Thursday, April 20, 2017

Easter 2017

Nothing like writing a weekend recap on the eve of the next one!

We had a pretty great Easter weekend. Michigan delivered with the weather and it was just plain beautiful. Except for one thunderstorm on Sunday that coincided with nap time for the entire household - pretty perfect timing if you ask me. And I remembered to take some pictures, so wins all around!

Let's talk about one of the major highlights of the weekend. Girlfriend tried ICE CREAM for the first time! Now this is a big milestone in our house. I worked at an ice cream shoppe near the beach for like eight years growing up, so I really really love my ice cream. 

At first there was a little uncertainty (probably from trying to decide between flavors, I feel ya)...

...oh wait, I might like this...

...oh no, I definitely like this, stop taking my picture lady.

The only unfortunate thing was that this aaaa-dorable ROMPER hasn't arrived yet for the occasion. But it's okay, we'll save that for her first taste of my hometown ice cream shoppe.

The next morning, the Easter bunny visited us! Thankfully, no sightings of him in the house. He did leave a pretty fabulous basket that Hadley was obsessed with. Her favorite thing - no surprise - is this little REMOTE CONTROL. And the FIVE BUNNIES book is super cute! During her morning nap, Nick whipped up his families traditional polish breakfast of eggs, homemade hash browns and polish sausage. 

We planned to hit up the 11am church service, however, the church nursery was insane, so we figured we'd just bring Hadley into the service with us. I'm happy to report we lasted an entire forty minutes before we booked it out of there with our wild, screeching baby. On our way out, I figured we'd at least take advantage of the empty church lawn for a little photoshoot, but Hadley is not a grass girl... yet. I'd give the whole morning an A for effort, for sure. And honestly seeing her dance and getting into the music at the beginning of the service made the entire ordeal worth it.

Afterwards, we headed downtown for lunch and that was super nice. We usually cook a big meal on Easter Sunday, but with it just being the three of us this year and having so many other things going on, it was just plain easier to go out. I didn't hate it, but I think we'll go back to the homemade route next year.

Once we got home, it was naps for all and then a nice little run to work off a few calories. I literally ate awful the entire weekend, but hey what are holidays for. We are really loving our new JOGGING STROLLER. I signed up to run my first 5K next Friday (omg) so we've been putting it to very good use lately.

Hope you guys had great weekends, too!


  1. Love her tank top - where it is from?

  2. So glad you had a wonderful Easter! Can't wait to hear how the 5k goes. I'm started my training for a half marathon next year...instantly regretting it lol

  3. Awwww what a great first Easter, and yayyyyyy for ice cream! Serena has that same remote, it's just too adorable! And go girlfriend go lasting 40 minutes at church. Happy Friday <3
    Green Fashionista

  4. Good for your girl hanging in big church on Easter!!
    The little boy I used to babysit when I was a teenager - he would literally GAG when he touched the grass. haha.
    Her face in the ice cream place.. "Why is it cold in here?" ;)

  5. These pictures are just precious! Glad you had such a fun holiday.

  6. Ahhh congrats on the 5K! It can be so intimidating to sign up for a race (even if you run/workout all the time) because I feel like there's still pressure to do "well" - hell I think we should be proud of ourselves for just DOING it lol. Love love love that romper and her ice cream face! Happy Friday!!

  7. Oh man, lasting 40 minutes in church? That is awesome!!! Chris asked me if I wanted to dress Zoe up and take her to church for Easter and I just laughed and laughed and laughed. Maybe next year. Yay for ice cream!!! That romper is so adorable!!!! And I am adding the remote to my list of things to pick up. Thunderstorm sleep is my favorite kind of sleep. Have a great weekend!

  8. aww baby's first ice cream!! i love that pic of the two of you! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  9. Oh my goodness, your daughter is just the cutest!

  10. Goodness the icecream pictures are adorable! Really I'm just loving all the Hadley enjoying spring photos! GIrlfriend's smile just shines!

  11. I could just eat her up!! Where is her teal shirt from? And bow?

  12. Sounds like a wonderful Easter!! Hadley did wonderful in church - 40 min is solid!

  13. I'm obsessed with every single one of Hadley's outfits in this post. It looks like the best first Easter!! She's totally into the Easter basket thing!


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