Tuesday, February 7, 2017

What We're Eating This Week

I love reading these posts on other blogs. It's easy to get stuck in the dinner rut of making the same 5 things over and over, so it's nice to see what other ladies are whipping up for dinner. Or ordering for take out, no shame in that game!

My requirements for a week night dinner are threefold. First, it has to be easy to make. We're talking only a handful of ingredients (that can be found at the grocery store, I'm not Amazon Priming spices) and doesn't require a crapload of mincing, chopping, etc. Second, it should be decently healthy. I'm not above making lasagna on a Tuesday, but for the majority of the nights, I'd prefer to eat a bit healthier. (This is really just so I can go all out on the weekend without feeling badly.) And third, I prefer when the meals can be assembled ahead of time. I like to get everything ready during nap time earlier in the day when I'm still feeling productive, and then be able to pop it in the oven come five o'clock.

Enough rambling, here's what we're eating this week...

Monday: Last night we made the Roasted Asian Sea Bass recipe from the Skinnytaste Fast & Slow cookbook. I already had cod in the freezer from Costco, so I subbed that out instead and it was really good - and really easy with only a few ingredients. On the side, we had salted edamame (I'm addicted) and couscous (I love this brand because it only takes 5 minutes!).

Tuesday: We always do one leftover night a week (usually on Thursdays), but since I have a Junior League meeting on Tuesday this week, that will be leftover night instead. Thankfully we have tons of good stuff left from the Super Bowl.

Wednesday: Breakfast bowls! Bowls are my favorite, that's another thing we have about once a week. Breakfast and Mexican bowls are our go-to and I love them because they're so filling - requiring no side dishes. For the breakfast version, we do hash browns or diced potatoes with eggs on top, either bacon or sausage crumbles, sautéed green pepper and onion, topped with usually cheese for Nick and avocado for me.

Thursday: I'm trying this honey mustard chicken recipe for the first time. On the side, we'll have leftover couscous from Monday and caprese salad.

And on Friday, we almost always do PIZZA! There's a funny story about how that started. A few years ago, Nick's friend was telling him how his family does pizza every Friday night. Nick was like 'ugh, that's amazing, I wish I could join his family' and I said 'you know you don't actually have to join a new family to have pizza every Friday night, we can do that ourselves' - ha! So now we have pizza on Friday nights!

What are you guys eating this week?


  1. All sounds so delicious! We are having:
    Monday - Lamb chops, sweet potato and broccoli
    Tuesday - sausage, mash and green beans
    Wednesday - chicken and veg curry with rice
    Thursday - fish, sweet potato fries and green salad
    Friday - BBQ at home to celebrate husbands birthday

  2. We do not eat enough couscous in this house (as in never) because I always picture it being hard for whatever reason! But 5 mins? Sign me up. Serious lols to Nick's Friday pizza comments!! Glad you could make his dreams come true with that one ;)

  3. We always make homemade pizza on Friday night too! So good!

  4. Your weekly requirements are the same as mine. Especially with Leo, I need something that can be mostly "made" or prepared during nap time. I love Mexican bowls, salads, one pot soups/chili, or anything I can pop in the crockpot!

  5. Love these posts! Your meals always sound so good! I need to cook more breakfast meals for dinner! We love breakfast over here. And we also typically order pizza on Fridays too!

  6. Love seeing these posts too because it serves as inspiration for me too! Easy to find ingredients and easy to put together are a must! I love the idea of breakfast bowls! Also yes to the pizza night every Friday, love that!

  7. That's so funny... ever since we were dating, we used to do Pizza every Friday & its kinda our thing now after 25 years together... who wants to cook on a Friday? & leftovers are perfect for the weekend.

  8. LOL... I'm not Amazon priming spices. They are such a good deal though. ;) I've got the saltines and Gatorade by my side right now. :-P

  9. YUM, everything sounds so delicious! I love Sea Bass, it's my favorite! Pizza night is fabulous, we did that back in Virginia!

  10. How much fun!! I love the breakfast bowl idea! I might have to try that soon! I am with you though, meals need to be healthy(ier), quick and minimal prep work

  11. This is such a great post! Because of Ryan's schedule, I eat alone most nights so I definitely get into a rut of what to make for myself. We're on a big burrito bowl kick over here from Skinnytaste, and we do pizza night on Wednesdays! It's our midweek pick-me-up. :)

  12. We do a lot of mexican bowls for dinner because they are easy and low carb. That honey mustard chicken looks yummy and easy! This week we had taco bowls last night and will have braised pork chops tonight. The rest of the week will be shredded bbq chicken over sweet potatoes, chili thai spaghetti squash.

    1. Also, why dont they make carts more car seat friendly? I can hardly fit my groceries.

  13. I LOVE seeing what others are eating too. Our requirements sound a lot alike.. HelloFresh meals were even more than I like to put into a week night meal. We work all day so we like quick meals, and we cook 2-3 nights a week and have leftovers of those meals the other days. Makes it so much easier. Here's our week.
    M- leftover bbq pork sandwiches
    T- Marinated chicken, asparagus and mac n cheese dish
    W- Mexican meatloaf (mix and match mama) and Mexican street corn (Six Sisters)
    T- leftover chicken meal
    F- Leftover Mexican meatloaf meal
    We typically always eat out on Sat nights after church!

  14. Wow! We are so bad about making dinner since we both work. We try to find whatever is in the house!

  15. my requirements are basically the same as yours. easy, healthy-ish are my main 2 and assembled ahead of time is a huge bonus but super hard sometimes. breakfast bowls sound delish. love the story behind the pizza friday nights. i have no idea what we are eating this week, i am 0% prepared. hahaha.

  16. we always do pizza for one dinner too! i've finally figured out how to make pretty tasty crust AND now i finally use our kitchenaid mixer. xo jillian - cornflake dreams


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