Thursday, January 19, 2017

Ask Me Anything

Hi guys!

Notice anything different around here?! I always get the itch to update my blog template in January. New year, new blog. It's a nice little refresh. Also on the blog front - I have a fun idea for a new series!

Lately I've been getting a bunch of emails asking similar questions and I thought it would be entertaining to start answering them here on the blog. A little 'asked and answered' series, if you will. So leave a comment or hit me up via email at if you have a question you'd like answered - and I may regret this later, but it can be about anything, ha! Baby, blogging, life, makeup, decor, whatever. 

Oh, and speaking of babies, I've had the most emails regarding a baby sleep post and that one is coming up next week, but let me know if you have anything specific you want me to cover! 

We're all nosy little bloggers and I love it. Shoot me your questions!


  1. Love the new look lady!! I'd love to hear a little background on you and your hubby... how yall met, how long you dated, how he proposed, etc. My favorite stories to hear! <3

  2. LOVE the new blog look! Your family pictures are so beautiful too! Can't wait for this series to start!

  3. Ohhh!! Love it!! Tell me how to get your hair!! Please?

  4. Oooooo, love the new look! And btw, your post about moving H out of the bassinet sounds exactly like my life right now. We need to move E and I'm struggling with accepting she's growing up sooo fast! H is absolutely beautiful! :) Happy Thursday.

  5. You always have the classiest looks for your blog.
    I can always come up with a dozen questions... let me narrow it down to a few.
    What's the most surprising thing you've learned about being a mom?
    What do you do for a living?
    If you COULD do anything of your choice for a living -what would it be?
    What's your GO-TO Starbucks order?
    What's the best trait of your husband?
    If you had one book to read the rest of your life, what would it be (besides the Bible ...a given) ;)

  6. Love the new look, so cute and classy! And of course, I'm loving that family picture! It's not really a question lol but I'd love to see a home tour!! I love your style so I know I'll love how you've decorated everything. I'm also with Owen, those are some of my favorite posts!!

  7. I LOVE your new template and you are giving me the itch to update mine! I'd love to read your baby sleep post! Always looking for new tips and tricks in that category. Also, would love to know how you shop/choose your home decor items (favorite online shops, stores, etc). And I'd love to see more home decor posts! I just love your style!

  8. Love the new look and your family pictures are precious. I'd love to hear about your daily routine or how you fit in walks/working out with a baby in tow. I'm also curious on where you've found the best deal on home decor, curtains, and DIY project supplies.

  9. LOL at "we're all nosy bloggers"!! :) Love the new look. I love anything organization and love hearing how other Mama's plan (menu plan, grocery shop, calendars, etc).

  10. haha I love the opportunity to be a snoop! ;-) I have been kind of curious about you staying home with Hadley! I just love hearing the perspective of women who work, women who stay home, how you came to the decision, etc. I work full time so on days where I don't want to I live vicariously to SAHMs :-)

  11. I love the new template- fresh and clean!


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