Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Ladies To Love

Welp, another man down this weekend. Nick ended up with a sinus infection, poor guy - we just can't seem to break out of our sickness streak over here. So it was another weekend of laying around on the couch, ordering in food and entertaining ourselves by watching Hadley 'dance' to the music of her new cell phone. Sometimes those are the best memories made anyways, so I can't complain. But since my handyman was down for the count, our master bedroom will be finished up and shared later this week instead!

Today - in honor of the day of love - I'm sharing four of my most recent favorite bloggers. We all have them, the ones you get super excited over when you see their names pop up on your Bloglovin' feed. I freaking love finding a great blog to follow. I comb through their archives, read all the best posts, make lists of their product recommendations and follow them on every social media channel I can. It's a good time, and extremely stalker-ish of me when I put it this way. They all have absolutely no idea that I exist, but that's okay, because then they can't file restraining orders against me. 

Just kidding ;)

From left to right....

Lindsey Regan Thorne is a beauty guru. She's based in Charlotte and I actually found her via Instagram when she did Emily Maynard's hair and makeup for her wedding - so you know she's good. She has the best product recommendations and let's not even talk about her house. It's all white and all around gorgeous. Holy City Chic can be found in the other Carolina, in one of my very favorite cities, Charleston. Megan has amazing fashion sense and the cutest little family. Her son is only a couple of months older than Hadley, so I can't get enough of her baby posts.

Sequins & Stripes totally fills the void I have when I'm missing Chicago. She lives right in the heart of the city with her husband, son and this is random, but I love how much she loves her dog. A lot of style bloggers clothing are way too out there for me to wear on a daily basis, but Liz's outfits are actually ones that I'd recreate and be able to wear as a stay at home mom. Now, if you are looking for hair inspiration, Twist Me Pretty should be your GO TO. This mom of four (!) has got the braid game down pat. I'm totally jealous and always trying to copy her looks and live by her product recommendations.

Hope you guys have a great Valentines Day! How are you celebrating? I was trying to be a crafty mom yesterday by making donuts and a chalkboard sign... they were both epic failures. Thank goodness I have a couple years to hone my skills - or more like figure out who I can outsource things to - before I have to help Hadley get all creative with making Valentines. 

Tonight you can find Nick and I on the couch with a glass of champagne and catching up on This Is Us. My perfect way to spend the holiday!

Ps. give me more bloggers to stalk...


  1. I love when you find a good blog girl crush :)

  2. Poor Nick!! Hope he feels better soon and doesn't pass it back to you!! Excited to check out some more blogs!! :)

  3. Girl I'm so sorry Nick wasn't feeling well, and hope the sickness leaves your house for good asap! Champagne on the couch tonight sounds perfect, and I think we'll be doing the same. Happy Valentine's Day gurlie and hug that sweet lil' valentine of yours too <3

    Green Fashionista

  4. I agree, LRT has the best feed and her little babies are so precious!! And speaking of sick, I've been battling a cold for 5 days and HOPING it doesn't turn into a sinus infection. Being around sick people all day finally got me down :(

    xo, Kristina
    Medicine & Manicures

  5. Always love finding new blogs to follow so thanks.
    This has just been a horrible year for germs.
    Here's hoping This is Us isn't heartbreaking for Valentine's Day!!! Fingers crossed!

  6. I hope Nick is feeling better! Sometimes a weekend in is just what the doctor ordered. Thanks for the blog links, I am constantly looking for new people to stalk as well! Happy Vday!

  7. Haha oh my gosh, the restraining order bit is too funny. I'll have to check these ladies out, I think I already follow Sequins and Stripes. I hope Nick is Well soon. I'm watching This Is Us as I type this haha.

  8. Hope you guys had a nice, quiet Valentine's Day and that Nick is feeling better! I love Sequins and Stripes' Instagram account - her style is so on point.


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