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Hadley: Five Months

So, our photo shoots are getting harder and harder with each passing month as evidenced by these pictures! Our five month shoot went a little something like this: no, don't roll over - stop grabbing your blanket - take your hands out of your mouth for two seconds - okay I guess you can roll over - no crying - let's try up on the chair - aaaand I think we're done... ha! They crack me up just looking at them. Girlfriend is constantly moving and I love it. I think the pictures completely convey where she's at in her little life right now! Here are some other things to remember from this month... (ps. this is the softest, comfiest baby blanket EVER)

Stats: I never updated her weight/height after her 4 month check up, but she was 12 pounds, 12 ounces (16%) and 26.2 inches (97%). She's keeping right on her growth chart track. Long and lean girl.

Eating: Nothing out of the ordinary to report this month, thankfully! All is going well. She does have some days where I can tell that her teeth are bothering her and she'll chew on the nipple more and be less interested in eating, but from what I hear regarding teething, that's pretty normal.

Sleeping: Oh Lord, this deserves its own post. We had a rough month with sleep, but I think (and I hesitate to say this in fear of jinxing things) that we're coming out of the other side. The 4 month sleep regression was a very real thing. Lots of screaming, lots of car naps, lots of night wake ups, it sucked. But I worked hard on getting her to take naps and to establish a good bedtime routine, and I think it's paying off. She's actually a tummy sleeper now. She still sleeps in our room in her bassinet... which I said she would do until 12 weeks, but we're going on like 22 now, oops. I just love sleeping next to her and don't want to move her!

But really, I'm going to write an entire post about our sleep problems and how I somewhat fixed them - fellow moms, let me know if you have any questions you'd be interested in hearing about. Not that I'm an expert like at all haha, but I'm willing to share my experience.

Likes: Everything. She's literally the happiest baby. She love love loves her exersaucer, this glow worm, sleeping in her carseat, babbling away, grabbing my hair, these teething beads, her wubbanub, bathtime (loves kicking and splashing in the water!) and honestly just putting anything in her mouth, ha! Oh and now when she sees Brady, Nick or I, her entire face lights up. That's my favorite.

Dislikes: Truly not much. She's started to understand when she's about to be fed and as I'm carrying her and her bottle, she starts to whine and reach towards it. Sometimes cranky when she wakes up from a short nap. But otherwise, almost always cheerful! (How did we get so lucky?!)

Milestones: Rolling from her tummy to her back! This took her a LONG time to figure out - and was a big source of our sleep problems - but she can do it no problem now. She is starting to finally laugh a lot more and is constantly 'talking'. She can usually put her pacifier back in her mouth when she's in her bassinet. And she can almost sit up (with help), which is insane to me! Slow down, girl!

Postpartum: Keeps getting better and better, especially now that we're getting more regular sleep. I swear sleep makes a huge difference in how I feel. It's time to get rid of that pregnancy (and Thanksgiving) weight though, so we joined a gym over the weekend. They have daycare which will be nice for her to have some interaction with people other than me, and let's be honest- it's also nice for me to have just an hour to myself a couple times a week. And this is crazy, but I already feel like she's getting so big and isn't my tiny baby anymore and a couple times over the last few weeks I already found myself thinking about baby #2. Which definitely isn't happening for a while (!!!), but I must be feeling better to even be thinking about going down that newborn road again, ha! They really just change so quickly and I'm trying to enjoy and soak up every single minute because holy crap does it go fast.

Can't even believe next month she will be 6 months - and on Christmas Day at that!

Thanksgiving 2016 Snaps

I still can't believe Thanksgiving has come and gone! We had a great weekend! Nick was off of work from Wednesday through Sunday and it was awesome. Lots of good family time, lots of shopping done, lots of Homeland episodes watched, and a few house projects checked off of that (never ending) to do list.

This was our first year cooking up on our own Thanksgiving meal at home and we loved it. Everything went perfectly - I kept waiting for us to epically mess something up because that always happens, right? But everything turned out deliciously, was all done at one time, and even coordinated perfectly with nap time so Hads could join in on the fun! She hasn't had any real food yet, but she's definitely starting to get curious about it. She was content to just hang out in her jumper for this year while we got after it.

{Nick did our turkey in the smoker and it was SO GOOD. There is definitely no going back to regular old turkey again. Ps. now that is a great gift idea for the men in your life: a smoker. He loves that thing and so do I because it means I don't have to cook and just get to reap the benefits aka delicious food from it, ha!}

{Can I get a bite of that?! She's recently obsessed with this exersaucer - on sale right now!}

{My family came over later in the day (after naps for all of us) for dessert and we made them take a family photo for us! I've never been so thankful as I have this Thanksgiving. I have a happy and healthy family, a crazy pup, a roof over my head, and food on my table. That's all that really matters in life.}

{This girl turned FIVE months old on Friday! Can't even believe it. Hoping to get her update up this week!}

{On Sunday, we took our Christmas card pictures at a tree farm and it was the cutest place ever! Christmas cards are my favorite, can't wait to start filling up the fridge. Send me your address if you want to swap!}

{Attempting to decorate the tree on Sunday night while Nick was at hockey with a baby that didn't want to be put down and a dog that considers ornaments his own personal toys was... fun! And then we couldn't even get a good picture despite 25 tries. I ended up saving that project for after everyone went to bed ;)}

And, just like that, the weekend was over. Bring it on Christmas! It's the most wonderful time of the year! 

Three AWESOME Cyber Monday Sales

In case you missed my Black Friday post, most of these sales are still happening, so catch up here!

Have you guys been taking advantage of all of the amazing sales going on?! I definitely have and am happy to report that I'ma bout 90% done with my Christmas shopping! That is most definitely a first - I'm usually running around the week of Christmas - and it feels so, so good that I can just enjoy the rest of the holiday season without the stress of finding that perfect gift. I plan on finishing up today because some of the Cyber Monday deals are unreal. Here are three of my favorites - let me know the best deal you've found!

Pottery Barn Kids has Anywhere Chairs for $49 (plus free shipping)!!! This is the BEST deal! I ordered one for Hadley on Black Friday and am kicking myself for not waiting till today, because I paid $100. I'm going to see if I can get a price adjustment. Shop the Anywhere Chairs here.

And, the PBK stockings are on super sale! I've never seen them so cheap. We love ours, they're great quality.

Amazon is running a discount on books - $10 off of your $25 book purchase. They must come from the Amazon warehouse, but most Prime books do. Use code HOLIDAYBOOK. Books are a great gift/stocking stuffer for the whole family! I went with cookbooks for myself, because I may or may not be getting a Kindle for Christmas. (I am. And can't even wait!!!) Another great gift idea: an Amazon Prime membership. Couldn't live without mine.

Books for Baby: On The Night You Were Born // Little Blue Truck // DADA

Ps: I'm always looking for a good book (for me & baby), send me your suggestions!

Gap and Old Navy (and Banana Republic) are all still offering 50% off of everything! We did some damage here. Thanksgiving weekend is almost always when Nick's closet gets a refresh and Hadley is about to move up a size, so girlfriend got practically a new wardrobe (wouldn't that be nice every couple months?). And of course I had to pick up somethings for myself ;) Shop my picks below - and even more found here. All of these are items that we now own and love!

For Her: Crazy Stripe Sweater (my fave purchase) // Pom Pom Beanies for $7! // Bell Sleeve Black Dress 

Did anyone shop the J. Crew sale over the weekend?! 40% off of everything - we picked up a bunch of stuff and saved a ton of money! Hope you all had a great weekend, our Thanksgiving recap will be up tomorrow!


Black Friday Sales: My Picks

Hope you all had an awesome Thanksgiving yesterday! Ours was perfect, but more about that next week. There are more pressing things to talk about right now, like the fact that one month from today is Christmas... and I have zero presents so far. Let the shopping begin! So many great sales to take advantage of this weekend and Cyber Monday. You can check everyone off of your to buy list in your PJs without even leaving the house - love it (and exactly what I'm doing right now!). I've rounded up picks from my favorite stores below, be sure to let me know what you scored! There are awesome deals to be found everywhere. 

I won't buy anything for myself, I won't buy anything for myself, I won't buy anything for myself...

Nordstrom || Select items on sale || A Tory Burch crossbody bag for under $200, suede over the knee boots, the Lush top that everyone and their mother raves about, and tech friendly gloves in every color.

Gap || 50% off of everything with code TGIF50 || My neutral loving self is actually obsessed with this colorful sweater, a really well made crossbody bag, the comfiest lounge pants, and classic tee's for like $5!

Madewell || 25% off your order with code THATSALE || A colorblock fringe cardigan (just yes), this gorgeous circle ring, and this mockneck sweater that I am ordering in - at least - one color.

Old Navy || 50% off everything || My favorite blanket scarves are going super fast, just ordered this pom pom beanie in mauve and black, this velvet cami and red peplum top are perfect for the holidays.

Shopbop || Save up to 25% off with code GOBIG16 || This marble phone case has been on my wish list for forever, a beautiful suede jacket, and comfy buffalo check socks by Madewell.

J. Crew || 40% off of everything with code HOLIDAY (this is huge!!) || This pom pom sweater, a classic pajama set, a long navy blue rain jacket, and the ever popular tissue turtleneck are all in my cart right now.

LOFT || 50% off using code BERRYGOOD || Loving this puffer jacket, floral blouse, pretty blush pink pleated skirt (holiday party, anyone?) and this initial pendant necklace would make a great gift for a mom.

Banana Republic || 50% off five items, no exclusions using code BRFIVE || My all time favorite denim, a classic ballet flat, and this faux fur collared sweater that I recently tried on in the store and it is goooood. 


Thanksgiving Things

The fact that Thanksgiving is tomorrow is blowing. my. mind. How did we get here? Wasn't it just June and we were having a baby? Craziness. But I'm so excited for this holiday season specifically because of said baby! It's definitely going to be the most special and memorable one yet. This is also our first Thanksgiving cooking the big meal all by ourselves. Super pumped, but also slightly nervous! I'm just hoping I have enough baking dishes for everything we're planning on making!

Here's what's on our Thanksgiving menu: Nick is smoking a turkey (using this brine recipe), perfect mashed potatoes, stuffing, crockpot applesauce, green bean casserole (have to go with the classic recipe), baked sweet potatoes, creamed corn and warm rolls with cinnamon butter. Honestly, this cookbook has been a lifesaver with my meal planning - highly recommend it.

And keeping it real... two things I outsourced: gravy from KFC (haha! it really is just so good) and a massive pumpkin pie from Costco because it was only $5.99! What a deal. Topped with whipped cream, mmm I'm drooling.

As for the second most important thing about a holiday - the attire - I think I'll be keeping it more on the casual side with a blouse and my new black jeans. I'll probably throw on this vest too because I'm all about the layers. Speaking of clothes, we are taking our family Christmas card pictures on Sunday afternoon - at a Christmas tree farm! - and I have killed myself over what we should all be wearing. Coordinating outfits, but not too matchy matchy! I literally took almost all of our clothes out of our closets and threw them on the dining room table to pull together outfits during nap time. I'm losing my mind and just typing this out makes me realize how ridiculous it is ;)

Hope you all have a WONDERFUL, happy, safe, blessed Thanksgiving. There really is so much to be thankful for. See ya back here on Friday for all things holiday shopping! Tis the season!

Monday Check In

Happy Monday from the snow globe that is Western Michigan! That picture was taken on Saturday evening. It was literally 70 degrees and sunny on Friday - I had all of the windows open in my house! - and we woke up on Sunday to twenty degree temps and a blizzard. I couldn't even believe it, but that's Michigan for ya. 

It was a GREAT day to watch football... on the couch, but instead we headed out to tailgate bright and early. Our alma mater, Western Michigan University, is having a huge year. We are ranked #14 and 11-0 right now. ESPN's College Game Day was in town for our game, so you can imagine that all of our college friends wanted to come back to experience that! If only the weather would have cooperated, but in a way it also kind of added to the crazy day. Besides, my trusty North Face jacket, Sorel boots (on sale!) and beanie kept me quite warm. It was so great to see all of our friends and we can't even wait for WMU's next game on Friday. We're crossing our fingers to continue our undefeated streak and a trip to the Cotton Bowl this year. 

Is everyone ready for Thanksgiving?! In a strange turn of events, we are actually staying HOME this year. We're so excited. My family is going to come over in the afternoon, but otherwise we're going to get to stay here and just chill for the whole long weekend, no traveling. It is so very needed. Nick is going to do a turkey in the smoker and I'm in charge of the rest of the food - give me your best Thanksgiving recipe!

Gift Guide: For The Ladies

Okay! Less than one week until Thanksgiving, so lets kick off those gift guides! I figured I start with the easiest one - for HER - which otherwise could be known as what's on my own personal Christmas wish list haha. Plenty of great ideas for the women in your life here, of all different ages in all different price ranges. Coming in the next couple of weeks will be an under $25, for the men, for the beauty lover, and for the home decor fanatic, among others. Let me know if you have any specific requests! Here we go!

I'd never considered myself a Kindle girl - I love having an actual book in my hand - but now that I spend a lot of time holding a sleeping baby, I keep thinking how NICE it would be to have my books on a screen that's easy to hold (and flipping the pages is silent). I'd do so so so much more reading if I had one of these. Not to mention, books are much cheaper on the Kindle than in print!

Jo Malone fragrances have been on my radar for a while. This scent has so many great reviews and I love the simple bottle that would display so prettily on a bathroom counter.

Who doesn't love Chrissy Teigen? I've been working on a cookbook collection and Cravings is a must have. There are so many drool-worthy recipes: check some of them out here.

Ugg slippers... yessss. I can't think of anything more comforable! These guys are selling out fast!

Have you guys heard of an Instapot? To be honest, I'm not 100% sure what it is - I think a pressure cooker - but apparently they're all the rage. They do everything... make rice, hard boiled eggs, you can use it as a slow cooker, able to braise meat, etc. This cookbook would be a nice addition with it.

A gorgeous, long lasting, moisturizing lip color and it's from Chanel. Can't go wrong.

How adorable are these pajamas?! I just wish they were long pants because #winter.

And one thing that didn't make the collage, but is a beautiful gift for under $100 - this Rebecca Minkoff envelope clutch. It's a great way to jump on the velvet train and the colors are so perfect for the holidays, especially the deep red. Now to not just buy all of this for myself... the temptation is real!



I am all about the athleisure outfits these days. Especially now that it's getting colder out. I was so excited to break out all of my sweaters again this fall, but I quickly realized that dry clean only sweaters + a baby that spits up a few times a day do just not mix! So comfy, cotton work out clothes - despite not really working out, that's a New Years goal for sureeee - are what I'm pretty much living in right now. Here are a few favorite things that I own and a few that are currently on my wish list.

VESTS: I fell in love with Athleta vests last year and this black Downabout Vest is SO WARM. The high neck is perfect because you don't have to wear a scarf with it when it's really chilly and windy. How cozy does this Patagonia Los Gatos Vest look? Such a great price for Patagonia, too. (Also love this similar J. Crew one).

SWEATSHIRTS: Obsessed with this gray Cozy Karma Pullover sweater - can't decide if I want it in the gray pictured or the charcoal heather (or both). I own this Nike Logo Crewneck sweatshirt and wear it like three times a week. I love how it's fitted so I don't look sloppy and when you pair it with black leggings, it makes your body look so lean! Last year when we were in Colorado, EVERYONE was wearing this Kuhl Flight Jacket and I definitely need one before our ski trip this winter.

SHOES: How cute are these Nike Flyknit Runners? I love the knit material. I have a pair of these Nike Rejuvenate's in the pink, but I kind of want the black because they'd match with everything. Personally, they don't provide enough support for me to work out in, but they're perfect to throw on for running errands in. And I think I'm finally sold on the New Balance trend. This gold pair from J. Crew is on my Christmas list.

LEGGINGS: I have never tried a pair of Lululemon leggings (or Lululemon anything!) and I think it's time to change that! These Tight Stuff Leggings are so cute - I love the scalloped edges and the reflective details are super nice for when you're outside at night. Which is basically all the time now since it gets dark at like 5pm. And you know I've always been a long time fan of both the Hue leggings and the Zella ones, too!

HATS: A fitted baseball cap is a must have, in my opinion. I own a navy blue Detroit Tigers one that I wear all. the. time. They're awesome because you don't have to worry about your hair! Urban Outfitters has a good collection of them and I like this LA baseball cap. And now that it's getting colder - a good beanie (or a few of them) is also a must. This J. Crew Ribbed Hat with a faux fur pom pom is perfection.

Image via

Total Randomness

Happy Monday and HAPPY RED CUP SEASON! The holidays are here, whaaaat. I can't even believe it. But seriously, how awesome are Starbucks' cups this year? I love that they're created by customers (see this video) - I think it makes them even better. They had me a little worried with the green cups over the past couple of weeks, they're just not the same. Have you guys started your holiday shopping yet? I have not. Haven't even thought about it, but since our neighbors put up their Christmas lights this weekend, I'm starting to feel the pressure. I want to put together some gift guides for the blog, so let me know what you'd like to see! In laws gifts? Mens gifts (because they're the hardest)? Under $25 ideas?

On the other hand, I have been doing some shopping for myself haha. The Sephora sale is just too good you guys! I went a little crazy on Friday with my online order, but this stuff never goes on sale so it's best to stock up when you get the chance (or that's how I'm rationalizing it). I'm super excited for this Caudalie serum that's supposed to help with dark spots and overall skin tone, and we all know Gal Meets Glam right? She has the best hair ever and just recently said she swears by this hair oil and this hair mask. So you better believe I threw those boys in my cart as quickly as I could! I also had to get this luminizer that they supposedly use on the J. Crew models. I'll report back on everything for sure.

We had a good weekend, although we didn't do much worth reporting. Except for a little call to Poison Control and having to air our house out at 9pm on a Saturday night... yeah. We FINALLY finished up our wallpaper powder room that we started right before Hadley was born (probably not the best time to start a bathroom reno, but girlfriend was 9 days late and we needed something to keep us occupied). Anyway, Nick was painting in the bathroom and spilled some paint on the floor, so he used turpentine to clean it off. Well holy crap does that stuff smell. Our entire house immediately started to wreak, so we took the baby upstairs and hung out with her up there while we opened the windows downstairs to air things out.

Fast forward a couple hours and the smell was just getting worse upstairs. I was putting Hads to bed and noticed that I was getting a headache and just didn't feel that great. If I was starting to feel sick from the fumes, I felt super worried about how she was feeling. We called the pediatrician's after hours office and they advised that we call Poison Control which cue, made me feel like the worst mom e-v-e-r. Thankfully they said that it couldn't cause any damage to her, but that it would be best if she got out of the house for a little bit. So here we were at 9pm, I was driving her around all over town while she's passed out and Nick was opening every window and turning on every fan to get the smell out of the house. Such an ordeal. But by the time we got home an hour later, it was totally gone and she went to bed just fine! Lesson learned: next time get the baby out of the house as soon as any cleaning fumes are used, do not wait until bed time.

Alright, so if you made it through that story, I have a gift for you... a giveaway! $300 to Amazon to celebrate Home of Malones blogiversary! Talk about perfect timing with the holidays coming up. It's super easy to enter, just follow the instructions in the rafflecopter below. To gain entry, all you have to do is be following me on Bloglovin' or Instagram, so pretty easy. Not going to lie, I wish I could win. I'd probably buy a Roomba because Brady's shedding is insane. Aaaand that is how you know you're old. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sephora VIB Sale (My Picks)

Today is a very happy Friday because the Sephora VIB sale is beginning! This sale marks the beginning of the holiday shopping for me. I can cross a few ladies off my list while saving 20% off... and stock up on favorites for myself, too. I'm also a huge sucker for the holiday gift sets. They are such a great way to try out new products without paying a fortune. I discovered my favorite face mask ever during this sale last year! You do have to be a Sephora Beauty Insider to take advantage of the sale which runs through November 14th - sign up here (it's free). See more of my favorites available at Sephora below...



On my wish list? Living Proof Full Dry Volume Blast (Allure award winner!), Marc Jacobs
Shameless Bold Blush, Algenist Hydrating Essence Toner and Dior's Diorshow Mascara.

Also, a huge huge HUGE thank you to all of our veterans. We wouldn't be here without you. Thank you will never be enough for all you've done for us. Have a great weekend everyone and happy shopping!


HelloFresh Obsessed

Ever since Hadley has been born, I've been looking for ways to make my life easier. Nick is now responsible for walking and feeding Brady, I have signed up for most of our non-perishable items to be delivered via Amazon Prime and my newest favorite, HelloFresh (still working on getting that cleaning lady.. just kidding. Kind of ;)). I've heard a lot about these meal planning & delivery businesses in the past and thought it sounded great, but not necessary for me. Well now that I'm taking care of a baby around the clock and don't have all the time to meal plan, grocery shop, etc., I decided to give it a second thought. And then when a friend offered up a $40 coupon along with a strong recommendation, I was sold! Last week we got our first Hello Fresh delivery and I'm here to tell you why we're officially obsessed. Side note: this isn't a sponsored post. I tried HF with my own money and just want to share.

First up, how it works. Each week, you choose three or five meals (we do three) from six options.  We do the Classic Plan which includes meat, fish and veggie recipes for two or four adults. There is also a Veggie Plan or a Family Plan that serves children as well. You select the day in which you would like delivery - either Saturday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. We did Tuesday the first time, but I have since switched to Saturday so we can have our meals on M/T/W. Our first box arrived on Tuesday at 5pm, which was cutting it close to dinner. As for the packaging, below is the insulated box it came in and weighed about 15 pounds. Inside was three separate boxes for the three recipes we received. Underneath that were large ice packs that kept the perishables (our chicken, shrimp and beef) cold.

I love that each separate recipe is contained in its own box, so I can just pull one out of the fridge each night to begin cooking - instead of having to look for all of the ingredients in one big box. All about the time saving. Also included was the pamphlet with the weeks recipes in it and tips for preparing them (like did you know it's easier to mince garlic with a fork than a knife?).

Now let's get to the food! First of all, I was really, really impressed with the quality of ingredients. All of the meat & seafood we've received have been great cuts, the veggies have been super fresh, the herbs never wilted. The majority of the recipes are pretty healthy and it always makes me feel good to be cooking with fresh food. You do still have to chop and dice and all that, but the preparation/cooking time is never more than about 30 minutes so it's not bad. I do it during a nap time. The pamphlet breaks down each recipe with steps and pictures that make it really easy to follow. It also outlines the nutritional info which is a bonus.

Our first week, we had yogurt-marinated chicken, beef quinoa stuffed peppers, and shrimp bahn mi burgers. Everything was DELICIOUS! The burgers were a bit out of our comfort zone, but that's what I like about HelloFresh. It pushes you outside of your normal 10 meal rotation and lets you try new things that you might not come up with on your own. And funny enough, that may have been my favorite meal of the week.

My biggest worry before trying this? It wasn't going to be enough food. Luckily, that wasn't the case at all! Nick and I were both full after every meal and actually had leftovers at the end of the week. I love a good leftover night. Our box (the classic plan, 3 meals for 2 people) is $69 a week. At first I thought this was a little pricey, but when I added things up at the grocery store, I realized that's about how much we spend on three meals a week anyways. Plus, the bonus of not having to meal plan or grocery shop for these items is worth a little extra cost right now to me. Another thing I really appreciate is that you can pause your subscription - or even cancel it - at any time with no penalty. 

Again, this isn't sponsored, but if you want to try HelloFresh, feel free to use promo code 6XD34H for $40 off of your first box! This is the same promo code I used for my first box and it's totally worth it. I mean even if you cancel it after the first try, only $29 for three meals? You can't beat that at the grocery store! Let me know what you think - or if you've tried other meal subscription services as well! I'd love to hear how they compare. 


Sweatshirt // Leggings // Carrier

We had such a good weekend. Friday afternoon we had Hadley's 4 month check up which went perfectly! She's doing great with her weight gain after her eating problems (weighs 12 pounds, 12.5 ounces, 16% percentile) and is 26.2 inches long, so the 97% percentile! No idea where those genes came from. She took a super long nap when we got home, but otherwise tolerated her shots well. That night we went out for Mexican which was delish. Saturday, we hung out at home all day with Nick's family that came to visit. Hads took TWO HOURS to put down for bed that night - I'm thinking the 4 month sleep regression is the culprit - but after that, we got addicted to a new show: Homeland. On Sunday, we officially joined our church... it was also our first time going to church since the baby has been born... but she did so good during the service. We had to go on stage as new members and she was just smiling away up there, haha. Afterwards I ran errands and then we decided to ditch the rest of our to-dos and head out for a long hike. It was almost 70 degrees in November in Michigan, so we HAD to take advantage of that. The rest of the night consisted of showers, Hawaiian pizza and early bedtimes.

I woke up feeling weirdly cheerful this morning - especially for a Monday. I think it was the combo of a great weekend and lots of good stuff going on this coming week. A few things I'm excited for: a 60's and sunny weather forecast, that the election will be OVER tomorrow, Vanderpump Rules is returning (maybe I should be embarrassed about this one, ha), realizing I can buy Brady's dog food on Amazon Prime, that we're having this deliciousness for dinner tonight (thanks for sharing the recipe, Ashley!), that we're getting another Hello Fresh box so I don't have to think about the rest of our dinners, the Sephora VIB sale starts on Friday, lots of fun blog posts in the works, that the time change wasn't near as bad as I thought it was going to be with the baby, and seeing my girls tomorrow night for our Junior League meeting.

What are you excited for this week? Have a great Monday!

Friday + Links

Random scenes you come across while driving around trying to get your baby to take a dang nap, ha! We had a good week. Hads and I checked out a new mom/baby group, we tried Hello Fresh for the first time - review coming soon! - and of course, the Cubs won the World Series! We are Detroit Tigers fans, but lived in Chicago for five years and went to plenty of Cubs games/had way too many crazy nights in Wrigleyville. Plus, you can't help but root for a team that hasn't won a World Series in 108 years! The game was crazy and I definitely paid for staying up until 1:30am, but it was worth it. We have Hadley's 4 month check up today and Nick's family is coming to visit this weekend. Hope you guys have a good one!

+ Wanting a pair of raw hem jeans, and these are at the top of the list.
+ If you need to use up your Halloween candy, check out this recipe.
+ Such a great Cubs commercial. Definitely gives you chills.
+ Over the knee suede boots for under $70!!! No better deal than that!
+ Forgot how much I loved this eyeliner until I found it in my makeup drawer this week.
+ Give me this marble iPhone case, please.
+ Loving this 30 day challenge to stay stress free over the holidays.

Omg, can't even believe we're starting to talk about the holidays. Only 50 days till Christmas ;) 

Fall Festivities

Hi there! Long time no blog. We've been busy enjoying all the fall fun, I've had a cold (boo), and watching lots of baseball - go Cubs! Currently watching game 7 and I'm praying they can pull it off. Chicago might actually burn the city down if they win. Anyway, here's what we've been up to... busy, busy checking things off of our fall to do list.

Last weekend we hit up our favorite local cider mill/pumpkin patch. The two main goals were to get donuts and take pictures of Hadley with the pumpkins. Unfortunately, there were literally like two orange pumpkins left and a few of these gray-ish ones. So not quite what I was going for, but hey, the neutral pumpkins matched her outfit better anyway! The donuts, cider and apples did not disappoint either.

Sweater (similar, by same brand) // Jeans // Flats

I die, you guys. She is so freaking cute and just so happy all the time.

And then it was Halloween on Monday! That came fast. I decided to make spicy tomato soup, beer bread and homemade applesauce with our apples from the cider mill. I followed this crockpot recipe for the applesauce and YUM. Only thing I did differently was swap apple cider in place of the water.

After dinner, we threw on Haddie's costume and turned on our porch light for the trick-or-treaters. Despite having amazing weather for Halloween in Michigan, we didn't have a lot of kids so I have lots of leftover candy. Both good and bad. But now let's talk about this little pumpkin!!! I wasn't so sure if she was going to be crazy about the hat, but she loved her costume (probably used to it with all the bows she wears, ha). We went over and visited with our next door neighbors and they couldn't get enough either. Such a great first Halloween with this girl! Holidays are so much more fun with kids.

Side note: I have been trying to use my regular camera for more often and it takes great pictures outside in the daylight, but not so much inside or at night. You can see they're much blurrier. What settings do I need to change? Is this an ISO thing?

Anyway, hope you all had a great Halloween! I loved seeing everyones costumes on Insta. Back to the Cubs game and our delicious apple cider cocktails (apple cider, a splash of sparkling water and rum - try it)!

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