Thursday, April 14, 2016

Pregnancy Favorites

Hello, 31 weeks!  We're down to the single digit week countdown now (crazy) so I thought it was time to share some of the things that have made life easier over the past almost 8 months.  I've included a little bit of everything from a great vitamin combo to an awesome website to prune juice.  Yes really, prune juice... 

Let's get to it!

Garden of Life Vitamin Code Raw Prenatal Vitamin + Nordic Naturals Prenatal DHA
As soon as I found out I was pregnant, I knew I had to start taking vitamins like yesterday.  I remembered Ally had written an awesome post on which prenatals she takes (see it here) and immediately ordered a couple of her recommendations.  The Garden of Life is by far my favorite, mostly because it's really easy on the stomach which is something I normally struggle with when it comes to taking vitamins.  I love that they're made from whole foods and contain a really high percentage of actual vitamins compared to others.  Also, if you have a hard time swallowing pills, you can open these capsules and dump them in a smoothie.  So great.

Additionally, I take a DHA supplement as the Garden of Life vitamins don't contain DHA in them.  DHA is necessary during pregnancy to promote healthy brain and eye development.  I prefer the Nordic Naturals because they have no fishy taste/after taste and also have 400 mg of Vitamin D for bone support.  I buy both vitamins from Amazon, using the Subscribe and Save program and they just show up at my doorstep every couple months.  Money well spent!

Burt's Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter
I know that stretch marks are more hereditary than anything, but it makes me feel better to be proactive about them!  I slather this stuff on morning and night and (fingers crossed) so far, so good.  It's thick and luxurious, but soaks in quickly and has a nice scent.  I get about two months worth out of each tube and just picked them up at Target or my grocery store.

TUMS Extra Strength
I have been really lucky to not have dealt with too much heartburn or indigestion throughout this pregnancy (again hoping I'm not jinxing myself!), but whenever I have, it's TUMS to the rescue.  I carry a little bottle in my purse and if I feel anything coming on, I take one and I'm better within minutes.

What To Expect When You're Expecting
I feel like everyone has to read this book, right?!  I like how it breaks pregnancy down into months and also goes in depth about labor + delivery, postpartum, possible complications and there's even a section for dads to read.  It's called the 'pregnancy Bible' for good reason and has answered so many of my random questions.

Shamanuti Activated Charcoal Cleanser
I've mentioned this stuff before, but it's really helped with the back acne situation I've got going on.  It's an all natural product - and smells so good! - that gently purifies and exfoliates.  It hasn't cleared things up 100%, but I have noticed quite a difference since starting to use it.  Now just please tell me this bacne will go away for good after baby ;)

Old Navy Maternity Tank Tops
I wear one of these  I have multiples of them in white and black because they're dirt cheap (almost always on sale, too).  Great quality for the price though.  They're super long and do a good job of smoothing everything out.

Prune Juice
It helps with the bathroom situation, I promise, and that's all I'm going to say about that...

Love this website!  Our friends recommended it to us when we told them we had no idea about names and it's really cool.  You can look up origins and meanings, it has tons of lists to go through and makes recommendations based on names that you do like.  There's also a daily email that you can sign up for that gives you more ideas, just an all around great resource to have.

Sports Bras
The first few weeks of being pregnant, the girls hurt SO BAD.  I mean even the water touching them in the shower made me wince.  I couldn't wear my regular bras and lived in my sports bras, especially at night.  Thank goodness for Target having the cutest, most reasonably priced selection because I stocked up!

I also had a cold for those first few weeks and of course, couldn't take any medication for it.  I was so desperate on Halloween that I actually went to Urgent Care and begged them to help me breathe again.  All the doctor told me was that he didn't feel comfortable with me taking anything in the first trimester and to go buy a humidifier.  $200 well spent ;)  I went straight to Target afterwards and lived with my humidifier in my face from then on.  It definitely helped at night and I know it will be nice to have for the baby's room when she is here.

One thing that isn't pictured and probably a little controversial is a heartbeat doppler.  I bought one for myself around week 9 because my doctor wouldn't see me for another month still and I was going crazy.  I thought if I could just hear the heartbeat at home, I would feel better and it really did help.  I got lucky though because a lot of people have a hard time finding it that early and then panic (which I totally would have done), even though nothing is wrong.  So it was a big gamble.  But I was able to find it pretty easily and listened to it twice a week (which was so cool) until I was able to regularly feel her move around 22 weeks.  I actually haven't touched it since, but at the beginning, it was so nice for the peace of mind.

What were your pregnancy must haves?  Anything I should get my hands on to get me through these last 9 weeks?!


  1. I didn't know Burts Bees made a belly butter (probably because I haven't had the need to find that out yet haha) but glad to know there are other products out there and that you like it!

  2. Were you able to hear the heartbeat as early as 9 weeks??

  3. Oh man. I almost got the Doppler! I got the BabyScope app instead. I use the Burts bees vitamin e oil and so far so good! I'll have to try the butter too! Love the scent of the oil! So good! Love the old navy tanks too! You're so close!!! Xo

  4. I want belly butter just because :)

  5. Yes to belly butter and ON tank tops. They have allowed me to still wear most of my regular shirts. I've actually got one on today! We just picked up a humidifier last week because my sinuses have been awful! And I'm checking out that website now because we haven't decided on a name either!!

  6. That heartbeat doppler sounds awesome! My doc was the same way about not getting me in for several weeks and it killed me!

  7. You can't go wrong with Burts Bees, love that they're all natural <3

  8. I love that belly butter- Jared put some in my stocking at Christmas this year and I use it too! It's helped when my stomach felt itchy/uncomfortable from growing. I also bought a couple of those exact sports bras haha!

  9. I wish I had known about the Burt's bees belly butter when I was pregnant. I loved having a Doppler when I was pregnant, the only reason I've heard about people not using it is because they think they won't pay as much attention to a decrease in movement. I used mine every day of my pregnancy(well after I got it haha) until Miller was born.

  10. Saving this for one day!!! EEEP!

  11. Yeeeesssss to Tums. They saved me especially in my final trimester with Maddox. Can't believe you are so close! Eeek!

  12. Good finds! It sounds like all of these items have been super helpful. I loved maxi skirts when I was pregnant (through the summer), and I really credit my Fitbit for keeping me motivated to stay active up to the end. I liked ThredUp for getting some J Brand maternity jeans at an awesome price.

  13. I'm taking mental notes for when I'm preggers one day :)

  14. Burt's Bees products are the best!! I had no clue that you could buy a fetal doppler, how awesome..keeping that in mind.

  15. I can't believe you are already at 31 weeks! How exciting! This list is super helpful. I'll tuck this away for later! :)

  16. Keeping all this stuff in mind for the special day when I find out I'm pregnant! haha. That'll be awhile though, not currently in a relationship! ;)

  17. Keeping all this stuff in mind for the special day when I find out I'm pregnant! haha. That'll be awhile though, not currently in a relationship! ;)

  18. Again, I will keep all this on hand whenever my time comes, especially the vitamin recommendations. I'm one of those that has a horrible time swallowing pills, so anything I can dump into a smoothie is a winner!


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