Friday, July 17, 2015

Links + Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Pt. II

Happy Friday!  

I have been anxiously awaiting this weekend for a while.  Nick, Brady and I are headed to my hometown of Holland, Michigan and the next couple of days are going to go something like this:  swimming, sand dune hiking, ice cream, sleeping, volleyball along with some major friend and family time.  YES YES YES.

Before the fun gets started, a few of my favorite links from around the web and some thoughts on my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale purchases!

+ I pinned so many great recipes this week but these shrimp tacos with spicy aioli sauce is the one I really can't wait to try.
+ Have any of you tried micellar water yet?  I'm really intrigued.  One of my favorite skin care lines, La Roche Posay, makes one that I think I need to check out.
+ A fellow Michigan blogger shares a round-up of home decor pieces that will help you achieve that "Fixer Upper" style that we all love so much.  My favorite piece is definitely this clock.
+ These clearance Kendra Scott earrings could show up on my doorstep and I wouldn't be disappointed.
+ Just another blog post making me want to book a trip to Texas, like yesterday.  Copy Cat Chic shares 36 hours in Austin.

Okay, now for the good stuff, right?!  The holy grail of sales - the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.  I've already shared my wishlist and mentioned some of the purchases I've made, but today I'm here to follow up with my thoughts on a few pieces and let you know what I'm keeping/returning/ordering next.

+ Hue Denim Leggings in 'Night Wash': KEEP.  These are awesome.  They look like jeans (with real buttons and pockets!) but are leggings.  Where have they been all of my life?!
+ Zella Leggings in 'Black': KEEP.  These are the best of the best and I wear them all.winter.long.
+ Vigoss Distressed Denim in 'Baywash': RETURN.  These are going back for two reasons - the wash is sooo much lighter than in the online picture which I'm not a fan of, and they run pretty big.
+ Arcona Triad Toner Pads: KEEP.  Oh my gosh.  Yes to these.  They make me feel like I've just had a facial after every use.  They were sold out but they've just been restocked so get them quick!
+ Hanky Panky Regular Rise Thong: RETURN.  They are one size fits all which had me a bit nervous and for a good reason.  They are just a bit too big on me so the fabric bunches in the front which isn't cute.  I really wanted to love these.
+ Gorjana Taner Bar Necklace: KEEP.  This little necklace goes with everything and I've worn it almost everyday since it arrived!
+ Volupsa Masion Blanc Candles: KEEP.  They smell like what I assume heaven smells like.  Yum.
I mentioned before that I typically stick to accessories/shoes/bags during this sale but this year the clothes got me.  I just placed another order a couple of days ago (thank goodness for birthday money!) for these goodies...

+ Vigoss Flap Pocket Skinny Jeans in 'Black': So I just talked about how I was returning a pair of Vigoss' above but let me tell you one great thing about those jeans:  they were SO SOFT.  Easily the comfiest pair of jeans I've ever tried on.  I've been in desperate need for a black pair so when I saw this Vigoss pair, I jumped on them (in a smaller size, of course).
+ Leith Floppy Felt Hat in 'Black': $17 for the cutest felt hat around.  Sold.
Halogen Embellished Plaid Shirt in 'Red': Last year I was kicking myself for not getting the Halogen denim shirt with embellishments so when I noticed they were offering a plaid version this year, I jumped on it.
+ Topshop Striped Sweater Dress:  After seeing this on lots of bloggers wishlists, I had to get it.  I love that I can wear it with sandals now and tights and booties when the weather cools down.
+ Street Level Vegan Bucket Bag in 'Black': I had to get this!  It's adorable and for the price - how could you not?!
+ Woven Heart Plaid Blanket Poncho in 'Black':  I'm so excited about trying the poncho trend this year and I love that this one has a clip so you don't have to hold it up 24/7.
+ BLANKNYC Moto Utility Pants:  The perfect camo green utility pant - I've got my fingers crossed that these babies fit because they may be my favorite purchase of all.

I'll probably end up returning half of that because that's how clothes shopping goes but I can't wait for my haul to get here!  What have you bought so far?!

Enjoy your weekends! :)
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  1. I was surprised when you told me that you didn't like the hanky pankys... Give it one more try with the low rise (that's what I wear)! Also, I was not loving the top shop striped dress in person, but instead loved a sweater tunic from Caslon! There was another amazing sweater dress that Schue Love posted about, but it was sold out in my size! I seriously cannot stop with this sale!!!

  2. Love all of your picks from the Nordstrom sale--you will be stylin' in the Fall for sure! I had one item I really wanted on my list, but it was sold out during the card holder portion of the sale. Womp womp!
    Hope you have a great weekend!!

  3. Yay! Have fun in your hometown! Is it bad I want the shoes more than the moto utility pants? And that poncho is great but looks horrible on my short little self :( Boo. Have a great weekend!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  4. Woohoo for the Nordie sale. I snapped up some jewelry items this morning, whoop whoop!

    Hope you have the best time this weekend!

  5. I'm sad you didn't like Hanky Panky! Maybe save one pair and wash them and see what you think? You got so much good stuff from the sale. I'm heading to shop there now!
    Ally- Life as I know it

  6. Looks like you did good at the Nordstrom sale! Yay for new fall stuff! Have a great weekend in your hometown!

  7. I have a pair of black skinny Paige verdugo jeans that I love. Try those if you can. They are really soft and comfortable. :-) Love that bucket bag and those KS earrings. I hope that you have a wonderful weekend back home. My store manager is from Holland too. :-)

  8. off to check out those black jeans! i loved the tomboy pair and mine were actually darker than the picture! weird right? xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  9. I'm going to Austin this weekend that post just gave me such great ideas!! But I'm only going for like...24 hours. Have a good weekend in Michigan! I can't believe I lived there for 23 years and have never been to Holland! xo.

    Morgan / Morning Apple

  10. I love finding new people to follow on Pinterest, especially when I follow their blog already! :) I love that cape!

  11. I've been looking into a water based cleanser for awhile, but haven't pulled the trigger. I'm also finally allowed in the Nordstrom sale - I'll be scouring for your picks!

  12. Have fun on your trip! Love all your sale picks :)

  13. I love those big poncho/blanket wraps... but I look like an old fat Indiana chief in them :(

  14. Sounds like you got some good stuff- I'm going there today and can't wait to do some damage :) And you always gotta go with the low-rise Hanky Pankys… especially with how small you are!! Those are my favorite and they fit like a dream! Have a great time this weekend :)

  15. Great picks! That striped dress is on my wishlist too!

  16. That striped dress is one of my favorites! I've already ordered a couple of things (as you know) but my list keeps growing!
    xo Southern Style

  17. So much cute stuff! That's such a bummer about the jeans! I ordered them but they haven't come yet. Maybe I should get the black, too!! Ha! Have so much fun this weekend!

  18. I love that striped dress! Super cute!

    Her Heartland Soul

  19. Somehow I've never shopped at Neiman Marcus last call before... but those Kendra Scott earrings are fantastic and it's definitely been added to my bookmarks :) I hope you have a great weekend!

  20. I love that you did a part two for this :) I only ordred one thing-- that's a gift for someone else, but I have so much on my wish list and I definitely keep looking at that poncho! Soooo cute, but I don't know if I can pull it off. You will have to report back on what you think!

  21. Those Vigoss black jeans are just adorable, I just added that to my ever growing list of things I NEED from the sale. I bought a ton of stuff over the weekend, but ended up returning half of it!

  22. I love your entire list! We definitely have such a similar style because so many of those were on my must buy list. Aren't those candles the best! I always have them sitting around for a quick go to house warming gift, baby shower throw in etc etc.

  23. I usually stick with accessories/shoes/bags etc.. during the sale too, but ordered a much-needed raincoat this year. I'm so excited!

    Have an amazing swimming/ice cream/volleyball fun-filled weekend <3

  24. Debating the striped dress myself now, and SO sad to have missed out on those moto pants. Keeping my fingers crossed that they will restock!!!

  25. You always find the best pins! You are one of my fave pinners for sure!! Have a great weekend in MI, girl!!

  26. Love these picks! You always look so stylish girl! Have a great weekend! xoxo

  27. This sale is going to be the death of me!!! Why did I never see that bar necklace?!? I know I feel like I really need it!! LOL I got the felt hat...and I LOVE it!! I got black but am thinking I need it in burgundy. What color did you get? Have a great weekend with family and friends!

  28. Well, you know I'm immediately heading over to check out the Fixer Upper style post! So glad that you're enjoying all your purchases from the Norddstrom sale - you scored some great stuff!

  29. Try the Hanky Panky's in low rise not regular. It makes a huge difference! xo


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