Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Baby Approved

A couple of weeks ago, Hadley and I and a couple of our friends started taking music classes. It's an hour every Tuesday of us moms singing (making up words) and dancing (looking ridiculous), while the babies bang on the floor and attempt to crawl away from us. Good fun!

No, but it really is fun. The babes love it and smile and laugh through the whole thing. And it's great to have a regular activity that forces us to get out of the house for reasons other than going to Target. Plus, music classes are said to be great for development and I'm all about that. 

Hadley's favorite part of the class is the very end, when they drag out the big box of instruments and she gets to repeatedly whack the floor with things. So when we were at Target (I know) and I came across this music set, I HAD to get it for her. We love B. toys in this house (the keys are also a big hit) and it is seriously such a great price. It's basically six different musical toys for the price of $21.99. We've only had it a few days, but so far it's been money well spent...

...when she's not busy lounging around under her jumper anyway. No idea why she likes to hang out under there?!

The music set is also mom approved because this is how it cleans up. Amen. It can be put away nicely and I LOVE that.


  1. So fun that you guys are doing that class, and really nice that you found something that she likes, and is easy to clean up!

  2. So fun! My niece has this and she used the heck out of it when she was younger!!

  3. So cute! I've heard those music classes are just the best!

    Southern Style

  4. fun! classes are such a great way for kids have interaction with other kids! vi loves storytime at the library. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  5. That music set is awesome and so is baby music class! I can't wait to do them again! Kids live for music toys no matter what age, so it is so great she is already so into it at such a young age! Avery has a guitar now and films herself singing songs and strumming away lol.

  6. ... so fun to do these classes, isn't it?! Elle loves her music class too! And thanks for the toy rec... I just bought it! :)

  7. Oh boy, hopefully her love for music will last! What a literal doll. Ben is still so enthusiastic about music. It has helped with some of his word development too because of repetition of songs. Good all around!

  8. SO totally grabbing this, and those keys! I dont think we have anything in that brand yet. Her little outfit is so cute too!

  9. this is fantastic, love how neat it cleans up. music class sounds so fun!


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