Wednesday, March 29, 2017

9 Months of Hadley

Pretty much over these monthly pictures. You and me both, sister.

Niiiine months!

Time is flying by and we are loving life over here. We have one seriously happy baby - the girls at the gym actually call her Happy Hadley and it's only the most appropriate nickname for someone, ever.

Month nine was mostly awesome, with only one bad week thrown in. Teething sucks, especially getting four teeth in at one time. It also coincided with us coming home after being gone for a few days in Park City, so maybe that was a little to do with it, too? Thrown off the schedule? Either way, nighttime was pretty awful for a little bit there. It was like we reverted back to the newborn days with tons of wakeups, screaming, and just generally having to be held to stay asleep. Whew. But we survived, all thanks to coffee, and once we got past that, she graced us with her longest stretch ever of nights spent sleeping from 7pm-7am! That, I will most definitely take.

Other great things, like her crazy increased mobility. Girlfriend has got the army crawl DOWN and she has also started to discover pulling up on things (as evidenced by all the mini-bruises on her forehead from crashing into everything). Baby gates have made their appearance in a few areas around the house. Brady absolutely hates when they're closed. He sits on one side of it and whines to come through, so I let him, and then he does the same thing to go back as soon as I close it again. He's a weird guy, but Hadley loves him so much. She squeals every time she sees him - he can even make her stop crying - and he's her favorite jungle gym. Brady takes it like a champ and just lets her crawl all over him.

She finally dropped that third nap this month. One Saturday she was just over it. We put her down for her noon time nap and she was not having it - at all. She spent a good half hour playing and I was just waiting for her to fall asleep, but after some wailing and throwing pacifiers across the room, I knew it wasn't going to happen. So we got her out and went to Earth Fare for lunch to distract her and keep her happy (she loooves being out and about) and she went down for her next nap when we got home with no problems. 

I seriously heart the new nap schedule - 8/8:30am and 2:30pm - because she sleeps for longer amounts of time, and it allows us a larger window of time to be out of the house, without having to rush back for naps. Good stuff.

We also gave up on baby purees and moved more into baby led weaning (the book was super helpful). This is still a major work in progress - most food ends up ON her, not in her mouth - but so far she's been willing to try anything. Carrots or any fruits seem to be a fave, she doesn't seem to be that into carbs. What I would give for those taste buds. Now, the eating real food is one thing Brady is loving. She loves to drop food to him and he happily eats it up and I happily don't have to pick anything up off of the floor thanks to the pup.

Getting this chair cover this month was a game changer. I feel so much more comfortable letting her sit in shopping carts and we've started to go out to eat again more now that this allows her skinny little butt to fit better in a highchair! We went out to dinner on St. Patricks Day and she was so happy just waving to people and throwing menus on the ground, while mom and dad enjoyed some green beer.

Speaking of mom and dad! She's officially saying 'dada' - all that reading of this book paid off since that was her first word! - 'mama' - said for the first time while we were in Park City, killed me - and 'baba' - which we pretend means Brady :)

Other products we are loving: high chair // wean green glass containers (perfect for her little meals) // activity cube // stacking cups //  music set (obvi!) // Go to bed book // leggings // shampoo // baby gates // animals book // key set 

I have a couple more baby posts coming that I'm working on - where I love to shop for her, and our daily schedule of getting out and about!


  1. Awwww love that Brady is Baba! Happy 9 months Hadley girl! It's amazing to me how similar her and Serena's facial expressions are, our two happy girls! Yay for better nap schedules and real food. I keep telling Roxy she's going to love the spot under Serena's high chair in the coming weeks and months. Such a wonderful time <3
    Green Fashionista

  2. She is such a cutie!!! And she seriously always looks so happy! The Going to Bed Book is one of Zoe's top favorites and we read it every single night. I have it allllll memorized and I recite the scrub scrub scrub part to her in the bathtub too and she squeals in delight. I just listened to a youtube video on baby lead weaning so I will have to check out that book. I am totally interested in it. The nap schedule you have now sounds amazing!!!

  3. I would gladly take her tastebuds too--no carbs? Girlfriend just doesn't know what she's missing yet hahah
    I laughed about Brady and the baby gates. I could totally see Cooper doing the same thing. I'm glad Hadley loves him so much! :)

  4. Happy Hadley is the cutest little nickname! YAY for two naps and longer ones at that!

  5. Awe, so glad everything is going well! Happy Hadley seems like the most appropriate name for her. So fun that she's saying some words now!

  6. Happy 9 months, Happy Hadley!! That is such a cute nickname! She definitely looks the part! That's amazing that you were able to drop the 3rd nap. We tried it one day last weekend and we ended up with a screaming baby by 6pm... So, we are still hanging on so that we can put him to bed closer to 7 - 7:30 around his brother's bedtime. And the teething...yikes! It's been so rough this month!! But, we will get through it!! These babies are growing much too quickly!

  7. Those little dada & mama's are always the cutest sounds in the world.
    Those bottom teefers!!!!! I just cant get enough of your cute girl!

  8. Happy Hadley is the perfect name for her!! Glad things are going so well with food and getting on a new schedule!

  9. I feel like you just had her a week ago! Time is surely flying. Brynn is on the move too. It seems like in a matter of two days she went from kinda crawling to crawling like a champ! Start planning that first birthday because it will be here before you know it!

  10. She is absolutely precious! Her sweet hair melts me!!

  11. She keeps getting cuter! How is that even possible?? Yay for the three naps to two transition!! You'll love it the same when she's ready to go from two to one - and how adorable is it that she loves going out? P loves Earth Fare, too, but Costco is his hands-down favorite ;)

  12. She really is the cutest happiest thing! We love baby led weaning and have always followed it from the very beginning! It can make meal time messy but only for awhile. Both my boys were using cups & utensils quickly and just eating what we do!

  13. Happy Hadley! how cute. and yay, so good to hear her and Brady are best buds now ;) i would kill for her taste buds too lol. doesn't like carbs? girl is crazy ;)

  14. She's such a cutie! THat chair cover is such a good idea!

  15. Those eyes. Those eyes in the last picture. You. Are. In. Trouble. I just noticed her teeth!! She's getting so big!! I can't believe it!!!


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