Friday, March 25, 2016

Five on Friday

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Happy Good Friday!  This has been one l-o-n-g week.  Nick has been out of town for work since Monday and the week just went so slow.  While I did partake in all of my favorite single girl activities, I don't sleep great while he's gone and the house is too quiet.  And I don't have anyone to tell me to stop eating all of the Cadbury Eggs... so I'm very happy he's home and that he has the day off today - let the weekend begin!  We've got dinner plans with friends the next two nights, I'm helping with a local charity on Saturday and we'll do church + brunch for Easter on Sunday.  Good times ahead :)

to do
Tis the season for spring cleaning, this is a super comprehensive checklist.
Homemade cinnamon rolls are a great addition to any Easter brunch.
Paint your nails in the perfect shade of baby pink.
Catch up on the She Reads Truth Easter study.
Pick up a bouquet of fresh flowers - use these tips to help keep them alive!

to read
11 Photography Hacks for Bloggers
This home office makeover is everything I want mine to be... whenever I get around to it.
What's really in our toothpaste?  Kind of disturbing.
How to do NYC in 12 hours.
Just ordered this book and can't wait to dig into the natural beauty secrets.

to shop
I am on a fringe kick right now and am dying over this dress (and these sandals while we're at it).
The cutest - and cheapest! - acrylic wine rack for your kitchen.
I was crushing on this last year and so happy to see it's back in stock - perfect for on the go days.
Loving this bright tassel necklace for under $35.
I will take these in the Camel Suede, please.



  1. Happy Friday!! Hope you have a great weekend! Look forward to checking out your links :)

  2. I have that wine rack and LOVE favorite! I hope you guys have the best weekend and so happy that Nick is back so you can sleep well again!! Oh I'm also needing those tips for flowers!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Love that dress so much! Hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend!

  4. I never sleep well when my husband goes out of town either. I make the dogs sleep with me (they usually aren't allowed in our bed at night) too, lol. Happy Friday!

  5. I'm all about home office makeovers - I'll have to check that one out.
    Happy weekend lady!

  6. Fringe is making me so happy this season :)!

  7. I love that home office makeover! Have so much fun this weekend with Nick! xo, Champagne&Suburbs

  8. I love babypink nail polish! I have to say, I am a woos about nail colors. Red or Bright Pink on my toes and always nude or maybe baby pink on my fingernails! Happy to hear you got in some fun girl activities this week! hope you have a restful weekend!


  9. It's always so nice to have some alone time or single girl time, but it's soooo much nicer when the hubbies come home from their work trips isn't it? Yummmmmm to those homemade cinnamon rolls, and loving that acrylic wine rack! Happy Easter Weekend gurlie <3
    Green Fashionista

  10. Sounds like y'all are going to have a great weekend!! Happy Easter :)

  11. Enjoy your three day weekend together! Glad he's home safely. :)

    And I am loving the She Reads Truth Easter study! The one today was especially good. I'm excited for Sunday's! :)

  12. LOVE that office, I have a lot of white in our bedroom which someday will move over to an office when we have one. It's so crisp and classic. I'm with you...when my husband is gone I can't sleep right and the quietness creeps me out. Enjoy your Easter weekend!

  13. Great reads girl. I love the one about the toothpaste. Very interesting and now makes me want to make my own hippie girl version!

  14. That necklace is too cute!

    Her Heartland Soul

  15. Sounds like you guys are going to have a busy weekend- yay for Easter! Going to check out all of those reads now!

  16. Love that spring cleaning list! Those homemade cinnamon rolls look amazing! Glad Nick is back from his work trip-hope you two have a wonderful long Easter weekend! :)

  17. I think fringe is going to be really popular this year. Hope you have a great Easter!


  18. I was literally dying when I read that toothpaste article the other day. So scary! Those shoes are SO adorable and I need the blush/highlighter stick asap!! Have a great Easter weekend! xo

  19. Happy Good Friday! It is hard to choose a favorite pink Essie!

  20. It was such a long week! I'm glad Nick is home so you can get some sleep. :) Looking forward to reading some of these articles. Have a great holiday weekend!

  21. Have a great weekend! The book you ordered sounds interesting... and that antrho dress is adorable! I go to look at things and then have to remind myself that I have NO use for all the spring goodness with this basketball under my shirt!

  22. i don't want to know what is in my toothpaste haha.
    glad Nick is home but girl you keep eating those cadbury creme eggs! i bet baby likes them too ;)

  23. This picture screams spring! Cadbury eggs are my favorite, I always get excited for Easter when they are easy to find! Xo, Stephanie


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