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Summer Bucket List

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Drugstore Beauty

Loving Lately: Baby Edition

We're into seven months with Hadley now (update coming soon...), and there are lots of things we're loving lately. 

First up, these L'Ovedbaby onesies. The BEST for sleeping! Hadley's room is a little on the cooler side, so I always make sure to dress her in something warm and well made, but still breathable. These sleepers are made of organic cotton and I can't even tell you how soft they are. They have fold over gloves too to keep hands warm in the night - or tiny newborns from scratching at themselves! And as much as she wears them at night, she also totally keeps them on the next day because they're gorgeous enough. I love that the feet bottoms have rubber-dotted grip soles, which I'm sure will come in handy when she starts walking! But let's not rush that along.

Now let's talk about the most BEAUTIFUL bib there ever was! This Billy Bibs bib is definitely not one for eating (already had to clear that with Nick, ha), because who would want to ruin its beautifulness? Instead it's more for those times that the drooling is out of control (#teethingproblems), yet you still want your baby to look good. That's basically every day over here for us. Best of all, the bib is double sided. You've got the floral side and the neutral side, so it really does match with everything! (And don't worry, while it's handmade and looks delicate, it's still machine washable!)

You guys know how much I love my bows, and Billy Bibs does it again. They have so many cute patterns and solid choices that are actually made from the scrap fabric of the bibs above. And of course, I love that they're a smaller, family owned business because I am all about supporting those. This is the Sophia bow set and it's $16 for the set - an awesome price considering some companies sell a single bow for that amount!

And Freshly Picked moccs. You seriously just cannot go wrong with these. Hadley has worn her size 1 pair almost every single day since we got them - they are 100% worth the price. I have tried a few other 'knock off' brands (and even similar ones from Gap), and FP just blows them all out of the water. They're easy to get on (but not easy to be kicked off.. that's important), you can dress them up or down, they really work with every outfit, and they are just so well made. The leather is ridiculously soft - I joke that I don't even own shoes this nice.  I picked up the blush ones for spring and can't wait till she can fit into them! 

All of these items were provided by Baby Cubby, but are truly all things we love and use. Heck, most of these are just things I'd already purchased myself and Hadley had grown out of, so I was just replacing them with the next size up! 

If you're a parent-to-be, a new parent or a seasoned parent, I highly consider checking out Baby Cubby. They aren't just "another baby store", they're SO much more hands on. They are a team of parents that have been there and get it and know what other parents are looking for. Therefore they don't offer every product under the sun, only the best ones. I wish I had known about them when I was registering - do you know how many hours of research I would have saved myself?! They only sell the best and safest baby gear, making things much easier on our part. 

And one of my favorite things about them that you don't find on many boutique websites like this is that they price match - yep, even with Amazon. Shipping is free from their website when you spend over $49 (but let's be honest, babies need all the things, so you'll be spending all the money), and shipping was actually shockingly fast. Like I had my stuff in three days, so they really are rivaling Amazon! 

Go check out Baby Cubby today, you won't regret it. And while you're at it, their Baby Cubby Community blog is really awesome, too. I know how much we all love a good blog ;)

Grape Juice Fail

Let me tell you guys a funny story.

I'd been hearing a lot from everywhere and everyone this thing about how drinking grape juice every day will head off the stomach flu. Something about how the grape juice makes your stomach alkaline and doesn't allow the virus to survive in there. Well, the flu has been going around like crazy here lately, so on our weekly grocery shopping trip last Sunday, I picked up a bottle of good old fashioned 100% grape juice. Religiously, all week long, I drank my grape juice. No sickness was going to get me now!

You see where this is going, right? Fast forward to Friday and guess what happened -- the stomach flu.

The weekend started off so promising. Nick got home early from work and Hadley had taken a great nap, so we headed out to get Mexican for dinner (I can barely type that now sadly). We had dinner and drinks and headed home to put our happy baby to bed and park our butt on the couch to watch Homeland. Fast forward a couple of hours later and I am dying. Let's just say Friday night was a rough one and leave it at that.

SO, the grape juice thing totally does not work and I am the unfortunate proof.

It wasn't until Sunday afternoon that I started to feel better, so the weekend was pretty much a wash. But I'm just thankful to finally be saying goodbye to this bug, especially in time for my little Sunday night routine. I think Sunday evenings get a bad wrap with having to get back at it in the morning, but I kind of love them. I like to look at it as the beginning of a new week and get all my crap in order.

I put the baby to bed, wash all the bottles for the next day, wipe down the kitchen, pick up the living room, and sweep the entryway. It takes me about 30 minutes, but it's worth it to start the week with a clean(ish) house. Then I usually park my butt on the couch - TV, reading (seriously cannot put this book down), or blogging - before taking a hot shower and crawling into bed, preferably a bed with clean sheets that I washed earlier in the day. It's great.

So that's what I'm doing right now. In the middle of my little routine. And because I haven't been able to get jumpsuits off my mind, I'm about to buy this amazing black one that is only $36 right now!!! Talk about a steal - that's really how I like to start my week - and then I'm going to test out this hair rinse tonight. Wish me luck that I don't reek like ACV all day tomorrow.

Happy Sunday!


Well. This week got away from me. One minute it was Monday and I was on a roll with blogging, and then next thing I knew it was Thursday night and I hadn't showed up here for a few days. I was pretty productive outside of our online world though. I organized all of my pictures since June (which was a beast), Hadley and I went to a baby music class for the first time, had friends over for coffee, cleaned out the fridge (there were also things in there since June...) and picked up this raved about concealer that I will most definitely report back on. Operation cover all the dark circles.

Friday confessions are always a fun way to start the weekend, so here goes nothing!

I used to think S'well water bottles were overrated - I mean I could think of a lot of other things to spend $35 on - until I got one for Christmas. And I was wrong. So wrong! They are totally worth the money and then some. They really do keep your drink cold ALL DAY. I put ice cubes in mine before the gym one morning, and they were still in there the next morning. Not to mention, it's seriously beautiful. I don't think I've ever called a water bottle beautiful before, but this one deserves it. They are hand wash only, but most moms have one of these on hand that makes washing it super easy!

So on the night we went to music class which was at 5pm, I ate leftovers at 4 before we left and when we got home and put Hadley to bed at 7pm, I had no idea what I was going to eat for my (second) dinner. Well until I went out to grab the mail anyway, and found a package of gorgeous, delicious chocolate and caramel covered pretzels waiting for me from The Pretzee Company! So that's what I ate for dinner, no joke. I'm actually eating one right now with a chai tea latte for a little afternoon snack. Anyway, they are so so good and I'm all about supporting small businesses (especially moms), so make sure to check them out - especially for Valentines Day coming up because how cute is this packaging?!

I'm having such a hard time getting into This Is Us. I know! I think I'm comparing it too much to Parenthood? And to me, there really is no comparison. Parenthood was the best and I want to start a petition to bring it back. Anyone else feel this way? Please don't shame me for this guys! I want to love it!

I can be a little bit of a makeup snob... and had never bought a drugstore foundation until this week. Well I'm here to admit that I was all wrong. This very well might be the best foundation I've ever used. Here's what I love about it: the priceeee for number one (it's under $10!), it lasted all day through the gym and errands and wrangling an army crawling baby, it applies very well (I use this brush), it offers medium but buildable coverage, and my skin didn't freak out from it at all. Try it!

I'm restraining really, really, REALLY hard on buying this jumpsuit (don't worry Nick, I won't buy it). We are doing a girls trip to Chicago next weekend and it would be so perfect. How amazing would it look with a pair of statement earrings? A girl can dream.

Another Christmas gift was the new Skinnytaste cookbook that we love. You may have seen my Instagram snap (I have completely abandoned actual Snapchat), but last week we made the oven roasted greek chicken and it was amazing. This week I tried the beef ragu and it was really disappointing. It literally had no flavor - looks pretty though. I still think the cookbook is a great buy!

Have a good weekend ladies! Assuming a whole zero men read here. We're up to nothing other than house cleaning, hitting the gym, and brunching with friends. It should be a good one.

The Big Baby Sleep Post

Ahhhh, sleep. It's like a magical rare unicorn once you become a parent. It was by far the thing I was most nervous about before Hadley was born because I don't function well without my solid eight-ish hours a night. But it is funny how your body really does adjust to the lack of sleep. Especially those first few months. You're maybe getting like a couple hours a night, but you still manage to (kind of) participate in life. However, I didn't want to walk around like a zombie forever, so sleep training our baby was pretty important to me. I read all the books and tried all the tricks and while I'm definitely not an expert and we still have some kinks to work out (there's always some sort of phase happening...), I'm willing to share what has worked and what hasn't for us.

Right now - at almost seven months old - Hadley sleeps from 7pm until 6 or 7am, with a sometimes night time feeding around 4am. It's probably 50/50 whether she wakes up or not. As for during the day time, she takes three naps. The times of those naps all depend on what time she woke up that morning, but things typically go like this: the first around 8 or 9am, the second around 11 or 12pm, and the third (and most important one of the day right now) at 3:30-4pm. We follow bed time and nap time routines, but I put her down wide awake and she puts herself to sleep.

Sleep sacks, pacifiers, noise machines - we use it all. Whatever it takes, right? We love our white noise machine and I actually miss it now that she is sleeping in her own room and want to get one for ours. She loves these pacifiers. We only let her have them when she's in bed and so I think it helps her associate them with it being sleep time. 

Once we had to drop the swaddle when she started rolling, we tried to just go cold turkey and put her in nothing, but that was a disaster. So the search began for the perfect sleeping blanket. We tried quite a few, but our favorite are the Halo sleep sacks. Actually, my MOST favorite for the swaddle transition was the Merlins Magic Sleepsuit because magic it is. That thing is how Hadley learned to put herself to sleep. I mean it's is like sleeping in a giant cloud blanket, so comfy. Unfortunately, she's like the strongest little thing ever and while you're supposed to be able to use the sleepsuit through six months, we had to drop it at four when she managed to roll over in it. I was so sad to see it go. We also tried the Zipadee-Zip, but it ended up being super distracting because she would just stay awake to suck on the arms, ha. We then moved on the Halo and it's worked out perfectly and we haven't looked back!

When she was tiny tiny, she would only nap while being held. That was okay for the first couple months, but eventually I started to want to be able to do things during the day that required my hands- like eat or go to the bathroom. I slowly just started putting her down in her bassinet once she had fallen asleep and naps would only last for a super short time at first (like ten minutes!), but she started getting used to being in there and they eventually got longer and longer until she didn't mind sleeping in there at all.

I also wanted her to be able to self soothe and put herself to sleep, so I started a nap time routine that I still follow today. First I put her in her sleep sack, we sit in her chair and read a book or two, then I turn on the sound machine and give her her pacifier, put her down and say 'I love you, have a good nap, I'll see you when you wake up' - literally, I say the same thing every.single.time. Haha I am sure that is completely overkill, but hey, babies love a good routine.

At first putting her down and awake was hard and she would cry. And I will admit, I did let her cry it out a little. It was difficult, but necessary. I'm not the type of person to just let her cry incessantly, so I did a modified version of cry it out. First, I would give her five minutes alone. She was almost always still crying after five minutes at the beginning, so I would go back in the room and put her pacifier back in, put my hand on her stomach or back, and basically 'shhh' to help her calm down, for one minute. Definitely don't pick them up though because they will f-r-e-a-k when you go to put them back in the bassinet, learned that one from experience! I would then leave the room again for another five minutes and just keep repeating the process till she fell asleep. At the worst, it took 30 minutes. And it is torture and was rough to do like four times a day, but within a week, she was putting herself to sleep. Like I would put her in the bassinet awake with her pacifier, she would start sucking, roll over and close her eyes. It is SO NICE that she's able to do that.

At the beginning of the month, we moved Hadley over to her own room, in her own crib. Before she was born, I was planning on keeping her in the bassinet for the first three months. But when that time came, I was SO not ready to move her. The SIDS thing still scared the crap out of me, we were still doing a lot of nighttime feedings, and honestly I just loved sleeping right next to her. I'm glad I didn't push myself to move her before I was ready and instead waited because it made the transition much smoother (on my end anyway). 

For Hadley... not quite as much. What we did was actually move her over in the middle of the night at first. She would start in the bassinet and then when she woke up for a feeding, we would feed her and that usually makes her pass out, so we would put her back to sleep in her crib. That way she was able to get a little used to being in the crib. After doing that for a couple days, we started putting her down for the night in the there and shockingly, that was no big deal. She's usually so tired at the end of the day that she just rolls over and goes right to sleep. 

The night wake ups were no joke though. That first week in the crib, she was probably waking up like five or six times a night. Mostly because she uses her pacifier self soothe in the middle of the night and she could never find it in her crib because it was so much bigger than the bassinet. So what we did was put like five pacifiers in there! This worked until she realized she could throw them out of the crib ;) So as against them as I was, we put up this mesh breathable bumper to solve that problem. For now anyway - until she can throw high enough, ha.

Nap time was also a struggle and she basically had to re-learn the self soothing process in her crib, so we did the modified cry it out again. It took a LOT less time though, only two days before going down was no big deal again. 

This has kind of developed all on its own. I loosely follow the Moms On Call book, but I adapt it to our days and every day is somewhat different. I try to stick to 2-3 hour wake times for her now that she is (almost) seven months. So whatever time she wakes up, usually between 6 and 7am, the first nap follows about two hours after that. And then it all depends on how LONG those naps are, too. The first one is usually pretty short, about 45 minutes. So once she wakes up, I make a note of the time, and try to get her down 2-3 hours after that. This also helps with being able to put herself to sleep, because I know that she is tired and ready for a nap, but not totally over tired yet - that makes for bad naps.

It took a loooong time for us to figure this out, but that third nap is super, super important for determining how well bed time goes. For the first six months of her life, bed time sucked. She would either pass out as soon as she started eating and get in like one or two ounces and then wake up 45 minutes later pissed, or she would not go to sleep without SO much crying. What we didn't realize is that her last wake time of the day - between that last nap and bed time - needs to be short. Way shorter than we thought. Like an hour short, although now she can do an hour and a half. That way (again), she's tired, but not over tired. When they wake up at the 45 minute mark after going to bed, that usually means they're over tired. So through a LOT of trial and error, we realized if we want her to go to bed at 7pm, we need that last nap to end about 5:30pm - and no later or much earlier than that. 

Of course all babies are SO different, so it really is just about what ends up working for you. We tried everything that everyone recommended for bed time and nothing work. Heck, not even crying it out worked. She would cry for up to two hours and of course I could never, ever let her do that. I usually ended up walking around or feeding her till she fell asleep. It was hard and let's just say I'm super glad we're past that stage. As for how I handle night wake ups, I just feed her back to sleep. I feel bad depriving her of food if she's hungry, and a warm bottle and 15 minutes are all it takes before we're all back in bed. Half the time she sleeps straight through the night now, so I figure if she's up, she needs food and she'll stop doing that when she no longer needs to.

Holy crap, that got long. I'll end here (finally, right), but let me know if you have any other questions! Happy sleeping!

WARM Weekending

Another weekend in the books and can you believe this is the end of January? And that Hadley is going to be SEVEN months old on Wednesday? I'm always kind of happy when January and February (and March honestly) fly by, because they are not my favorite. I'm over the cold and gray days and ready for spring. Especially because I was at Old Navy last week and they have ALL the cute spring things.

However, God smiled down on my poor whiney sick of winter butt this weekend though and gave us a 60 degree, pure sunny day on Saturday! I can't even tell you how good that was for my soul. And my house because I love a good cleaning sesh when I can crank open the windows (and the baby takes a nice long nap).

So the weekend. Friday's are my becoming my new favorite. I try and schedule nothing on that day and Hadley and I chill in our PJs until after lunch when we finally get out of the house to usually stock up on food for the weekend or do a little fun shopping. This Friday we hit up Costco for formula (the best prices), tons of avocado because my avocado toast obsession is still going strong, and hydrangeas.

That night we went out to dinner with friends of ours that are expecting their second baby in the next 5 weeks! So exciting. Let's just say dinners are getting a little trickier with Hadley. No longer will she just happily sit in her car seat, now she's wants to be moving moving moving and grabbing onto things like knives and glasses of beer. I seriously didn't even taste the food I was eating, I was so distracted by her. And that's a shame because I had these chicken and waffles (stolen picture from the summer) and they are so good. So not good for the waistline, but that's what the gym on Saturday morning is for.

Saturday was beyond amazing. We didn't even do anything that exciting, but let me tell you, sixty degrees in the middle of the winter makes for the best day ever. After we hit up the gym, Hadley napped and we cleaned the house and then once she woke up, we booked it outside. We went on a family walk around the neighborhood - Brady was in heaven and we were loving watching how happy Hadley was sitting in her stroller like a big girl for the first time!

hat // coat

That afternoon we hit up Hobby Lobby and Target for my new obsession - making my own bows. It's still a work in progress, but weirdly addicting. There is something calming about using your hands and actually making something. Nick made breakfast tacos while I worked away during nap time - best husband award - and then after Hadley went to bed, I took the longest shower, face masked myself (this one is my recent fave) and watched Parent Trap while Nick went to hockey. Such a good family day.

And Sunday was so uninteresting that I won't even bother with it. Hope you guys had as great of a weekend as we did! 

Friday Things

Happy Friday! Thanks for all of the love and awesome questions on yesterdays post! The first edition of Asked & Answered coming right up next Wednesday. And don't worry - the sleep post will be coming, too!

This week was a good week. After a previous couple of crappy weeks, I feared 2017 was going to be terrible, but I think it's starting to redeem itself. This week brought an army crawling Hadley (omg), an overweight Brady that needs to lose 10 pounds, a girls night out disguised as a Junior League meeting, buying the worlds worst dry shampoo (don't waste the $4), and trips to the gym to continue my couch to 5k program (I'm up to running 8 minutes at a time!).

Let's start with Hadley! Girlfriend is on the move and the game has officially changed. Gone are the days of just setting her down and getting stuff done. Now I set her down and straight to the wall outlets she goes. Why?! I only wish I had invented the outlet covers, I bet that man is a bazillionaire because I just had to buy about 800 of them for our house. And can someone tell me how to change a diaper on a baby that won't stop moving? Please tell me there is a secret mom tip or trick I'm missing that doesn't involve body pinning my baby that just wants to roll onto her back and crawl away from me during the eight now extremely annoying times a day I change her diaper?

A much better purchase for my girl this week was a BEACH BAG. I know, it's January. And she's six months old. But come summer, she is going to be rocking this bag and I can't even wait. I just wish there was a matching adult size one...

I take any chance I can at matching us though and did it twice this week. White sweaters and jeans below, and then gray sweatshirts and leggings the next day. I love it a little too much. And the baby winter hats kill me. I can't stop buying them! This one is from Zara.

Now that Hadley is sleeping in her own room, we had to rearrange the furniture to get her giant dresser off of the vent. It wasn't letting enough heat into the room - especially with the door closed - and it would be freezing in there at night. I was a little sad about the new set up, but I tried everything I could to fix the temperature problem (other than a space heater because I've heard too many horror stories about those things!), so this was our only option.

Ahh, girls night. I mean Junior League meetings. The best chance I have at wearing scarves (Hads loves to choke those around my neck) and heels. Guess where these boots are from? Target! I was kicking myself for not buying these during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale a few weeks ago, and then I stumbled upon these guys on our weekly Target trip. They are super comfortable, but they do run small, so make sure to size up. And they stay up really well around the leg! That's always my complaint with cheaper boots, but no problems with these so far. A very good budget buy.

Don't mind all of the mirror smudges. Cleaning is on my to do list for today ;)

Ps. has anyone else been having trouble loading Nordstrom's website this week? Happy weekend!

Ask Me Anything

Hi guys!

Notice anything different around here?! I always get the itch to update my blog template in January. New year, new blog. It's a nice little refresh. Also on the blog front - I have a fun idea for a new series!

Lately I've been getting a bunch of emails asking similar questions and I thought it would be entertaining to start answering them here on the blog. A little 'asked and answered' series, if you will. So leave a comment or hit me up via email at if you have a question you'd like answered - and I may regret this later, but it can be about anything, ha! Baby, blogging, life, makeup, decor, whatever. 

Oh, and speaking of babies, I've had the most emails regarding a baby sleep post and that one is coming up next week, but let me know if you have anything specific you want me to cover! 

We're all nosy little bloggers and I love it. Shoot me your questions!

15 Books in 2017

I seriously need to get some natural light in my house. We haven't seen the sun in a few days and it makes for awful pictures. And I swear SAD is a real thing.... is it spring yet?

Anyway, let's talk about one of my favorite Christmas gifts - my Kindle! I've always loved reading, but really haven't made time for it over the past few years. Truthfully, I do have the time occasionally, but I tend to waste it mindlessly scrolling through my stupid cell phone. Why is that thing so addicting? Tell me I'm not the only one.

This year, one of my goals is to put the phone down and spend that time enjoying things that make me happy. Reading being one of them. I'm hoping to get through 15 books this year, which I think is totally doable. I've already FLEW through It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover and loved it. Right now I'm reading Cancel The Wedding (having a hard time getting into it honestly) and I just started The Battle Plan For Prayer that I'm reading a chapter of each morning and it's a nice way to start the day and get my head right.

What else is on my list for this year...

It Ends With Us
Cancel The Wedding
Battle Plan for Prayer
Present Over Perfect
Secrets of Midwives
The Five Love Languages
What Remains
Luckiest Girl Alive
The Nightingale
The Good Girl
Truly Madly Guilty
The Weekenders
The Nest
The Rumor
Where'd You Go Bernadette

I'm obsessed with my Kindle. It's the Paperwhite version - I've had it for a month and still haven't had to charge it! I was worried that it would be strange not reading an actual book, but I don't mind it all and the screen doesn't bother my eyes at all.

As for my case, I got it on Amazon (of course) and really love it, especially for the price. There were a bunch of different colors to choose from and I like that it's super slim and has the auto on/off. 

What's on your reading list?

Loving Lately

I've got a whole bunch of random for you today. I decided to break out my fancy camera and mess around and document a few things that we're loving lately. Let's start with my most proud picture - because see that blurry background? It's the little things around here.

So first up, these bowls. So cute, right? They look straight out of an Anthro store, but they're not. Oh no, they're from COSTCO and they were $20 bucks for the entire set! They're gorgeous, dishwasher safe, and the perfect size for my nightly cereal snack. And while you're at Costco, go ahead and grab a set of their flannel sheets because those are the best ever, too.

We finally did it. We finally moved Hadley to her own room. Goodbye bassinet! And while the whole growing up thing makes me a little sad, I am loving all of the free reign access I have to my bedroom and bathroom again. I can shower during nap time! I can do face masks after she goes to bed! The options are endless! What I should start with though is finding some sort of decor to hang over our bed because that is one empty spot...

A couple new beauty must haves. This Mario Badescu facial spray is amazing and only $7. I keep one upstairs, downstairs and in my diaper bag. It's perfect for setting your makeup after applying and a nice little refresh during the day - especially this time of year when the heat is kickin' and our skin is feeling it.

I can't believe it's taken me so long to try the eyelash primer by Benefit. I SWEAR by They're Real mascara and the primer makes it even better. It's a base coat for your lashes that makes them look longer and fuller. I usually do a couple coats of the primer and a couple of the mascara - a couple or like eight. There's always room for one more coat, ladies.

I'm trying to eat healthier meals (January and all), and this is the best lunch. Avocado toast with a fried egg and roasted sweet potatoes (made with avocado oil and s&p). Not pictured was the half of donut I ate after this, but that's definitely something I'm loving lately, too.

Staying warm is the name of the game in Michigan in January (and February, and March...) and these camp socks from J. Crew are THE best. Super warm and cozy and they're only FIVE dollars right now.

That's all the fabulous I've got for you today, but I'll be back tomorrow with a few favorite reads for 2017. I'm on a roll this week and it's only Tuesday!


Six Months of Hadley

My pumpkin pie, minnie babes, sweet baby ray, Hads, baby squirms, girly girl -- you are SIX months old as of Christmas day, December 25th! Not such a bad way to spend your half birthday: presents and food and family, right?!

Stats: 14 pounds 6 ounces (15%), 27.5 inches (94%), size two diapers, mostly 6 month clothes.

We had quite the month of all things holiday fun. We kicked off your six month of life with Thanksgiving weekend, got back together with your newborn photographer for Christmas card pictures, cheered on WMU in the MAC championship, celebrated Christmas with dads side of the family on your first Detroit trip, played in the snow (so much snow this month), did some Christmas shopping up in Grand Rapids, met SANTA!, and most importantly of all, got baptized surrounded by all of our friends and family. What a month.

You also broke two little bottom teeth through! You were such a happy thing through it all- the only way we knew your teeth were coming through was because your little cheeks were red and blistered. You are seriously THE happiest baby I have ever seen and everywhere we go, people comment on it. You're always smiling (I love how you smile with your entire face) and screeching and while you're still stingy with your laughs, it's the best sound in the world. No one makes you laugh like dad! I think we've watched this video of the two of you liiiiike eight hundred times. It's the sweetest!

We are loving watching you grow and become more independent and discover the world, but I won't lie- it's bittersweet for me. Every day, you are becoming more of a little girl and less of that tiny newborn that changed our lives on a warm June evening. It breaks my heart a little, but in the best way. Seeing how much you love life makes me so happy and you bring SO much joy to our home. Even Brady is starting to become obsessed with you (in the form of licks all over the face)! This first six months have been the best of my entire life and I know it's just the beginning. 

We love you, sweet baby!

Friday I'm Alive!

I'm here! I haven't completely fallen off the face of the earth!

2017 has been off to a slow, rough start thanks to an EAR INFECTION that I'm assuming I picked up on the way home from Dallas. These things are no joke. Fevers, chills, body aches, exhaustion, and let's not even talk about the chest congestion and cough. A cough so annoying that it forced us to move Hadley out of her bassinet in our room into her crib in her own room. Tear, but it really was about time. 

Speaking of time, I've still got to get girlfriends 6 month update up! You know, before she reaches 7 months. That will be coming next week. I've already taken the pictures, but seriously couldn't get my act together to do ANYTHING but nap while she did this week. Ugh. Well, or doing some online shopping because what else is a girl to do from her couch bed? A couple things I have my eye on...

+ Zella now makes a moto legging that I will be needing. So cute.
+ I am all about bell sleeve tops right now and am obsessed with this one.
+ These hoop earrings! Gorgeous and on sale! I think I need to treat myself...

Anyway, so glad to finally be feeling better and just in time for the weekend! We've got pretty much zero plans - just how I like it - other than taco night tonight. Hooray for Friday's and for Mexican fiestas! Now send me your best margarita recipe. xoxo

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This picture has nothing to do with this post, but that face!

I feel like a lifetime of things has happened since I last blogged. We headed down to Dallas to cheer on our alma mater in the Cotton Bowl and while we lost, it was an AMAZING experience (but that's a post for another day), Hadley had her six month well child appointment, I came down with a brutal fever/ear infection, read TWO WHOLE BOOKS (you guys have to read this one), worked my way to the bottom of my Bravo-filled DVR, and Hadley started eating solid foods. We've been busy!

But today we're here to talk about the fact that it is 2017 - actually nine days into 2017?! I don't know how that happened. I was a little sad to see 2016 go, I mean can you ever top the year that you give birth to your first child? No but really, can you? I have this irrational fear that the best year of my life is now behind me, haha. I am excited for the new year though. I always love a good clean fresh start. Especially when last year really was SO all about baby, I'm excited to focus a bit more on myself this year. Joining on the blogland bandwagon, here are a few goals or resolutions or whatever you wanna call them, for 2017...

Lose that baby weight. I was doing so well this summer/early fall, and then once my jeans fit again, I started being less conscious about what I was eating and then came the holidays and I was just eating all the things. I've actually gained weight again and I'm still 8ish pounds up from before I got pregnant. We joined a gym in November and I've been loving working out, but bodies are just as much made in the kitchen so I need to get back to better eating again. (Got this cookbook for Christmas that should help with that!)

All things church. We've been terrible about going to church since Hadley has been born, so my number one goal is to make it there regularly on Sundays again. I would also love to get involved in a moms group at church and to start tithing again as well.

Date nights. Nick and I have not been out to dinner alone since June 24th, the night before we had the baby. Crazy, right?! I mean I know we just went on a vacation, but I believe those random night outs (even if it's just to get dessert or whatever) are important for a relationship. We don't have family in town, so it definitely makes things harder, but I'd like to try and do something once a month.

Present and contentment. Basically put down the damn phone. I love social media, but I also hate it, you know? I don't need to be scrolling Instagram when I could be spending time with my family and I hate that I can sometimes fall into the comparison trap of 'but her house is perfect, I want her closet, what color eyeshadow is that' etc. I just want to be present and be happy with everything I have, because everything I have is the best for me and is MORE THAN ENOUGH.

Bring it on 2017!
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