Monday, August 1, 2016

What I Really Used From My Hospital Bag

Good morning!  Happy AUGUST!!  Oh my gosh, where is the summer going.

This post today is a follow up to one I wrote back in May about what I had packed in my hospital bag.  I'm a chronic over-packer, so I knew I wasn't going to use everything that I had brought.  Here's what I really ended up using and a couple of things I WISHED I would have packed that I didn't...

+ Pajamas/lounge clothes.  Yes yes yes.  Most important.  The morning after Hadley was born, I took my first shower and changed into my own clothes and I honestly felt like a new person.  I brought a cheap pair (but still cute of course because pictures!) because the recovery process was a bit messy - to put it nicely, haha - and that way I didn't care if they got ruined.  This pair was sooo comfy.  (I never did use my robe I had packed, but I've used it tons since being home.)

+ Slippers and flip flops were nice to have.  Hospital floors are gross and you're going to be at least a little swollen so slip on shoes are your best bet.  Again I went with cheap slippers for the same reason as above and these worked out perfectly.

+ A sports bra to help prevent my milk from coming in.  I couldn't breastfeed unfortunately, so my doctor told me to bring a super tight sports bra and start wearing it immediately after giving birth.  My milk still came in a couple days after coming home, but it wasn't too bad.  I also wrapped my chest with an ace bandage over the bra.

+ Camera and charger... of course!!  This is the biggest day of your life and you're going to want to document everything.  Don't forget to make sure the camera is charged BEFORE you go to the hospital.

+ Toiletries: so I didn't wash my hair while we were at the hospital since we were only there for a short time and I didn't want to deal with it, but it was so nice to have my own face wash and toothbrush and I even did throw on some makeup.  Remember, so. many. pictures!  And lots of visitors, too.  Besides, I just felt better once I pulled myself together and threw on a little concealer.  (I didn't touch the stretch mark cream I brought).

+ My own pillow!  I was so glad to have this.  Way more comfy than hospital pillows and it was nice to smell like home when I was (attempting) to get some sleep.

+ Maxi dress/loose fitting maternity outfit for going home.  Two days after giving birth, I still looked six months pregnant so you're definitely not going to be wearing your skinny jeans home (sadly).
Other things I didn't use: my own underwear because the mesh underwear is the most fabulous thing ever (steal allll of it), anything entertainment-wise because there was so much going on at all times, a belly binder because I couldn't handle anything super tight on my stomach for a few days after - even tank tops were driving me crazy - and snacks.  Our hospital had tons of food available 24/7, so we barely got into our stash that we packed.

One thing I wish I would have brought for myself... my own toilet paper!  I originally had it on my list, but a few people said I wouldn't need it so I didn't pack any.  But in the hospital, they wanted me to 'pat' things dry down there after using the peri-bottle and the TP was so scratchy I wanted to die.  Definitely just throw a roll in there just in case!

+ A going home outfit is a must, but don't be like me and pack like 5 different outfits for her to wear throughout the hospital stay, haha so not necessary.  She only wore these side snap shirts the entire time because they were so easy and besides, she was swaddled the entire time anyway.

+ Bring a newborn hat if you have/want one!  I ordered Hadley's from Infant Teenie Beanie and thought it was way cuter than the typical hospital one... I mean it had a bow on it :)

+ We did bring a couple swaddle blankets from home, but barely used them.  Things seemed to get dirty quickly (probably because we'd never changed a diaper before she was born, ha) and it was nice to have tons of freshly clean ones on hand from the hospital.  Plus it's less laundry to do when you get home!

Other things we didn't use: pacifiers, baby book (our hospital doesn't do the baby footprints there - they give you stuff to take home to do it, but your hospital might be different so make sure to check if that's important to you) and the boppy pillow.  Honestly, you don't need much for the babies.  The hospital provides literally everything - diapers, wipes, swaddles, burp cloths, etc. - which is nice.

Keep in mind, I had a vaginal delivery without any complications and we were only in the hospital for 48 hours, so this list may look differently than someone who had a c-section for example.  But let me know if you have any questions!  I know lots of you are about to have babies soon and I'm so excited for you.  It's an experience like none other and those days in the hospital as a new family are some of the sweetest of your life!


  1. This was awesome girl! Just pinned it for future use :) Super informative! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Great list! I'm trying to soak up all these kinds of posts for when I have a baby one day!

    Her Heartland Soul

  3. Awesome list, definitely saving for reference in about ummmmm 2 months which is craziness to me! LOL at the mesh underwear, totally believe it and yessss to flip flops and maxi dresses <3
    Green Fashionista

  4. Cheap TP is the worst without birthing a baby... so I can't imagine but that MAKES. SENSE. lol!!

  5. TP!! That is a great one. That hospital toilet paper is like literally wiping with notebook paper lol! Great tips!

  6. Pinning this for future use - this is so helpful!

  7. I always enjoy reading these types of posts to see what is really used and needed!

  8. As always, so helpful - thank you! 4 weeks and counting so this is perfect for my to-do list this week.
    Quick question - what camera do you have? And do you like it/would you recommend? We can't decide between Canon and Nikon. We want an easy-to-use nice camera (and honestly, use our iPhones most of the time but figure now is a good time to invest in a nicer camera.

    1. We were the same way with figuring this was the best time to get a nice camera! We ended up going with a Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX7 and I do like it! I'm not the best at using all the features yet, but it has a great standard mode for when you're still learning how to use it. Getting so excited for you!!

  9. Oh the glorious, glorious mesh underwear!! I love them so much! Please tell me you totally get why I said the witch hazel smell will haunt you now (ew!!!)

  10. It's always interesting to hear what you really need. Great tip about the toilet paper, haha...I probably wouldn't think of that!

  11. Obviously I'm saving this for later - it's good to know what you did and didn't use! I've heard cheap pajamas are definitely the way to go because for the reasons you briefly mentioned lol. :)

  12. This is a great list - thanks for sharing. Love the bag too :)

  13. Patting dry.... The worst! Bahahahaha!

  14. I like your list, it seems way less fuss than most peoples! Pinning this so I have it in a few months when I need it :) That hat is the cutest ever by the way!!!!

  15. Mesh underwear? I've never heard of that... why isn't that a thing for everyone :) haha

    Everything is better with comfy jammies & your own pillow.

  16. Fantastic post!! I sent it over to my friend who is having her baby in November :)

  17. Woohoo was def waiting for this post! I'm curious about the mesh underwear. I packed my own just incase! I found out our hospital provides everything for baby too so I basically took everything out for him except special things I wanted to have for him. Need to do a post soon, this is so fun to see what you actually used vs what you packed! Thanks for sharing! Xo

  18. Pinned and saved for my own packing in a few months-super informative. Thanks!

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  20. I always love seeing a "what's in my bag" post, no matter the occasion. Definitely great tips for the future! P.S. Love that tiny hat you for Haddie!

    Southern Style

  21. Super interesting! I hardly used anything I brought. I had a really hard recovery and felt like making it to and from the bathroom was a giant success, so I didn't actually even shower or do anything to myself while we were in the hospital. Which is kind of gross but then again it's all kind of gross. Ha! But seriously that mesh underwear. I bought some size L underwear to wear home thinking I was sizing up and just... no.

  22. this is such a good post, always helpful to read after the fact rather than before. you don't really know until you do it! the mesh underwear sounds fabulous hahaha

  23. Yes to the mesh underwear! I didn't touch the 10 (I'm not even joking) pair I packed! While I didn't use them after delivery, I brought my own sheets for the week I was in the hospital before delivery. Made my bed so much more comfortable!


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