Friday, October 21, 2016

A Day In The Life (With a 16 Week Old)

Good morning! I'm so excited because I've finally gotten my act together for a 'day in the life' post! These are my absolute FAVORITE to read. I love seeing how others spend their days and manage their time. I've been trying to do one since Hadley girl was 8 weeks old, but I wanted to document just a regular day and it seemed like something would always come up on the days I had planned to do it. But! On Wednesday, October 19th, everything aligned and I was able (and actually remembered) to document an entire day of our new life. I'd say it was a pretty typical day with Hadley. Some good times, some cry fests, you know just a little bit of everything. So here we go! A day in the life with a 16 week old.

5:15am: Hadley is up and crying in her bassinet right next to our bed, ready for her first feed of the day. She's been sleeping since 8:30pm and we are amazed because she hasn't really gone that long before without eating! I change her and feed her and we're back in bed within 30 minutes. I'm actually able to fall back asleep easily for once (it always seems to take me forever).

7am: Nick is getting ready for work and Hadley is stirring, but thankfully puts herself back to sleep.

8am: Nick comes in our room before we leave for work and Brady gets so excited he starts snorting (haha) and wakes up Hadley and I.  She's not a happy camper to be woken up so I run downstairs to get her a bottle and then all is right in the world. After she's done eating, I change her and then her Brady and I head back downstairs. I let Brady out, feed him breakfast, and pour myself a bowl of cereal and a big glass of cold water.  Hadley happily hangs out in her mamaroo while I eat.

9am: We had back upstairs to Hadley's room where we 'read' the Black & White book - basically we just look at the pictures and she bangs her fists against it. I have been trying to read right before naptime because I find it helps her unwind. Right after, I wrap her up in her Halo sleep sack and put her down for a nap. She falls asleep super quickly.

9:30am: I head back downstairs and get going on my chores. I wash all of the bottles so we're set for the day, pay a few bills and respond to blog emails + catch up on my favorite blogs.

10:15am: Hadley is awake, so I go grab her and we head to her playmat to hang out and do tummy time. I try and follow the sleep, eat, play routine, but lately she's been taking shorter naps so it doesn't work out. It's more important to me to keep her feeds spaced out to 3 hours (unless she's super fussy) so it usually ends up being more like sleep, play, eat, play.

10:50am: Feed.

11:05am: She's done eating and I'm dying to take a shower. I usually take them at night after she's asleep because it's my favorite way to relax before bed, but last night I was out for a Junior League event and was too tired when I got home. I put Hadley in this little bouncy seat we keep upstairs and she's happy to chill out in there for a little bit right outside the shower. I quickly rinse off, make the bed and then get changed. It's beautiful outside today and I plan on going out for a walk, so I throw on athletic clothes - although let's be honest, 90% of the time now that's what you'll find me wearing.

My new favorite leggings!

11:30am: Hadley is starting to fuss, so I know it's about nap time again. We do a diaper change and then read a book. She's pretty cranky when I try and put her down and I have to rock her for a little bit.

12pm: She's finally sleeping! Nick usually gets home for lunch around this time and it's nice to be able to hang out for a little bit during the day. I have a toasted turkey/swiss/avocado open faced sandwich with chips and a pear. I eat some sort of turkey sandwiches like every day - easily the hardest thing I had to give up while pregnant!

12:45pm: Nick is back to work. I let Brady out and prep dinner (having stuffed peppers) while I wait for Hads to wake up. Her naps are typically 45 minutes to 1 hour lately.

1pm: Hadley shows no signs of stirring so I sit down at my computer and work on this blog post.

2:10pm: I am SHOCKED she's still sleeping. We're going on over 2 hours! I want to keep her on her eating schedule though, so I go and wake her up to feed her. 

2:25pm: She's done eating and I get her dressed for the day. Easily one of the most fun parts - picking out her cute clothes! My friend texts me and wonders if we want to stop over for a walk in a little bit (yes).

2:45pm: We're out the door to head to Babies R Us to pick up Hadley's Halloween costume (!!) and I throw the stroller in the trunk so we can walk with our friends on our way back home.
Apparently someone didn't want to wear her shoes, ha!
3:30pm: We're leaving Babies R Us and stop to walk with our friends. Hadley is getting fussy and I can tell she's ready for another nap, so we make it a short walk today. We try and walk a couple times a week, but this will probably one of our last times as the weather is really going downhill. Blah.
4:15pm: Back home and Hadley is down for another nap. Brady and I head outside so he can burn off some energy by playing frisbee and chewing on sticks and we end up meeting a new neighbor from down the street. This pretty much makes Brady's day - friendliest dog in the world.

5pm: I wake Haddie up for her dinner feed. She's super sleepy so I'm thinking she'll go back to sleep right after she's finished eating for her final nap of the day (this one can be a struggle).

5:20pm: She's done and is fighting sleep, but keeps yawning and fussing. She finally falls asleep after some rocking, but when I go to set her down in her bassinet, eyes WIDE open. She starts crying so I pick her back up to calm her down. Within minutes she's asleep again. I set her down and exact same thing happens. But now she's wailing. After a few minutes, she's calm again and I attempt to put her down a third time - WHAT WAS I THINKING. At this point she starts screaming her head off. I wonder if she's still hungry so I make her a two ounce bottle. She eats one ounce and is still crying. I feel like she is maybe overtired? But who knows sometimes!

6pm: Nick is home, so I pass her off hoping that he can get her to fall asleep and I can get dinner in the oven (thank goodness I did all the prep work earlier).

6:20pm: We give up. Apparently she's not going to nap right now. We take her downstairs so we can eat dinner, put her in her mamaroo and she's as happy as a clam haha.

Recipe here!
7pm: Cleaning up dinner and the three of us (plus Brady) head up to Hadley's room to hang out. We try on her Halloween costume, she plays on her playmat and we attempt to get Brady to like her (he hates her). 
7:30pm: Bath time! This is Hadley's favorite time of the day! She loves the bath and so we do one every single night.
Nursery post here
7:45pm: Girly's got her PJs on and we head to our bedroom to feed her. I keep the lights low so she'll hopefully get sleepy, but she eats and then is super cranky. It takes an hour of Nick and I going on and off to settle her and get her to fall asleep. Exactly why she shouldn't skip that evening nap! Also, she just started rolling over and when we set her down (we try to put her down drowsy, but awake) she rolls right over and is all upset and can't roll back. No idea how to stop this.
8:45pm: She's finally asleep. Nick and I are on the couch. I'm trying to finish up After You since I promised to lend it to a friend this weekend. I've also been reading it since August soooo it's about time.
9pm: We watch the final Presidential debate. That's all I'm going to say about that ;)

10:15pm: We let Brady out and head upstairs. I jump in the shower and then we're in bed by 10:45pm. Totally exhausted, but it was a good day. Probably a pretty typical day with a 3 month old!
Whew, major props if you made it all the way through that! So long, but I really wanted to document every little thing about our day. I know I'll LOVE looking back and reading these in the future and hope to do them more often now. Happy Friday! We're off to Chicago this weekend - Hadley's first time! - so be sure to follow along on Instagram :)


  1. I love these posts! It seems like you and Haddie have a pretty good schedule going! And that's awesome Nick gets to come home during lunch! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  2. Loved reading this post!!! Especially since before I know it, I'll have a newborn in my arms. The dogs waking up Rory when she naps is probably one of the most things I'm concerned about. Tigger and Audrey aren't the ones I'm concerned about though. They're pretty much typical Bulldogs that prefer to spend their day alternating between eating (and drinking and going potty of course), napping, and watching t.v. Best laziest dogs ever! Gary on the other hand is a hyper hound and loves to instigate trouble and play and loves being super obnoxiously loud all the time. I'm hoping sometime between now and the time Rory is born, he'll calm down with the howling and craziness but that usually doesn't happen until hounds are about 2 (if I'm lucky) and he is only 9 months old. Sooo wish me good luck with that ha!

  3. Percy is completely indifferent to Camden, too! Cam has only very recently (in the last week or so) has started to get really excited to see him and wants to put him and stuff. I loved seeing this peek inside your day! That picture of her swaddled up in her bassinet is just the cutest! Remember that night I told you C woke up four times in one night? Yeah, that was the first night he decided he wanted to roll over to his tummy and he woke up mad every time. I wish I had advice but he just kind of got over it after two nights. Hoping that's true for you all soon!!

  4. Day in the life posts are always so fun! I have been meaning to do one forever now. So many naps and feedings and oh my! I feel like I just got a glimpse of a very near in the future day in my life :) What is Haddie going to be for Halloween? She just is so adorable in her little stroller smiling away. I liked After You.

  5. These are seriously always my favorite posts to read! I've tried to write one like 10 times and always forget to keep documenting or some days I haven't moved from my desk at work for 10 hours and nobody wants to see that boring of a day lol. I love your kitchen table and chairs btw.

  6. I think it's really interesting to see a day in the life, especially with a baby :)

  7. I cant wait to see that Halloween costume!!!
    She looks SO BIG in that car seat!! What the heck!!!!
    Good for you getting books involved in her life so early. It will make a difference as she grows - watch & see!
    I love these posts...
    That's the life - to be able to sleep & get woken up to eat ;)

  8. Love this! I can't imagine trying to manage that many feedings and naps in a day. I get exhausted just reading about it! Major props to all the mamas out there :)

  9. Love this post :) So darling!!! You are doing great momma
    Chelsea @

  10. Oh the mommy life, you are rocking it out. :)

  11. Freaking love reading this, I feel like it's a flash forward to my life! I laughed when you said that "Brady hates her" lol, I wonder how my cat will react - she hates loud noises so I'm thinking not great. Sounds like Haddie is a typical baby during the "bewitching" - or is it "witching" hour. Right around 5-6! My friend's babies did that too. Aye! Have a great time in chi-town!

  12. I so wish that I was able to stay home! I love these post too! And Haddie is doing such a good job holding that head up!

  13. What a great day in the life. It's hard not knowing why your baby is crying. I remember so very fondly all the nights that Sofia would cry and cry and we tried everything until finally a swing was the answer. Keep up the good work though, Mama!

  14. What a fun post!! I love these, especially the ones for SAHM! That's so nice that Nick can come home for lunch - sounds like a super nice way to break the day up a little :) Haddie looks so happy and adorable! Can't wait to see her Halloween outfit! Sounds like a good day - have fun in Chicago!!

  15. These are seriously my favorite and every time I read one I am reminded how I want to do another! I love her kicking off her little moccs-my little guy does the same thing! I am always afraid we are going to lose them! Also laughed out loud that part of your day is trying to get the dog to like her because he hates her-so funny! You are lucky to still be home with her-hope you are soaking up all the sweet moments!

  16. I loved reading this! So fun to learn what your days with Haddie are like! Hope you three have the best time in Chicago this weekend!

  17. Love reading these! Haddie is seriously the cutest, and of course I can't forget about Brady!

    Southern Style

  18. She's so cute. You guys are rockstars. Have fun this weekend :)

  19. Whew! I hardly remember these early days with Mallory (the little girl I nanny part-time. I was her full-time nanny for the first 3 years of her life. These days I do the photography thing full time, but I still get to hang out with her a couple of hours a week). It was such a blur looking back. So you will LOVE having this post to look back on!

    Also, I don't have kids of my own, but during the day-time hours I pretty much always live in work-out clothes so no judgement here. Unless I'm meeting a client or at a photoshoot, I'm definitely in yoga pants. The perks of working from home. ;) I do dress a little nicer in the evenings since we always have something going on at night time and such, but if I'm just going about normal day-time activities then I'm probably in cozy clothes. :)

  20. You are my hero!!! I don't know how you do it all, but judging by those sweet smiles, you're doing a great job!!

  21. I am so impressed at your ability to document all this and you will be so happy to have this to look back on when she is older! You sound like you have such a good routine down!

  22. I loved reading about your day, thanks for the honest post :-) Also, that's a great book

  23. This was such a fun read! I love little sneak peeks into other's lives!

  24. Day in the life posts are seriously my favorite! First of all, Hattie couldn't be any cuter, gah! Secondly, I'm super jealous that nick gets to come home for lunch!

  25. I also love these posts and well done for getting round to it - I need to get on to it asap! Loved your day with your precious baby girl x

    P.S. I'm also jealous your hubs is home for lunch!

  26. I love reading these types of posts and major props for remembering to document it all!

  27. I love these posts! And especially this one because I can definitely relate! Oh, the struggle of the evening nap...I know it all too well. Make sure they get it, but don't nap too late... then, they're too awake for bedtime... It's seriously so hard to master! And you just never know if they are going to go down easily or fussy at this age. I'm glad Bennett hasn't figured out how to roll yet... I'm sure that will be a whole new sleep regression stage for him! Could you share tips on how you transitioned Haddie out of the swaddle... I'm so bad and still dreading it!

  28. These are always my favorite types of posts too. I loved getting to see your day with your baby girl and your baby boy aka Brady. :) Thank you for sharing!

    Amy @

  29. It seems like you have a pretty solid routine down! I'm sure that helps so much with your day. I'm laughing that Brady isn't too fond of Haddie - I sure hope that changes as she gets older. Can't wait to see the Halloween costume!

  30. Oh noo is Brady jellybelly? I've been following the blog for a while. The first post I read was actually the one when Brady ate a rock lol. We had just adopted a dog and I was in all kinds of despair over things she did so I was searching blogs to hopefully commiserate hehe. Been following ever since!

  31. Love these posts and it totally reminds me of having a baby again. Seems like you have a good routine down and she is just too cute!

  32. Loved peeking into your day! This is the perfect time to do a post like this with all these cute everyday three month old moments!

  33. dang girl, what a busy day! i love to read day in the life posts, i keep meaning to do one but i do not lead an exciting life. such a bummer that brady doesn't like her, hope that changes soon!

  34. I love reading this! :) I should really try to do one if we have a 'normal' day too haha- I know what you mean! Seems like you guys have a good system going- bath time is our favorite too! Is there anything cuter than a clean baby in a towel?! :) T goes to bed SO early and I wish I knew how to change that, I try to push it back but he gets SO fussy in the evenings.


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