Friday, February 3, 2017

Asked & Answered

I got so many good questions from this post and I figured a Friday was a perfect time to start answering them! I'll probably break this up into a couple posts because there were so many, so if I don't answer yours today, don't worry! Here we go... and starting with the question I get emailed about THE MOST.

Is your IKEA Hemnes dresser in the nursery the white or the white stain?
We have the white stain! When we went to IKEA to check them out, the white stain appeared to be much more of a 'true' white and it is indeed. It also has less of a sheen than the white - more of an eggshell finish. I just think it looks higher quality. And speaking of quality, it is awesome for the price. We love this thing and it is holding up extremely well. Updating the knobs to these went a long way, too!

How do you find the balance on the blog with friends and family and deciding what to share?
Ahhh, I feel like the balance is hard and ever changing. I try not to share too much about times with friends or family or pictures of them because at the end of the day, this isn't their blog and it's not up to me what they want to have broadcast all over the internet. But sometimes a few snapshots of a fun time are okay - so it really just depends on the situation and which friends we're talking about.

As for MY family, I have gone so back and forth on what to share about Hadley and what not to. But I always come back to the fact that this blog is about my life and if I left Hadley off of here, it would not at all be an authentic representation of my life. The reason I love blogging so much is that it's really a virtual scrapbook, and I love documenting all of these times with her. And how cool that she'll be able to look back on the blog and be able to read all about us preparing for her, welcoming her into the world, and learning how to become parents. I do try to be conscious about not over sharing and keeping any pictures off that might come off as inappropriate.

How did you and your husband meet?
Speaking of inappropriate, we met at a fraternity party, ha! It was actually ten years ago at the end of January that we met - my freshman year of college - which honestly blows my mind. We didn't start dating until September, but we've been together ever since. After college we moved to Chicago for five years, where we got engaged in September 2012. We got married the next July 27th, 2013 in my hometown and moved back to Michigan the next August 2014. And you know the rest!

What are your favorite hair products?
I don't switch up my hair products TOO much because I have a few that I really, really love. I'm just going to go ahead and list them off, in no particular order - Oribe Texturizing Spray (worth the splurge, lasts forever), Living Proof Dry Shampoo, Kerastase Elixir Ultime, Alterna Leave In CC Cream, Macadamia Moisture Masque, Wet Brush, Neutrogena Clarifying Shampoo, Hot Tools 1.25" Curling Wand, Oribe Conditioner for Beautiful Color, L'Oreal Elnett Hair Spray.

What has been the most surprising thing about becoming a mom?
I'm cheating and saying two things. First, the insane amount of love I feel for her - it really is like nothing else. I mean I grew her in my body! It's crazy how all encompassing that love is. And second, the most surprising thing is that it has also really shown me the worst about myself. I can be impatient, selfish, and lazy, and taking care of a human 24/7 around the clock that needs literally everything from me, has brought out the worst in me at times, as much as I hate to admit that. It's really opened my eyes to what I need to work on to be a better mom and human in general, especially because I don't want Hadley to pick up this stuff from me. I know I'll never be perfect, but I want to improve myself as much as I can for her.

What is your exercise routine?
Well, I've never been much of an exercise-r. I have always loved to play sports (volleyball, soccer, whatever) and go for walks, but I had never been a gym goer. Until I had a baby and realized that baby weight won't just lose itself.

So Nick and I set out to join a great gym this past fall and it has actually been kind of life changing. Now I get that endorphin thing everyone has always talked about! Right now, I am doing a couch to 5k program. We go to the gym Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings and I stretch and run around the track or on the treadmill for about 45 minutes. I've been loving it and Hadley does too because the childcare is awesome. I think it's been really good for all of us. And I don't hate hitting the steam room and taking a long hot shower after working out either ;)

Once the weather starts to warm up again, I want to get a jogging stroller and start getting back out around the neighborhood every day with our Brady boy.

Okay and now I have a question for you guys... has anyone ever tried these makeup drops to lighten your foundation for winter?! I'm so intrigued by them, but could also seem them going very, very wrong. Let me know.

I'm off for a little blogging lunch date with the amazing SARA today and then heading to Chicago for the weekend with my girls! TGIF!

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  1. What a fun series - 10 years this January with Nick - that's amazing! Have a great weekend! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. So fun that you guys met at a frat party! And I'm glad that you're finding that you like working out--I'm sure it helps that you're doing it as a family too. Support like that is great :)

  3. I didn't realize you and Nick had been together for 10 years - that's so cool! I love hearing this random stuff about you, can't wait to see what comes next. I totally agree with motherhood pointing out the areas we need to work on, but I think that is totally just part of growing into that new role so don't be too hard on yourself. Your love for her is obvious!! :)

  4. I loved your real, honest answer to the 'surprising thing about becoming a mom'. I'm so impatient (trying to get better about that) and I have a feeling a little one is definitely going to teach me a lesson in that area!

  5. This is a fun series! Obsessed with anything Oribe and Kerastase too. Their products are amazing! Have a fun weekend away with your girlies!

  6. Love the couch to 5K idea!! And yes, stroller walks in nice weather are MY FAVORITE (never mind that mine are en route to tacos which totally defeats the purpose...)

  7. Nothing wrong with meeting at a frat party - those are quite the memories, huh? :)

  8. I love the feeling you get working out regularly! It really does make you feel better. Have a great weekend in Chicago!

  9. This is such a fun series from you! Glad that you're enjoying the gym! I haven't tried makeup drops, but apparently they are life changing lol. Let me know if you give them a go! Have fun in Chicago!

  10. I love that gyms have great childcare programs now so you can get to the gym & not worry about what to do with the babies. Good for you doing the C25K program!!!

  11. Loved learning more about you! When in September did y'all start dating? Chris and I will be celebrating 10 years of being together on September 20. :)

  12. I have learned the same thing since becoming a mom...your answer is so eerie because it's exactly what I've told my friends! Why are we not besties in real life?1 lol

  13. I have to agree with you on the two things you learned from being a mom, I feel the exact same way! And I too struggle on what to share about Zoe but don't want to not share things since she is such a huge part of my life now. I have never heard of those drops but ummm if they work that is amazing and I need to know!

  14. Love this! And now I really want to try those drops!

  15. Love that you guys met at a frat party! I have never heard of those makeup drops, but they look really good! It's a great idea.

  16. Love the fraternity party meet, my h husband and I met at a bar, haha. Your new look is fabulous!

  17. i can't believe you moved back to michigan in 2014, that means i have been following your blog for well over 2 years. crazy how fast time flies! look at you running and going to the gym! you go girl.


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