Thursday, February 23, 2017

Top Ten Phone Apps

I love my phone and I hate my phone at the same time. Anyone feel me?

I'm attached to that thing like white on rice and use it to do pretty much everything from order baby wipes to reading books to editing pictures. Sometimes it's nice - and necessary - to be unplugged for a little while though. I am trying to be better about putting my phone in the other room in the evening or leaving it behind when we go on family walks.

However, the rest of the time, the obsession is real. I'm going to blame it mostly on Instagram because I always want to see what's going on in all my friends lives, but here is what else is keeping me attached...

Let's just start with the obvious. Instagram addict, party of 1. I even deleted my Snapchat because I love the Instastories so much. I don't post as much as I should to be a #goodblogger, but don't worry, I'm constantly stalking everyone else. Shameless plug, feel free to follow me here if you love pictures of babies, golden retrievers, and the random Target find.

Target Cartwheel
And speaking of Target... Cartwheel is a must have if you like to save money. So that would be everyone. Download now.

One touch click purchase is very dangerous, but oh so convenient and completely necessary. Right?

This is the couch to 5k program I've been doing and I love it. It starts off slow - which was perfect for me because I literally was coming from the couch - and slowly builds up to a 5k over 8 weeks. Or like 12 weeks if you're me and keep getting sick all winter.

This syncs right up with my actual Kindle and I love that I can read/have my books with me wherever I go.

My photo editing app of choice these days. The S1 filter is my jam, I also usually turn down the temp a bit and sharpen.

...but before I do any of that, I use Facetune to brighten my photos. Hands down the best brightening tool I've found! It lightens your photos without losing all of the contrast. I also love the smooth feature if one of us has dog fur on our clothes in pics (so all the time).

When I'm having a busy day and don't have the time to sit down on the computer, Bloglovin is the best to still be able to keep up with my faves. This is happening more than often than not, so forgive me for not commenting as much as I used to - it's a little harder on the app!

When I take pictures with my real camera, I use this SD card and Keenai to transfer them to my phone. Super easy.

Planoly is AWESOME for anyone that is as obsessive about their Instagram feed as I can be sometimes. It allows you to plan out your grid and make sure everything looks cohesive and cute. I have the free version which allows 30 uploads a month and so far that's been perfect for me, but they do have packages if you need more.

The one thing I'm lacking is a good music listening app. I have iHeart Radio, but just don't love it. What's your favorite way to stream music? Any other go-to apps I NEED to download?!

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  1. Ohh I'm going to have to check out Facetune! I did C25k a few years ago and it really is an awesome program, I'm so glad you are doing it! Next up, a half marathon ;) I finally bit the bullet and got Apple Music and honestly? Best $10 I spend every month! I'm obsessed.

  2. I read all my blogs on the bloglovin app now! And I too love reading books on the kindle app. I think holding a big book would feel strange now lol!

  3. Amazon gets me in soooo much trouble! Can't wait to check out some of the photo apps!

  4. I have tried to master VSCO SO many times... and absolutely failed. Erin even made me tutorials. Still failed. lol

  5. Great idea for a post! The first 3 are my jam! I just downloaded facetune! Why have I not been using this before??!!

  6. I loveee Spotify for music but I've recently really gotten into podcasts. I listen to them while driving and working out. Straight Up with Stassi, Adderall & Compliments, and The Bitch Bible are great! He's not the most fun personality but Reality Steve always has great Bachelor podcasts since I know you're a #BachNationBasic like me.

  7. I love Amazon! I do so many things on Amazon.

    I will have to check out with the new app Planoly! Sounds interesting.

  8. I have to check out the face brightening app. and the one to get photos from your camera to phone! I seriously HATE the transferring process!

  9. Just downloaded the VSCO app, yay!! I need to do C 25K again. It really worked. I love cartwheel too, I've saved over $500 with it the last few years. I love Spotify for music. It's 9.99 a month but I like my own playlists and I even have one for Zoe. PicTapGo is my favorite photo app.

  10. Yep... I use most of those myself. I am dangerous with Amazon being so easily accessed on the phone :)
    I use My Fitness Pal probably equally as much in a day too.

  11. I use Amazon Prime Music to stream music! I think their radio stations are great, but they can start to repeat if you listen to them enough. I tried VSCO for photo editing, but I couldn't figure it out - lol. I'm still using PicTapGo! Definitely going to check out FaceTune.

  12. Such a cool post! I love so many of these. I need to check out Facetune...I always mess up my photos so much when I edit them. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Love good app recommendations! Spotify is what I love, but you have to upgrade to the paid version for it to work for you well!

  14. I'm not really familiar with these editing apps so I've got to get those ASAP. Love the idea of Facetune. We share many other favorites. Let us know if you find a great music app because I've noticed I don't have a great one either.

  15. I'm going to have to look into facetune! Sounds awesome! Question about Keenai- I use it too but lately it hasn't been pulling up my camera pictures and loading them so I can download, it's just bringing up the photos on my iphone. The camera cards are synced/etc, so not sure what's going's so frustrating! Has this happened to you at all?

  16. haha i don't have Cartwheel - i think i am the only person. we don't shop at target that much though. occasionally, but not enough to justify it (it would make me want to buy things i didn't need) and i don't have amazon because yes, very dangerous! the kindle app is my absolute FAVE. love it. my favourite music app is spotify - but it's kind of spotty when you don't have wifi (and i have my data turned off).


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