Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Last Month of Pregnancy To-Do's

The last month of pregnancy... the end is near, but the days are long.  So very long.  Luckily, there are a bunch of things you can do to stay busy and help the time pass!  I rounded up 14 must do's for the last month of your pregnancy - some of them are common sense, but blame it on pregnancy brain if you forgot, and some you'll just be plain glad you did once that baby arrives.  Be sure to let me know if I missed anything, since I'm still pregnant and all...

Get To Know Your Insurance Plan
Let's start with the most boring of them all!  It's good to learn the in's and out's of what's covered during your pregnancy and hospital stay, because it ain't cheap.  If you have a large deductible or co-pay, it's nice to start setting aside money so it's not such a shock when that bill comes.

Find a Pediatrician
Get recommendations from friends/family of healthcare providers in the area and it is probably a good idea to call or meet with them to make sure they're a good match for what you're looking for.

Nail Down Maternity Leave/Childcare
If you're working, this is a good idea to have all figured out before you leave to have that baby - any paperwork that may need to be filled out, etc. - so everyone is on the same page!  And of course, you'll want to take your time finding the perfect person/place to watch your baby after you go back to work.

Install Car Seat
Just make your husband do this one ;)  They won't let you leave the hospital without a car seat installed.

Assemble the Baby Gear
The pack n play, the bouncer, the stroller, the swing, the bassinet, the rock n play, the monitor... there is a lot of stuff that needs to be put together (and don't forget buying batteries!), and it will probably be a heck of a lot easier to do it before you have the baby at home with you.

Pack Hospital Bags
Have those bad boys ready to go for anytime after 37 weeks.  You can see what we have packed in ours here.

Have a Birth Plan
It can be as simple as 'get an epidural' (mine haha) or a detailed outline of how you'd like the big day to hopefully go.  If nothing else, research your options so you can make informed decisions while you're in labor.

Date Night(s)
Get in all the date nights you still can without having to pay a babysitter!

Stock Freezer/Household Supplies
Go all out at Costco.  Fill that freezer with staples that can be made into easy meals for after you're back home and just buy all the toilet paper/paper towel you could need so you don't have to worry about it later.  If nothing else though, there is....

Amazon Prime
Sign up for the best thing that's ever going to happen to you! ;) Free, two day delivery is a beautiful thing.  We JUST got it a month ago and you can check out my thoughts on it so far here.

Tour the Hospital or Birth Center
We did this since we just moved here a year and a half ago and aren't too familiar with the hospital and I think it was SO beneficial.  It takes one less stress off of the day now that we know right where to park, where to go in the hospital and are familiar with the rooms we'll be staying in.

Wash Babies Clothes
The cutest loads of laundry you'll ever do :) Wash a few pieces to get baby started when they get home (and of course, their going home outfit) and also any blankets/towels/sheets they'll be using. 

House Deep Clean
Do it yourself (nesting is real) or have someone do it for you, but either way, you'll be thankful you did after you're home with the baby because cleaning is probably about to take a serious backseat on the to-do list.

Pamper Yourself
Saving the best for last!  Get a mani/pedi, blow out, massage, a new outfit... whatever you want, just treat yourself, because you totally deserve it, lady!



  1. Such a great to-do list of everything to remember! Still hoping that baby of yours makes an appearance here soon for your sake!

  2. Love this post! These are all great ideas for before baby comes!


  3. That's a great list! I love to get my car detailed, too! It's amazing how dirty my car can get in such a short time. Granted, I also have two toddler's, but it is so nice to have a clean car to haul the newest family member around in! Good luck and I hope your little one comes soon!

  4. This is a great list and full of awesome/relevant advice! You are SO close!

  5. Awesome list gurlie! We started assembling furniture, and H will definitely be tackling the car seat installation as we get closer to baby's due date. And YES to date nights and an epidural being your birth plan. So much yes! Looking forward to your birth announcement, she'll be here any minute <3
    Green Fashionista

  6. Definitely going to save this for when the time comes for me!! I'm hoping you've pampered yourself! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  7. Our birth plans are very similar! Haha! All I've got is get an epidural and who I want in the room with me. But, all of these are great things to take care of!

  8. Great list! My birth plan was the same. ;) Don't forget to see if they do footprints/handprints at the hospital or if you need to take your own inkpad and ask them to do it for you. Ours did not and I totally forgot about it until a few weeks later. :(

  9. Yes to all of this! I loved touring the hospital ahead of time so I was familiar with things when the time came. Squeeze in all the dates you can because it's not quite as fun when you have to pay for a babysitter. Smart thinking on the insurance, doctors set us and all those adult responsibilities. Amazon prime is my bff. Sounds like you're getting all the important things done as you wait :)

  10. Totalllllly on my list is to pamper myself, and deep clean the house!! Great list!! Xo

  11. Yes, yes and YES! You nailed it. Those freezer meals are such lifesavers!

  12. Where is that BABY!!!! I keep checking your insta!! Labor dust to you!

  13. Yes to all of these! We're having someone come to do a deep clean before the baby gets here. Also we've been reading up on how to prepare our first babies, the dogs, for the baby's arrival home.

  14. I'm hoping you're relaxing in these final days!! Seriously, when this time comes for us I'm going to be re-reading all of these recent posts!

  15. is it totally funny to write that you should have your bags packed at week 37? b/c that is exactly how i felt when i got to 41 weeks. every day i'd see my bag on the floor, mocking me. :)

  16. Washing baby clothes was my favorite favorite part! Thinking about you!!!

  17. Love this list! Washing baby clothes sounds so fun and I hate laundry!!

  18. Such a perfect list! I definitely feel like I have preggo brain (or should I just say Mom brain since my preggo brain from the first baby hasn't went away! ha) I definitely need to start getting the baby gear and clothes situated and pack a hospital bag! Thanks for the reminders!


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