Thursday, September 22, 2016

My Top 10 Newborn Essentials

Hadley will be 3 months old on Sunday (what?!) and I feel like we're finally beginning to emerge from that 'newborn fog'.  We're getting into a routine, real naps are happening, there's less crying, we're getting out and about, and things are just getting easier in general.  The last 3 months are a bit of a blur (especially that first month) and there are quite a few things we couldn't have survived without.  Okay, maybe an exaggeration, but these are the things that made life feel just a little bit easier when I had no idea what I was doing!

Before Hadley was born, I wondered if I had bought too many swaddle blankets.  After Hadley was born, I realized there is no such thing as too many swaddle blankets!  I would grab a new one every morning and use it all day for all kinds of things: keeping her warm, wiping up spit up, wrapping her up for daytime naps (we didn't use these at night), letting her lay on it, etc.  You can't go wrong with anything by Aden + Anais and these bamboo blankets from Amazon and so super soft.

I love love love the Halo Bassinest.  It's a bassinet that sits right up next to your bed and can even swivel over your bed.  One side bends down to easily pick baby up and all of the sides are completely mesh so it feels like you're cosleeping.  We literally sleep face to face and I love it.  She's probably going to stay in there till she outgrows it, ha!

We tried tons of different swaddle blankets for at night, but the Miracle Blanket worked the best for us.  I like that it keeps baby contained by the weight of their own body, so she couldn't wriggle out easily (although she can now).  We have two of them and while they're pricey, we have found them to be totally worth it.

A must have to help baby sleep at night!  They're used to coming from your belly, hearing random noises all day, and so they hate to be in the quiet.  This definitely rang true for Hadley and we have to have the noise machine on for her to sleep at all.  We use the Dohm and I like it - it's a neutral color that blends in with our decor and it's small enough that we can travel with it.

Babies are gassy little creatures - I had no idea!  We got lucky with Hadley and she doesn't seem to have too many problems in that area, but when she does - gas drops to the rescue.  I don't know if I ever mentioned it on the blog, but the first night we were home from the hospital, she screamed from 10pm-4am.  We finally had to wake Nick's mom up to help us and immediately she realized that Hadley had gas!  I didn't feel comfortable giving her gas drops at 3 days old, but we started using them when she was 2 weeks as approved by our pediatrician.  Another one many swear by is gripe water.

Mam's were the best pacifiers at the newborn stage because they are super tiny.  We had a bunch of them scattered around the house and they really did help calm her down.

So, obviously you need a car seat - they won't let you leave the hospital without one - but can I just say that I seriously love ours, the Nuna Pipa, because of the canopy?  It has a little shade that comes down from the handle and magnets that hold it down by her feet so she's completely covered.  (Here is a picture because that was a terrible description haha).  It's perfect for bringing newborns out and about so you don't have strangers reaching in to touch them with all their germs.  Other pro's for the Pipa: the most lightweight carseat out there, very easy to install, it's gorgeous and well made, and is very highly rated in the safety department.

I've mentioned this before, but we picked up this super cheap bath sponge to put in her bathtub when she was so tiny at the beginning.  Of course we didn't do real baths until her cord fell off, but once we started, this thing was a must have.

This was what our hospital provided for the babies to wear and as soon as we got home, we went out and bought a bunch of them.  In fact she still wears them to bed most nights!  They are long sleeve shirts that button on the sides which make alllll of those diaper changes you're doing at the beginning just a little bit easier.  (This may not be the best, warmest choice if you have a winter baby though.)

If you splurge on one thing, make it the chair/glider in your babies room.  You will spend so. much. time in that chair that you better love it!  Make sure to test them out.  I was so set on one from Pottery Barn Kids and when we visited the store, I just didn't love sitting in any of them.  We went with this glider from Babies R Us and it's perfect for me and matches with our decor (scotch guard is always a great idea, too).  

And for formula moms, a couple of must haves.  We love the Dr. Browns bottles.  We used Avent at first and I just wasn't a big fan, so we switched over in the second week and have never looked back.  Yes they have SO MANY PARTS (and washing them sucks - won't lie), but the parts are there to keep gas at bay and I truly believe that's why Hadley hasn't had very many problems.  And second, the Baby Brezza also known the best thing ever.  It makes perfect bottles in 3 seconds.  No bubbles, perfect temp, no work required on your part.  It's amazing, especially in the middle of the night.  Nick didn't think that we needed one before she was born, and after she was here he wanted to get one for upstairs, too ha!

The thing I was most shocked that Hadley didn't like was the Rock N Play. I KNOW!  Everyone swears up and down by this, but every time I would put her in it, she was not a happy camper.  I gave up on it after the first month and just packed it away.

Whew, sorry that was so long.  I devoured this kind of stuff when I was pregnant though, so I tried to give as much detail as I possibly could!  Let me know if you have any questions and be sure to share your favorites - I've already got a list going for the next baby (#1 on it is a Dock A Tot), so I love to hear what others couldn't live without!



  1. Gosh, I can't believe it's already been three months. I'll definitely save this list for when that time comes. My mom has always told me, a comfortable glider will be the best decision you've ever made. I used to nanny full-time and those noise machines are life savers. They put me and the baby to sleep, lol.

  2. Thank you for writing this post!!! My baby shower is on Sunday and I have been making check off lists of what I registered for and then deciding what we will and won't buy if we don't get it at the shower. I already went ahead and bought the Baby Brezza, it was on sale $35 off on Zulily and I couldn't pass that up!

  3. Time flies so fast!! Love this list--I feel like all of the baby related stuff can be so overwhelming--there's SO MUCH out there! Pinning for later! :)

  4. I agree about the rock n play...I thought it was a sure thing since my first babe loved it...but my second babe wouldn't stay asleep in it, so we packed it away too. We love the Love to Dream Swaddle UP swaddles and the Woombie swaddles.

  5. Our little guy was formula fed as well, as we swore by Dr Brown's and the Baby Brezza as well!! What a time saver - especially in those wee hours in the morning when you're still half asleep!

  6. I have a few of these things on my list already, so yay!!! That stinks that the Rock n Play didn't work for you. Goes to show you that every baby is different. I registered for a pack of Dr Browns and a pack of Avent bottles because I knew that you might have to try a few to find ones that you will like. I am going to try the breastfeeding thing but if I cant or it doesn't work out I am 100% getting a baby breeza. Everyone raves about them!!

  7. Saving this for down the road! I love recs like these and how detailed you were. The Baby Brezza sounds like a huge help!

  8. Loving this list! I was starting to wonder if we had too many swaddle blankets, and it sounds like we should be good! And we also registered for the Dohm noise machine, and a portable one too for her car seat/pack and play/stroller etc... I'll have to remember the gas drops as well! Can't believe your little princess is almost 3 months! <3
    Green Fashionista

  9. This is awesome! So many different items that I didn't even have on my registry. Researching the "best" of this or that is exhausting so I'm completely mooching off of your experience! Thanks!

  10. Doing baby photos, I stock up myself on Swaddle blankets. They are instantly calmer when snuggled in tight.
    & also a sound machine. I keep an app on my phone when I do those pics. I put it under the blanket they are on so its near them... I always have parents download the app too after I leave & hear they play it in the night while getting them back to sleep :)

    You should do a post on things people told you to get or what you thought you needed, but found out you never really use. That'd be helpful to new mommy's ;)

  11. saving this!!! sooo helpful! I am so overwhelmed with registering. I know the majority of stuff to get because my sister has two babies but I love hearing other opinions. Does the Nuna Pipa have a certain stroller that goes with it? I love the look of it. We are leaning toward Uppa Baby but heard their buckets are pretty heavy

  12. So funny my list would look absolute different than yours! Baby's are soooo different! Can't wait to share my list! My Lucas LOVES the rock and play!!! πŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

  13. I tell everyone about the side snap shirts... a must!

  14. great post! i lived in our rocking chair when Violet was little, so i agree that's a must :) xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  15. You know what's crazy? How quickly baby stuff becomes outdated and the hot new thing comes in! I have my eye on that halo bassinet for our next baby (whenever that may be). Great post girl!

  16. My baby girl will be three months Saturday! Babies are all so different. Mine hates a swaddle and hates a blanket over her period and loves the rock n play which is probably my number one thing I couldn't live without! She sleeps so well in it! She hates a swing! One of my must haves is the munchkin diaper bag dispenser for the dirty diapers while out and about! The nosefrida has been great for us too! I thought it was RIDICULOUS... Until she got a cold from her big brother! A cold this young is so scary but the nosefrida was a lifesaver! I swear by a noise machine or noise app too. She likes the hairdryer sound and it helps drown the noise out when my husband gets up for work and my son for school.

  17. Great list! Thank you. I added a couple of things from here to my registry.

  18. I've got a similar post in the works! I really wish we had invested in the Halo Bassinest. I've even considered still getting one. Do you know the weight limit on them? And yes to the gas drops...they've saved our sanity on more than one occasion!

  19. i think the thing that scares me the most is that you honestly have no idea what the baby will like - or what will work for you as parents - until they are here. like i've heard the rock n play is amazing, but Haddie didn't like it. you love the halo bassinet, my friend wanted to throw it out on the curb she hated it so much (i was like, no, please give it to me hahaha). it's terrifying not knowing! i like to prepare, especially because these things cost money lol. if we formula feed, i will absolutely get one of those brezza things because hashtag lazy.


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