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Friday + Links

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Happy Friday, ladies!  First of all, how amazing are those shoes above?!  I'm pretty much drooling over them.  We had a good week, the highlight was probably going on our hospital tour on Tuesday night.  Seeing where it's all going to go down made things feel 10000x times more real!   I was also happy that so many of you loved the budget outfit post from Tuesday.  I'll definitely be doing a few more of those because cute and affordable are two of my favorite things.

Tomorrow I'm heading to a wedding shower - three showers in April has kept me busy, busy, busy - but it's been so fun.  And makes the time go faster, which I'm all about right now :)  Hope you have a fabulous, beautiful weekend!

+ I made this loaded greek pasta salad recipe the day Natalie posted it and it was SO GOOD.

+ Loving this pullover hoodie in pretty much all the colors.  Thinking this is something I might live in this summer...

+ Do you guys brush your skin?  I'm so intrigued by this and just ordered this brush (also signed up for Amazon Prime this week and can already tell it was one of the best decisions of my life!).

+ This was something I needed to read: how to bounce back in the blogging world after an off week.

+ A great round up of 8 pink bags for spring - this one is my favorite!

+ I just discovered that Anthropologie makes fitted crib sheets and swoooon.  How many crib sheets should I have?  I have two right now so I should probably buy one of each of these, right? ;)

Spring Cleaning Tips & Tricks

Ahhh, spring cleaning.  Do you love it or hate it?  I go back and forth - I kind of hate doing it, but once it's done, there is no better feeling.  Until you let your dog back in the house with muddy paws, but that's how it always goes... ;)  Today's post is a comprehensive guide to all things cleaning.  A few tips to make the process easier (dare I even say more fun?!), a round up of great tricks to clean those challenging areas of your home, and a few of my favorite products to use.  Let's get right to it!

1. Make a master list (or find one on Pinterest, this is an awesome one) of everything you want to accomplish before you begin.

2. Assemble your cleaning caddy - it is so much more efficient to carry one of these with you instead of running back to your cleaning closet for more supplies.  See my favorite products below to fill it with.

3. Open the windows if it's a nice day out, fresh air always helps!  Turn up the music or put on an audio book to listen to while you work.  And PUT YOUR PHONE AWAY.  That thing is just full of distractions ;)

4. Set a timer if you work better under pressure (me).  Remember this post?  The Pomodoro Technique also works perfectly when it comes to cleaning.

5. Take it one room at a time.  I find this makes things much more manageable and if I can't complete the whole house in one day, it's a great place to leave off knowing you only have x amount of rooms to go.

6. After you finish a room, light a fresh smelling candle in it.  And have rewards on hand.  Whether you treat yourself after each room or when you're completely done cleaning, a reward is always great motivation.  I like to go get ice cream!

Cleaning your baseboards
Removing pet hair (THIS IS LIFE CHANGING.  We do it all over our house and cars.)
The best way to dust your ceiling fans
How to clean and dry your pillows
Stain removal on a microfiber couch
Refreshing your kitchen sink and garbage disposal
Cleaning the dishwasher (just did this and it worked wonders!)
Clean your microwave in minutes without scrubbing
Removing the grime build up off your baking pans
Refreshing your front loading washer machine
Clean blinds, the easy way
Make your stovetop sparkle

Let me just start by saying that stock up on Magic Erasers because they are about to become your new BFFs!  Those little guys do anything and everything.  I also like to have plenty of paper towels, microfiber clothes, vinegar, lemons, and baking soda on hand.  Sometimes the old school methods just work the best.

Cleaning Caddy // Magic Erasers // Method All Purpose Cleaner // Windex // Bar Keepers Friend
(works awesome in the shower) // Dust Pan // Swiffer Sweepers // Rubber Gloves

What's your best spring cleaning tip and or trick? 


Outfit Perfection {On A Budget}

Earrings // Purse // Espadrilles // Off The Shoulder Top // White Denim

Each new season brings new trends and you can go broke trying to keep up with them.  I'm all about finding a good deal, especially when it comes to pieces that may be out of style by next year.  This spring outfit encompasses all of the most popular trends right now (off the shoulder! tassels! blush!), but does so on a budget.  Every piece is under $55 and are all pretty versatile so you could mix and match them with the rest of your wardrobe.  

Every girl needs a pair of gold hoops in her closet and for $8, you can't go wrong with these by BP.  Bonus that they're from Nordstrom which means free shipping, too!

Can you believe this blush pink bag is from Old Navy?!  It has rave reviews - pretty sure it's going to go super fast so grab it while you can.

So these Target dv espadrilles are already in my cart.  I love them so much and they are $29.99.  Insane.

Stripes + off the shoulder = two of my favorite things right now.  I'm sadly going to have to hold off on ordering this one, but you shouldn't!  It's a great price and Topshop stuff is always excellent quality.

White jeans for $54 with almost all 5 star reviews?  Doesn't get much better than that.  These will be a workhorse in your closet.

What's the best deal you've scored this spring?

Life Lately via the Camera Roll

Good morning!  Hope your week is off to a nice start.  It's supposed to be 75 and rainy here - could be worse, could be better ;)  Thankfully the weather was gorgeous all weekend again, we've really lucked out lately.  We had quite the productive last couple of days (all related to baby things of course) and it feels so good to get lot of to do's checked off.  The low of the weekend?  Dropping my practically full face cream on the floor and having it get aaaallll over our rug, the walls, in the vent... so that was fun.  Definitely an expensive oops, haha.  

I'll let my camera roll do the rest of the talking!

{All of the trees are blooming here in town right now and they're so pretty.  We grabbed panini's for lunch downtown this weekend and enjoyed them outside in the sun.}

{Told you I've been all about the avocado toast lately!}

{Speaking of things I'm loving lately, this NARS eyeshadow primer is easily the best purchase I made during the recent Sephora sale.  I've been a long time devotee of this eyeshadow primer, but the NARS one truly blows it out of the water.  It's so much more long lasting and I love how easy the wand is to use.}

{We learned an insane amount of baby things in our 8 hour Baby Basics class on Saturday.  How to change a diaper (on a non-moving doll anyway ;)), bathe babies, feeding discussions and how to do infant CPR.  Also learned that baby powder is never to be used (what?!) and that the rock-n-play we were planning on having her sleep in at night isn't the best solution since they're supposed to be on their backs.  So now this thing is on it's way to us and I'm not that mad about it because it looks pretty awesome!}

{Despite his camera/poker face, this guy has been loving the warmer weather.  He's been outside as much as possible since he's much more trustworthy this year (not swallowing rocks anymore.. ahem).}

{I finally got a basket for our new fiddle leaf fig so I had to share with you guys!  I feel like it doesn't photograph as nice as it is in person, but we love it.  Definitely worth the money and adds that perfect pop of green to our living room.  And I can't kill it so that's a major bonus.}

Enjoy your Mondays!


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I'm so happy today is Friday!  It's been a long week and I'm looking forward to hanging out at home for a couple of days and getting some things checked off the to do list.  Getting caught up on blogging is one of those.  I've been lacking in the motivation department this week because I've been so busy and it already has me a little worried for what blogging is going to look like after the baby is here.  I'm thinking about going down to a M/W/F posting schedule for the summer, but we will see.  I hate to slow down, but can be a serious time commitment. 

Speaking of baby, we had a good doctors appointment this week and she's already head down which is so crazy to me.  Really not that much longer now and therefore I've been "nesting" like crazy.  I mean, I even swept out the GARAGE the other day.  So weird, but it made me feel so much better to have it cleaned out!  We've been busy putting all of our goodies from the shower together and this weekend we'll do our baby 101 class.  Things are getting real, you guys.  What do you have planned for the weekend?  Whatever it is, I hope it's fun!  

+ An amazingly comprehensive post on cooking with fresh herbs from Jaclyn.  I can't wait to put some of her tips into play - I think using herbs correctly always brings a dish up a few notches.

+ I didn't know I wanted to go to Oregon until I saw everyone's pictures of the tulip fields.  My hometown, Holland Michigan, is actually famous for our Tulip Time in May, but is nothing compared to this gorgeousness.
Although, we do have junk food wagons (CORN DOGS) so there's that ;)

+ My favorite robe from this post is 40% off right now!  Speaking of robes, the baby definitely needs this one.
So so cute.

+ I have been obsessed with avocado toast for lunch this week.  I've been doing toasted sourdough, mashed avocado, chopped cherry tomatoes and a little salt & pepper.  I plan on hitting up the grocery store this weekend to try these 12 different variations from Camille Styles.

+ This mirror is everything (under $50 and on sale!).  I've been planning on ordering this one for above our fireplace, but then I stumbled upon this bad boy and it's pretty much an exact dupe.  Target does it again!

+ I've been hearing about the Tula skincare line all over the place and only great things.  This Discovery Kit looks like a great way to try their most popular pieces for a discounted price.  Love that their products all contain probiotics and are free of that scary stuff found in most cosmetics.


My Favorite Cookbooks

One of my favorite things to do is cook.  I'll be honest and say that I don't always love it on busy weeknights, but when I have the chance to slow down and take my time and prepare a delicious meal - bonus if it's for friends + family joining us - I really enjoy myself.  

While Pinterest is always an amazing source of inspiration and I've found some of my favorite recipes there, I still love a good old school cookbook.  I've raved about this one before (as you can see in this post!), but I wanted to share a few additional favorites.  These can all be found living in my kitchen, full of stains from cooking and tons of drool worthy recipes.

Two In The Kitchen | Starting with the fanciest :) This was a wedding gift a couple of years ago and it's perfect for that because it's a beautiful hard cover book.  While most of these aren't weeknight recipes, it's for more of a stay-home-and-cook date night.  The pictures are gorgeous and I love that the book includes lots of entertaining tips - everything from how to stock a bar to how to gain confidence in the kitchen.  

Martha Stewart's Appetizers | I picked this up because I feel like I'm always looking for new appetizers to bring to get-togethers and this cookbook hasn't disappointed.  There are 200 delicious finger food recipes and 30 drink recipes included and they're all decently easy.  Just do yourself a favor and buy this book if only to make the caramelized onion and bacon dip - SO GOOD. 

The Skinnytaste Cookbook | I think we're all familiar with Gina's amazing blog, but I feel that the book is worth the purchase, too.  There are 125 recipes that are exclusive to the book and 25 all time favorites from the blog.  My favorite part is that they're all low calorie... that don't taste low calorie at all - win win.   I will say some recipes do require more prep than others, but it's worth it.  I haven't made a bad meal from this book yet! 

100 Pizzas From 1 Easy Recipe | Because who doesn't love pizza?!  I picked this up on a whim from World Market one night because we have naan bread pizza's about once a week and I was bored of the same old toppings.  While I don't use the dough recipe (I really do need to try that), I get a lot of inspiration from the different topping combinations.  Like I never would have thought to do an Asian shrimp pizza before, but it's a new favorite.  It's on major sale right now, so why not grab it and step up your pizza game :)

What are your favorite cookbooks?  I've got this one and this one sitting in my cart right now - can't wait to get them and dig in, I've heard such good things!

Baby Shower Weekending

It's Monday night as I'm writing this and I'm still in denial that the weekend is over.  It was so so so perfect in every way.  The baby shower went fabulously, the weather was near 80 each day (!!) and I got to see so many of my favorite people.  Can we rewind time back to Friday, please?

A shower - be it wedding or baby or whatever - is always so humbling.  To think that your friends and family travel from all over the place to spend time with you and not to mention the gifts!- it's kind of amazing and can bring tears to your eyes (or is that just my pregnant self).  Nick's mom and my stepmom through us the most beautiful shower on Saturday and we couldn't be more thankful.  Prepare for a little photo dump...

I was being bossy and requested that the shower not be too baby-ish, so we went with a creamy, neutral 'theme' that I loved.  The room was filled with white roses and cream linens, a grilled cheese + soup and salad buffet, and delicious desserts from the restaurant we had our wedding rehearsal dinner at.  We kept it simple with the games and just played baby bingo while we were opening gifts and then left cards for everyone to fill out at the tables guessing the baby's name, birthday and height + weight.  It was fun to read through those afterwards and see everyone's guesses!  Nick's aunt made these amazing cookies for our favors that I'm so sad I didn't get a picture of because they were gorgeous.   I wish I had more pictures in general, but I actually took zero... thank goodness for others texting these to me!  

And can I just say that one of the best decisions I made was making Nick come open gifts with me ;)  I know he really, really didn't want to (especially because he was playing in a hockey tournament all weekend and literally came straight from a game), but it was really nice to have him up there helping me.  I felt so much more comfortable and didn't have to do any heavy lifting!  It was also great for our friends and family to be able to congratulate him, too.

This makes me laugh because all of our eyes are closed, ha!

So in love with this dress.  Beyond thankful that it still fit after I ordered it a few weeks ago during the Shopbop sale.  I kept things simple with these earrings (that I wear way too often) and nude heels.   And I can't say enough great things about this self tanner - I mean it was blizzarding 7 days ago, but I still managed to look like I had some color, never mind that it was out of a bottle! 

About half of the goodies we received + a sneak peak of the nursery :) We were properly spoiled and checked off the majority of our baby registry.  It was really fun to sit there and go through everything on Sunday - you wouldn't believe the amount of adorable (and tiny!) clothes we got.  This week I'll be busy busy organizing and picking up a few things that we still need.  Hoping to get the room finished so I can do a tour soon.  Can you believe we're down to 8 weeks to go?!

All in all, we couldn't have asked for a better baby shower.  We are blessed to have so many friends and family that made the trip to come celebrate and love on us.  Baby O is already one very lucky lady!


Weekend + Links

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Happy Friday!  This one is especially exciting because my baby shower is tomorrow!  To top it off, the weather is supposed to be absolutely beautiful - 70 and sunny all weekend long.  Nothing makes me happier than a nice day and my friends + family.  And thankfully my dress still fits!  That was a serious concern the last couple of weeks haha but we are good to go.  Hope you all have fabulous weekends ahead, too!

+ Get ready to drool over this animal cracker fudge recipe.  I seriously can't wait to try this.
+ Wildfox sweatshirts are the comfiest (not to mention the cutest) and a bunch of them are on sale right now!  
+ An awesome LA house tour - that black and white bathroom especially, all the heart eyes.
+ Glitter Guide editors share their favorite photo editing apps (you know what mine is!).
+ A round up of the chicest hotels in Paris for under $200.  Who wants to go?!
+ I can't wait to start my baby girl bow collection - I'll take one of each from this line, please.  What are your favorite places to get them?

Ps: the fiddle leaf fig plant from Monday's post has arrived and I LOVE it!  I am really pleased with the quality for the price.  My biggest concern was that it would look sparse, but that is not the case at all.  It's quite full actually and I think will open up even more the longer it's out of the box.  I'm off to find a basket for it today and then I'll share a picture.  It's still on sale here, so I say if you're in the market, grab it while you can!

Pregnancy Favorites

Hello, 31 weeks!  We're down to the single digit week countdown now (crazy) so I thought it was time to share some of the things that have made life easier over the past almost 8 months.  I've included a little bit of everything from a great vitamin combo to an awesome website to prune juice.  Yes really, prune juice... 

Let's get to it!

Garden of Life Vitamin Code Raw Prenatal Vitamin + Nordic Naturals Prenatal DHA
As soon as I found out I was pregnant, I knew I had to start taking vitamins like yesterday.  I remembered Ally had written an awesome post on which prenatals she takes (see it here) and immediately ordered a couple of her recommendations.  The Garden of Life is by far my favorite, mostly because it's really easy on the stomach which is something I normally struggle with when it comes to taking vitamins.  I love that they're made from whole foods and contain a really high percentage of actual vitamins compared to others.  Also, if you have a hard time swallowing pills, you can open these capsules and dump them in a smoothie.  So great.

Additionally, I take a DHA supplement as the Garden of Life vitamins don't contain DHA in them.  DHA is necessary during pregnancy to promote healthy brain and eye development.  I prefer the Nordic Naturals because they have no fishy taste/after taste and also have 400 mg of Vitamin D for bone support.  I buy both vitamins from Amazon, using the Subscribe and Save program and they just show up at my doorstep every couple months.  Money well spent!

Burt's Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter
I know that stretch marks are more hereditary than anything, but it makes me feel better to be proactive about them!  I slather this stuff on morning and night and (fingers crossed) so far, so good.  It's thick and luxurious, but soaks in quickly and has a nice scent.  I get about two months worth out of each tube and just picked them up at Target or my grocery store.

TUMS Extra Strength
I have been really lucky to not have dealt with too much heartburn or indigestion throughout this pregnancy (again hoping I'm not jinxing myself!), but whenever I have, it's TUMS to the rescue.  I carry a little bottle in my purse and if I feel anything coming on, I take one and I'm better within minutes.

What To Expect When You're Expecting
I feel like everyone has to read this book, right?!  I like how it breaks pregnancy down into months and also goes in depth about labor + delivery, postpartum, possible complications and there's even a section for dads to read.  It's called the 'pregnancy Bible' for good reason and has answered so many of my random questions.

Shamanuti Activated Charcoal Cleanser
I've mentioned this stuff before, but it's really helped with the back acne situation I've got going on.  It's an all natural product - and smells so good! - that gently purifies and exfoliates.  It hasn't cleared things up 100%, but I have noticed quite a difference since starting to use it.  Now just please tell me this bacne will go away for good after baby ;)

Old Navy Maternity Tank Tops
I wear one of these  I have multiples of them in white and black because they're dirt cheap (almost always on sale, too).  Great quality for the price though.  They're super long and do a good job of smoothing everything out.

Prune Juice
It helps with the bathroom situation, I promise, and that's all I'm going to say about that...

Love this website!  Our friends recommended it to us when we told them we had no idea about names and it's really cool.  You can look up origins and meanings, it has tons of lists to go through and makes recommendations based on names that you do like.  There's also a daily email that you can sign up for that gives you more ideas, just an all around great resource to have.

Sports Bras
The first few weeks of being pregnant, the girls hurt SO BAD.  I mean even the water touching them in the shower made me wince.  I couldn't wear my regular bras and lived in my sports bras, especially at night.  Thank goodness for Target having the cutest, most reasonably priced selection because I stocked up!

I also had a cold for those first few weeks and of course, couldn't take any medication for it.  I was so desperate on Halloween that I actually went to Urgent Care and begged them to help me breathe again.  All the doctor told me was that he didn't feel comfortable with me taking anything in the first trimester and to go buy a humidifier.  $200 well spent ;)  I went straight to Target afterwards and lived with my humidifier in my face from then on.  It definitely helped at night and I know it will be nice to have for the baby's room when she is here.

One thing that isn't pictured and probably a little controversial is a heartbeat doppler.  I bought one for myself around week 9 because my doctor wouldn't see me for another month still and I was going crazy.  I thought if I could just hear the heartbeat at home, I would feel better and it really did help.  I got lucky though because a lot of people have a hard time finding it that early and then panic (which I totally would have done), even though nothing is wrong.  So it was a big gamble.  But I was able to find it pretty easily and listened to it twice a week (which was so cool) until I was able to regularly feel her move around 22 weeks.  I actually haven't touched it since, but at the beginning, it was so nice for the peace of mind.

What were your pregnancy must haves?  Anything I should get my hands on to get me through these last 9 weeks?!


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We're halfway through another week!  You know what that means... confession time.

I confess that I was disappointed with the Real Housewives of Dallas premiere this week.  I actually stayed up (past my bed time) to watch it live and wasn't that impressed.  The ladies seem super immature and awkward.  I'll give it a few more episodes, hopefully it gets better!

I confess that I've been bitten by the spring cleaning bug.  I actually deep cleaned our dishwasher and oven this week - for the first time ever.  I wasn't even aware you were supposed to do this regularly until I read about it on Pinterest, oops.

I confess that I can't wait to get this monogram necklace after we officially decide on the baby's name.  So that'll probably be when she's born because I'm having such a hard time really committing to one - such a big decision.  It's so cute though and under $40!

I confess that I am still hoarding bags of Cadbury Eggs.  I stocked up right before Easter because I love those things so much and why can they only come around once a year?  I actually even hid them in my pantry when we had our house/dog sitter staying over when we were in California - didn't want anyone getting into my stash, ha!  

I confess that despite taking forever to finish it, I really loved this book.  It was probably the last 'for fun' read I'll have for a while - bring on all the baby books!  Starting this one this week.

I confess that I've been hunting this stuff down at every Target I go to and can't find it anywhere.  So many beauty bloggers swear by it and I'm dying to try.  I just need to order it online because look at all of those fabulous reviews!

I confess that I'm already excited for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.  I heard it starts on July 22nd and I can't wait.  I won't be pregnant anymore so I can wear normal clothes again and plan on shopping till I drop!  Better start saving my money now ;)

Do you guys have any good confessions?  I'll see ya back here tomorrow - sharing my favorites from pregnancy so far.  Have a good day!


My Picks From The Sephora VIB Sale

Tis the season for sales!  There are so many good ones going on right now, especially the Sephora sale.  For all VIB members, take 15% off your purchase with the code VIBNOTE through tomorrow, April 13th.  Makeup rarely goes on sale, so I always love to stock up on my favorites and try a few new things during these bi-yearly sales!

Beware: I could talk makeup for days, so settle in and check out my favorite picks below...

Belif Moisture Bomb Cream: I have been using this stuff religiously for the last couple of months and love it.  It's completely replaced my long time CeraVe favorites for both morning and night.  It is a little on the pricey side, but it feels so good on the skin, keeps your face moisturized the entire day AND it's not greasy.  So totally worth it to me.

Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder: This setting powder pretty much has a cult following and I can't wait to try it.  I've heard it's especially great for 'baking'- have you guys heard of that?  I'll be picking up the travel size as that's my favorite way to try new products.

Tata Harper Regenerating Cleanser: Love love love everything I've tried from the Tata Harper line.  You know I swear by her face mask (see more favorites here) and after using a sample of this cleanser a little while ago, also became obsessed with that.  It contains little microspherical beads that gently exfoliate your skin, so I like to use it every other day in rotation with my all time favorite cleanser.  It's expensive though so I've been patiently waiting for a sale!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit: I picked this up in January and have used it almost every day since.  You can contour, highlight and conceal all with just this palette.  I especially love to use the banana shade for my under eye, sand for illumination and fawn on my cheekbones (with this brush, it's amazing and another great item to pick up during the sale!).

Clinique Chubby Stick Cheek Colour: I have been using the Clinique Chubby Foundation stick for a little while and couldn't live without it now.  It makes getting ready 5x faster and it's the perfect traveling product.  Since I'm more of a fan of cream blushes, I'm looking forward to trying the cheek version of the foundation stick.  Now to decide on a shade...  I've also heard wonderful things about the Clinique Chubby Moisturizing Lip Balm, may have to add that to my cart, too ;)

Korres Greek Yoghurt Nourishing Sleeping Facial: A facial while you sleep?  I'm intrigued.  This mask has nothing but great reviews and I keep hearing about it from everyone, so it's time to try.  I think moisturization (is that a word) is super important to keeping your skin looking fresh + healthy and that's exactly what this claims to do.

Living Proof Dry Shampoo: Simply the best.  I'll admit, when I first started using it, I wasn't sure if I loved it.  Until I stopped and went back to my old favorite... that was when I realized how amazing this stuff really is.  It truly makes your dirty hair feel clean again and also works as a texturizing/volume spray.  I plan on stocking up big time during the sale.

Benefit They're Real Mascara: Another long, long time favorite of mine.  I always have a couple of these mascaras on hand because I think it's really the best.  It makes your lashes look super long and luscious.  I have been using this mascara recently too and do like it, but I think They're Real will always be my #1.

NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base: My current eyeshadow primer is about to run out and I thought I'd mix it up with this super popular favorite.  Primer is a MUST for me or else my eyeshadow will disappear in about 5 seconds!

What are you planning to pick up during the sale?

Recent Home Updates

How were your weekends?  If you saw from my snapchats (@kavanderploeg), ours was filled with SNOW.  What the heck Michigan.  Despite the weather being pretty nasty, we still had a good time.  Friday night some friends from Chicago stayed with us, Saturday was designated to lots of spring cleaning, and Sunday I traveled to the other side of the state for a baby shower (and didn't even get picture in this dress because I had to layer my trusty blazer and North Face parka on top) in a mixture of rain/sleet/hail/snow- so that was fun.  

But!  The upside to the crappy weather was that we got quite a few things done around the house, along with some purchases I've been meaning to make for a while now.

The first being the one I am most excited about, a fiddle leaf fig!  Not a real one because I have a terrible track record with keeping greenery alive and I want to put it in a corner in our living room that isn't going to get much sunlight.  I did a ton of research online trying to find one that didn't look super fake and was reasonably priced, and this one fit the bill.  Tons of great reviews and it's on sale right now!  Should be here on Thursday and I'll report back after.

Another idea to add some green to your house: this set of watercolor paintings.  I haven't ordered them (yet), but I'm obsessed.  They would look awesome in a kitchen or dining room or heck, anywhere in your house.  There are so many great finds out there on Etsy.  

We painted our downstairs half bath a dark navy color last year and I've hated it since about then.  After Amanda's post about her DIY striped bathroom, I got the drive to finally fix ours.  I'm thinking something nice and light like this picture above.  I'm a sucker for white, what can I say.  Now to put my husband to work ;)

This gold mirror was the perfect finishing touch to our bedroom dresser/vanity that I need to share here soon.  And I am still LOVING these acrylic makeup boxes that I picked up, too - definitely worth the $20.

Last is something I need desperate help with: nursery curtains.  Are blackout ones necessary?  I don't know why I have such a hard time picking out drapery, but I do so please just tell me which ones I should buy ;)  I'm thinking simple white and was leaning towards these from Pottery Barn Kids.  They're just so expensive, worth the money?  I don't know, probably but also don't know if I want to spend that much.  I'd love to hear what you guys have used!

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Five on Friday

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Happy Friday!  How is that for a pretty spring picture?  Definitely not what things look like over here in Michigan - the weather has royally sucked this week.  It's been cold, dreary and has snowed pretty much every day.  Blahhhh. Other than that, here's a few good things from this week...

ONE | Southern Charm
So happy one of my favorite Bravo guilty pleasure shows is back!  The first episode did not disappoint and it looks like it's going to be a good season.  I honestly can't believe Thomas & Kathryn are having (had) another baby - they are the two most dysfunctional people I've ever seen.  For their kids sake, I hope it's all for TV.

TWO | Aden & Anais Clothes
Aden & Anais released a clothing line at Target and it is the cutest.  My store was pretty picked over by the time I got there yesterday, but I added a bunch of things online to my baby registry.  My favorite is this striped number - adorable.

THREE | The Bouqs
Have you guys heard of The Bouqs?  They are a floral delivery company, but they're actually affordable.  I placed my first order this week for a friend and was so impressed with them.  There are no hidden fees: the price they show includes tax, delivery, shipping, all of that.  A lot of bouquets will even ship next day which is awesome.  I ordered the Marvelous arrangement which is roses, sunflowers, daisies, alstroemeria and accents - 30 stems for $50 (actually $45 because I used the 10% off new customer coupon).  This isn't sponsored, just wanted to share!

FOUR | Floral Dress
I'm wearing this dress to Nick's cousins baby shower this weekend and wanted to tell you guys about it now because it's on sale!  It's so much cuter than it looks in person.  I sized up to accommodate the bump, otherwise I'd say it fits pretty true to size.  Floral, off the shoulder - basically meets allll the spring trends ;)  It would look so cute with this bag that is only $22, I can't even believe it.  It looks so much more expensive.

FIVE | New Hair Dryer
I am in desperate need of a new hair dryer.  This one has good reviews and the price isn't bad, but do any of you have any recommendations?  The choices are so overwhelming!

Hope everyone has a great weekend ahead!  I'm off to finish my chai tea latte while watching the snow fall out the window... #thissucks ;)

Going, Going...

... almost gone!

The big Shopbop sale ends today at midnight, so of course I had to share my favorites before it was too late.  Take 25% off your total order with the code INTHEFAM.  Read on below for my picks and what I'm buying.  Happy shopping!

I've been crushing on the Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAB for a while now and this cream color is the perfect neutral for spring/summer - it'll go with everything.

Everyone seems to love the One Teaspoon brand denim shorts and I can't wait to try them come June!  Love the distressed detail and the price point isn't bad.

All the off the shoulder tops, yessss please.  Love this chambray one also by One Teaspoon.  And speaking of chambray, this BB Dakota Denim Tank is so cute and so versatile.

How amazing are these Joie Laser Cut Mules?  I am in l-o-v-e.  The reviews all say they're comfy, too.  Speaking of wedges, the Jeffrey Campbell ones from this post are included in the sale, but they're going fast.

You're not a real blogger unless you have a pair of Karen Walker sunglasses it seems like ;)  They're pretty pricey, so now is the time to grab them on a discount.

The perfect straw clutch under $100, sold!

This cactus iPhone case is too cute and makes me think of Palm Springs (not that I've ever been, but still haha).  All of the Sonix cases are adorable.

I am SO THANKFUL that one pieces are 'in' again - they are probably all I'll be rocking this summer!  This Nanette Lepore Paisley Goddess suit is perfection.

I'm a huge fan of Susana Monaco (I'm wearing one of her dresses to my baby shower next week) and I love this off the shoulder one.  Best part is it comes with a built in bra!

These Vanessa Mooney tassel earrings are on their way to me now.  They come in a bunch of different colors, but I love the white for the warmer months ahead.  I also really want these guys.

Gladiator sandals are still super popular and I'm going back and forth on throwing this pair by Rebecca Minkoff in my cart.  


For all my pregnant friends, Shopbop has a great maternity collection, too!  This striped dress is a must have and I love this sleeveless one for the summer.  My biggest regret has been not splurging on a pair of high end denim at the beginning and Shopbop has tons of choices all on sale right now.

These Sam Edelman fringe sandals totally rival my J. Crew fringe ones - but they're cheaper!


Babymoon at Terranea

Babymoon: Success.

We're back from a blissful weekend in California that couldn't have been more perfect.  Terranea - a huge resort just south of LA in Palos Verdes - was THE perfect place to spend our last getaway before baby.  It was relaxing and indulgent and the views at every turn were out of this world amazing.  We kind of randomly stumbled upon the resort when looking for somewhere to go (like literally two weeks ago!) and didn't know much about it, but I am so thankful we took a chance and booked it.  It was incredible.

We headed out of Chicago's Midway on Friday and made it to LA at 3:30pm.  We grabbed our rental car and made the quick drive down to Palos Verdes, which in traffic took about an hour.  Just pulling up to Terranea I knew this place was going to work out just fine ;)  Service was impeccable the entire weekend, beginning with check-in where we were provided with complimentary waters and champagne (that I may have had a sip of, I couldn't help myself!).  We were pretty much giddy getting into our room with views of the resort and the Pacific Ocean.  

We were starving after a long day of travel, so we quickly got changed and headed down to Nelson's, the resorts casual restaurant with the best ocean front views.  It was a bit windy, but we were able to sit outside and take in the sights.  I even saw a whale at one point throughout dinner!  So cool.  Nick had a citrus chicken sandwich (that was so delicious that I'm attempting to recreate it for dinner tonight) and I had a lobster grilled cheese with tomato bisque soup, also yum.  After dinner, it was just about sunset time, so we set off on a little hike to watch it.

I wish pictures did the beauty of it justice - it was one of the best sunsets I've ever seen.  We weren't quite ready to call it a night afterwards, so we headed to another restaurant on property, Catalina Kitchen, for dessert and drinks.  We shared a chocolate cookie skillet with ice cream and it was amazing.  Warm and gooey and definitely set the tone for a 'eat all the things' weekend!  The restaurant is right along the main pool and it was a great way to spend our first night, getting into vacation mode, relaxing and listening to live music.  Upon getting back to our room, we were treated to macarons and sparkling water courtesy of the hotel, such a thoughtful gesture!

It was pretty gloomy each morning, so we got into a little routine to let the fog burn off: hike, breakfast, pool.  Saturday morning we were up super early, thanks to that 3 hour time zone change.  We set off to do some exploring at 7am.  The resort had tons of walking trails all along the ocean and that was such a nice way to start each morning (before all the eating began!).

Our room reservations came with a $60 breakfast credit each morning at Catalina Kitchen, so we hit that up after a long walk and then Nick took off for golfing while I relaxed back on the porch in our room.  I joined him for the last hole and then it was off to the pool for the day!  The resort has 4 pools on site and we spent Saturday at the main pool, which I can't believe I didn't get a picture of.  We managed to snag a couple chairs looking out over the ocean and camped out for something like 5 hours- reading, drinking (well, just Nick), swimming, talking and eating lunch.  Heaven.

The best maternity swimsuit for all my pregnant friends (also have this one that I loved)!

We headed back to the room to get ready for a night out with one of Nick's friends and his girlfriend that live in the area.  I did a terrible job taking pictures besides this one on our way out, but we went up to West LA to check out their apartment before grabbing a Mexican dinner at Mercado (allll the guac and fish tacos) and hitting up a candy store, Sockerbit.  It was a fun night and good to catch up!

dress // shoes (both on sale)

We were beat when we got back to the resort that night, so sleeping in on Sunday was a necessity.  When we finally pulled ourselves out of bed, we headed off on an extra long hike because we had big brunch plans.  Terranea has a little cove that you can go down into to check out the Pacific Ocean so that was our first stop.  The water was f-r-e-e-z-i-n-g!  But the views were awesome.

I pretty much live in this sweatshirt... // leggings 

We then hit up the golf shop and stores on property for souvenirs.  I think the adorable Brady look-a-like Jellycat was our best purchase!  And then, it was brunch time.  Catalina Kitchen (basically our favorite restaurant ever) does a pretty epic Sunday brunch - everything from waffles, omelets, pastries to cheese and meat platters to sushi to a seafood bar to pizza to a massive dessert station.  I think we ate for a solid hour and a half and it may have been my favorite part of the trip.  I'm convinced food tastes better when you're pregnant so I was definitely in my happy place.

And thank goodness for being pregnant and not caring about putting a swimsuit on because one pieces magically cover everything ;)  After we feasted, we got ready and headed to the spa to hang out for the day.  We had day passes that got us access to the pool, gym facilities, sauna & steam rooms, private hottubs and all of that goodness.  I mean, just look at that view...

It was amazing, but unfortunately really really windy since it's on the point tip of the resort.  We were literally uncomfortable sitting out there after a couple hours being wind blasted and decided to try our luck back at the main pool.  It was still windy, but much more bearable so we hung out there for the rest of the afternoon.

At about 4pm, Nick and I split up - he went back to the spa for a steam and to get ready and I showered and relaxed back in the room.  It was so nice to take the worlds longest shower and then sit out on our porch, soak up the sun and read for a couple of hours, I was beyond relaxed.  Nick came back a little while later and we headed up to the lobby for a quick drink and then to Catalina Kitchen since we were determined to try it for every meal period, ha!  Our pizza and burgers for dinner did not disappoint and it was a great final night.

Monday morning came way too soon and we were off to the airport again.  It was such a quick getaway, but SO perfect in every way.  I wouldn't have changed a thing, except maybe moving in and never leaving ;)  We're back home now - more relaxed, a little tanner, with lots of memories and ready to take on these next 10 weeks.  So thankful for one last getaway just the two of us!

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