials.  Have you ever tried any IKEA hacks?

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It's Wednesday and that means it's time to confess!  Cue the Usher song - these are my confessions...

I confess that I am #overwinter.  "Why do I live here?" floats through my mind seriously at least twenty times a day.  If I could convince Nick, I think I would totally head south.  I can't deal with the negative temperatures anymore. 

I confess I'm probably the only female on the planet that hasn't read (or watched) 50 Shades of Grey.  I don't know why but maybe I'll jump on the bandwagon soon?!  

I confess that I still don't know what I'm giving up for Lent.  Which starts today so, oops.  What are you guys giving up?  Give me some good ideas!

I confess that I am majorly crushing on this bag.  After realizing I'd have to sell a kidney to afford this one, I set off on a search for a more reasonably priced blush bag.  This beauty is perfection and somewhat reasonably priced.

I confess that this article made me realize I've been applying my makeup all wrong.  Foundation before concealer?  I've always done the opposite.  Thank goodness this stuff covers everything, no matter what.  

Happy hump day, ladies!
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Baked Chicken Tacos


I can't believe I haven't shared my baked chicken taco recipe here before - I think know it's my husbands all time favorite.  We've had it at least once a month for the past two years and I always make a double batch because the leftovers may be even better than fresh out of the oven.  It's delicious and easy but best of all?  It's a perfect weeknight dinner because it's a 30 minute meal!

Shopping List
1 lb cooked and shredded chicken (I use shredded rotisserie chicken)
6 Stand and Stuff taco shells
2 cups salsa - mild/medium/hot, whatever your heart desires
1 package taco seasoning
1 jalapeno (remove the seeds for less heat)
1/2 onion
1 cup shredded pepper jack cheese
1 tbsp olive oil

1. Preheat your oven to 425 degrees.

2. In a large saucepan over medium-high, heat olive oil. Combine chicken, salsa, taco seasoning, jalapeno, onion in the saucepan and reduce heat to a simmer for 5 minutes.

3. While chicken mixture is cooking, lightly grease an 8 x 8 baking dish and line your shells in the dish.

4. Once chicken mixture is done, evenly divide between your 6 taco shells.  Top with cheese and bake for 10 minutes.

I like to serve these babies with mexican rice and a side of avocado - enjoy!  What's your families favorite go to recipe?
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This weekend... I didn't take a single picture.  And you know what?  It felt good.  Sometimes it gets exhausting trying to document every little detail for the blog.  I mean don't get me wrong, I love this little space and have fun doing it but sometimes you just need a weekend off.  And that's exactly what this one was for me!

Nick was out of town for his annual pond hockey tournament so I decided to spend the weekend with my family.  The weather was starting to get crazy just as Brady and I arrived on Friday afternoon.  They weren't joking with the 'winter storm warning' because we had temperatures under zero degrees and white out snow conditions for pretty much the entire three days.

We stayed close to home on Friday night and Brady did what he does best apparently - swallowed another sock.  I was freaking out because the closest animal hospital open that late was over 25 miles away, which would have easily taken over an hour in the terrible weather.  Instead, the vet told us we could feed him hydrogen peroxide to make him throw the sock up and it worked!  I don't think so many people have ever cheered when a dog vomited before but we were so thankful we didn't have to make that drive in the weather.  And I was thankful to not have to spend another $150 on a sock.  

The rest of the weekend was super low key, hiding out at home mostly.  We watched The Interview and I tried to get my family hooked on Breaking Bad.  We did get out for breakfast both mornings and attempted to take Brady for a walk downtown but the weather was so bad that we lasted about 8 minutes before we were back in the car and heading through the coffee drive-thru.

Though it was nice to spend the time with my family and get in some good R&R, I'm happy to be home with my Valentine.  Hope your weekend was a bit warmer and that Monday isn't treating you too bad!  
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Friday's Five 2/13

Friday the 13th!  Keeping things short and sweet around here today since Brady and I are off to my hometown this afternoon.  But before we go, a few highlights from the week...

ONE | Lemon Water
I've been drinking a mug of hot lemon water each morning after coming across this on Pinterest.  It's a great way to start the day and I think I'm already seeing some improvement in my skin tone!  That could be thanks to the at home peel I did though...  Oh, and how great is this Saffron Avenue mug?!

TWO | Chicken Roll Ups
We made these for dinner and they were so good.  A pretty easy week night dinner for how "fancy" they seemed! 

THREE | Fitbit
I've been going back and forth on getting this Fitbit for the last few weeks.  Fitbit users - yay or nay?

FOUR | Chicwish Trench
I ordered this gorgeous trench and can't wait to get it.  The color, the lapels.. love and best of all, it's on sale!

FIVE | Love
And finally, the perfect quote for Valentines weekend.  

Hope your holiday is filled with flowers and chocolate and lots of love!
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Currently Crushing on Pink

Can you believe Valentines Day is this weekend?!  Nick and I usually keep things low key for the holiday - you can see how we've celebrated in the past here - by just going out for a nice dinner.  We don't typically exchange gifts but that doesn't mean I don't have a Valentines wish list (I always have a wish list) and see no reason to not treat myself ;)  Here are a few things I'm currently crushing on - all in the name of pink!

This Michael Kors bucket bag would be a MAJOR splurge but it's so gorgeous that I couldn't not include it.

I love the crystal poppers on this Ted Baker wallet that could also function as a clutch.

My two favorite Essie polishes are both pale pink - Fiji and Ballet Slippers.

Winter = chapped lips so this Korres lip butter is a must.

I've yet to purchase a YSL lip product but they've been on my wishlist forever!

Obsessed with these J Crew tassel earrings.  So fun.

Steve Madden is my favorite shoe brand and I'm in love with these blush heels - they'd go with everything.  Ps. Piperlime, please don't close!

This Kate Spade watch... so pretty.  That is all.

This mini ring box is genius - especially for traveling - and of course, adorable.

What do you guys have planned for Valentines Day?  Keeping things low key or going all out?  Happy Thursday!
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25 Ideas for Blog Posts

While reading Paige's post on Monday, I found myself nodding along when she mentioned that lately she has been struggling with writing weekend recaps.  They've been focusing on living a simpler life and therefore haven't been doing as much as normal.  I feel the exact same way but for me, it's not just with weekend recaps - although I'm sure you guys have heard of enough of our out to dinner, work on the house, binge watch TV, repeat weekend routine - it's with every post.  

It's easy to come up with ideas in the summer when we're going nonstop and I'm recapping our adventures or over the holidays when we're all sharing our wish lists and favorite traditions.  But January through March are pretty quiet around here and I don't know about you, but I have to dig deep to come up with blog posts.  So today I thought I'd put together a list of 25 of my very best ideas in case any of you are in the same boat.  Without further ado...

1. What's your favorite outfit in your closet?
2. Share your favorite recipe
3. Put together a wish list - with an unlimited budget
4. Write a thank you note to someone who did something nice for you recently
5. Share embarrassing pictures from your childhood
6. Tell us what you keep on your nightstand
7. Make a vlog
8. What are you reading/on your 'to read' list?
9. Share your all time favorite movie
10. Tell us when and why you started blogging
11. Share your favorite Pandora/Spotify stations
12. Trade blogs with a friend for a day - you post on theirs, they post on yours
13. The Positivity Project (see here for mine!)
14. Favorite people to follow on Instagram, Pinterest or your favorite blogs to read
15. Who is the most inspirational person from your youth and why?
16. If you're in a relationship, tell us how you met and/or your engagement story
17. Share a secret about yourself
18. A 'currently' post - what you're eating, watching, shopping for, looking forward to...
19. Write a letter to your 16 year old self
20. Share a 'day in the life' post
21. Your travel bucket list
22. Your favorite phone apps
23. An interview with your husband (these are hilarious)
24. What's the best piece of advice you've ever received?
25. Share your blogs mission statement/where you would like to see it go

Hope these help if you've got the winter writing blahs.  Don't forget to share a few of your own ideas below in the comments!
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