Friday, May 6, 2016

Friday's Five

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Can I just say that I'm weirdly loving this denim skirt look above?  I thought I was done with my short, frayed jean skirts when I graduated high school, but I'm actually really into this!  And now researching ones to buy for myself.... What do you guys think, am I crazy?  

Anyway, some highlights from the week!

ONE | Chicken Salad Recipe
I made chicken salad for dinner and we've been eating the leftovers all week.  It was so easy - not quite healthy, but really easy ;) I picked up a rotisserie chicken from Costco and shredded it, chopped up onion, celery and grapes, mixed it all with mayo and topped with salt and pepper and bacon crumbles.  Served on a croissant with swiss cheese - SO GOOD.  Most definitely not healthy, but the best recipes never are, are they? 

TWO | The OJ Show
We're always the last people to jump on board a bandwagon show and the OJ one has been no different.  We finally got into it this week though and haven't been able to stop watching.  I was so young when it all happened that I know the bones of the story, but not really all of the details of what happened.  It's pretty crazy.  We have two episodes left and I'm sure we'll be getting to those tonight!

THREE | Shopbop Sale
Shopbop is killing me with their surprise sales.  Can they please just stop with them and save some for this summer when I can actually buy clothes again?!?  Their return policy isn't the greatest (have to send stuff back within 15 business days for a full refund) so I hate to buy things that might not fit after baby.  A couple pieces I doooo have my eye on are this gorgeous, dainty circle necklace (under $40!), this comfy pajama set and this dress is a bit of a splurge, but how pretty is it?  I love the pink and red two tone, it would be perfect for a summer wedding.

FOUR | 3D Ultrasound
If you remember from my April goals post, I was debating on getting a 3D ultrasound done.  Well, we decided to go ahead and do it this week and I am so happy that we did.  It was crazy cool.  She's still a girl (thank the Lord, I would have had a lot of returning to do) and everything is looking great.  She had her arm up by her face the whole time so I'm curious to see if she does that outside, too and kept smiling/smirking throughout the ultrasound.  So so so glad we did it and now I really can't wait to meet her in 6 short weeks!

FIVE | Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray
My holy grail hair product.  I l-o-v-e this stuff, it's the one hair product I'll always splurge on for special occasions and never think twice.  It's the best for giving your hair some texture and hold to help curls stay in place, to make your hair look more voluminous and even as a dry shampoo.  I picked up a new bottle for my baby shower and remembered how much I adore it, but I would love to find a dupe for every day because really, the price is kinda crazy.  I've heard good things about this spray and have high hopes for it - I'll report back, but let me know if you have a great texturizing product that you love!



  1. I giggled when you said she's still a girl! So glad you got to see her little face in a way! Have a great weekend! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. We dropped off watching the OJ show after a few episodes, we just couldn't hang with it week to week BUT I think now that we can binge it we would like it more so I want to give it another try! So happy your got to see your baby girl in 3D this week! Such a cool thing. Hope you have a good weekend, love!

  3. I actually remember every thing about the OJ thing. I can remember exactly where we were during the Bronco chase thing. It was on all the TV's in the restaurant we were in. We listened to it on the radio as we drove home in case something happened... & when the verdict came in? I can remember sitting with my coworkers watching it. It really is one of those "I remember where I was" sort of life things... which is really weird.

  4. That chicken salad recipe sounds yummy! I always thought it would be cool to do the 3D ultrasound, but we didn't have that option!

  5. I feel like how Sophie acted in the womb was a very good impression of how she is in real life. Child can't ever sit still. So I'm going to guess yours could be the same as well :) I wish we would have done a 3D ultrasound!

    HAppy Mother's Day!

    liz @ j for joiner

  6. Shopbop has definitely been killin' it with the sales lately! And yay for the return of denim skirts, I honestly never got rid of mine and still wore them once in a while lol! So glad you guys got to see baby girl, can't believe she'll be here in just a few short weeks! Happy Friday <3
    Green Fashionista

  7. Ahh the 3D ultrasound does sound so cool! And pleeease tell me jean skirts are coming back?! I have one from forever ago that I loved and have held onto hoping I could bring it out again.

  8. Yay for baby still being a girl! Haha. Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend!

    Southern Style

  9. I've been saving the OJ show on our DVR and need to finally start watching it! I bet the 3D ultrasound was so cool!

  10. Aww you did the 3D ultrasound! We are thinking of doing it as well! We just want to see baby boys face so much, we might go ahead and do it!! Xo

  11. That skirt is awesome!

    Aw, I'm so glad the 3D ultrasound went so well for you!! :)

    Amy @

  12. EEK! I'm SO glad you guys did the 3d ultrasound- we got one too and I just loved it so much! And our little guy had his hands up by his face the whole time too haha. So funny and adorable!!! :) :) Happy Friday friend!

  13. Oh man, that chicken salad recipe sounds delicious! I know a way to make it healthier is to use greek yogurt instead of mayo. I really want to watch the OJ show but we're really far behind everyone and still on LOST lol So cool you did the 3D ultrasound!!

  14. Yay for doing the 3D ultrasound. I loved doing it with my kids too, it's so cool seeing them inside of you and all of the cute little things they do! You're so close!! Hope you have a great weekend!

    Amanda Kids and Cabernet

  15. That 3D ultrasound sounds so neat! I'm glad you did it. Also, now I'm hungry for chicken salad! Haha.

  16. I've never used the Oribe texturizer but I am
    Obsessed with triple sec by drybar. It's $26 I think but has lasted a super long one!

  17. Glad you got to do the 3D ultrasound! They always seem so neat. Glad she is still a she :) That was my reoccurring nightmare during my pregnancies... I'd prepared for one gender and I delivered the opposite :) Hope you have a great weekend!

  18. 3D ultraounds are the best and give you an actual idea of what they're going to look like on the outside! I am over Shopbop's return policy. They also charge $10 to return! Hope you have a great weekend! Xo

  19. OJ.... Soooo good! And how special that you got another glimpse at baby girl! Can't wait to see her!

  20. Awe, I'm so glad that you got a 3D ultrasound - what an awesome experience I bet! Please report back about the Amika texture spray, I've been wanting to try it for forever. Happy Sunday!

  21. So exciting about the 3D ultra sound! I tried the Amika spray and I. am. obsessed! xo, Champagne&Suburbs


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